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  1. Another 2007

    He didn't get invited to the camp and it looks like they are going to hold ABCD again next year. He actually played his way into camp, which is still impressive, but I'm not sure who he outplayed at the event to get to ABCD. The Metro Hoops thing quote comes from their AS Game which is also the first time I saw and wrote about him. As I said in the Eastern article, he took a ton of outside shots and almost looked like he was trying to prove he could hit those shots. Instead he missed most of them. He was incredible finishing the first time I saw him, but really struggled in that area at Eastern too. I'm not sure if I've seen someone play more different in two games all summer than Anthony. He does play with a lot of energy and fast paced. If he stays under control and has his game clicks on a consistent, he'll be an excellent pick up for you guys.
  2. NJ Hoops is reporting you guys getting another verbal for 07 from Anthony Raffa of Wildwood Catholic. Here's my profile for him with some articles attached. Raffa I'm not sure what to think of him. He was amazing in the AS Game that I saw and then a few months later absolutely terrible at Eastern Invitational. He was invited to ABCD Camp and played poorly there. From what I heard, he played so bad that he may have hurt his stock more than help it.
  3. Another Verbal

    The lastest rosters I've had of Chauncey still had him listed as '07. That was for the Sonny Hill Tournament in August and the Philly Top 100 in September. I'm not sure if he's reclassified. That Maryland one is probably the same player. Sometimes rosters will list hometowns rather than the school's town. I'd actually probably guess him to be about 6-3. Heights are often listed differently as well.
  4. Another Verbal

    I'm not up on your scholarship situation. I haven't heard of him reclassifying so I'd assume he'll be there next year.
  5. You guys received a verbal from Chauncey Gilliam out of south NJ. He's a super athlete. Check out his profile. There are a couple articles there. Also check out the rest of the site. It concentrates on mid major players. Chauncey Gilliam Profile For some reason this article wasn't linked there. Gym Rats Midnight Madness