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  1. According to the very reputable Facebook, Yocum is considering to transfer. For those who are unfamilar with the Facebook, it's a site where college and highschool students create profiles (information about themselves) and can keep in contact with friends. The facebook allows other facebookers to write on each other's wall, which is a public post. Yocum posted on his friend's wall: "I'm just tryin to get my life together." and "haha tryin to find a school too...im transferin." He also mentions he's thinking of going d2, possibly philly U, or looking d1 at NJIT or Colgate. I realize the facebook is not an official truth; however and unfortunately, it usually is pretty accurate. Why would Yocum transfer? None of his messages suggest a reason. He sure will be missed if this is the case.
  2. The President is a UVM fan?

    Oh... he's just a fan of anything that will take attn away from any serious issues.
  3. OOC opponents

    The BU dance team... did you see the UMBC dance team? They were naked! Just thought I'd throw that in. Maybe it's a ploy by their teams to divert other teams and fans from the game. I just kept thinking how cold they must have been and hoping their mothers weren't present. And I can understand the complaints from fans, whose visibility was impeded by the bodies of other fans; however, I honestly think some people just get caught up in the game and forget to sit down. I'm glad UA finally has fans so devoted and enthusiastic; it's well overdue. I hope our fans are as 'rowdie' in VT, that court's intimidating with its boisterous VT fans. Game On!
  4. you choice: gifford or yocum?

    I'll take door number three, in which Gifford, Yocum, and Anderson produce some nice wins...
  5. Lax news

    I think our last home game's on Sunday, Feb. 25th... which is the Senior game.
  6. Wasting away Jamar?

    Will Brown's website: OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY 1. Share the basketball INDIVIDUAL WORKOUT PHILOSOPHY 2. Each player needs to become as skilled as possible 3. If we improve individually, we will become a more dangerous team It's all about the TEAM... That's how we win games. Jamar's skilled, no challenging that truth; he's also one player on a very skilled UA team and is graduating in May. I think Brown's game plan and philosophy has been successful thus far and will continue to bring the wins.
  7. The Price of Success

    As a graduate from a Big 10 school, I must say I've never been to such dynamic and energetic basketball games. (Football's a different story but that'll come with the new stadium). Fans used to leave early from the Big 10 games too; people are just impatient. The UA student section is really working on making appropriate and catchy cheers... the spirit is definitely attracting the underclassmen as well. An admirable sports program helps to make a renowned institution and a closer student/alumni community. I'm excited to see Albany's progression over the next couple years. It was the enthusiastic fans and committed team that won me over...
  8. Shame on some of us!!!

    Well said Patch... it's funny that a four point loss brings out such defeatist attitudes among the same fans who would pronounce a four point win against VT one of the best and most intense games. Both teams played tremendous defense; we missed shots, as did they- VT just missed two less. Another great game all around; now onto the next.
  9. As a partisan Gifford fan I take great offense to referring to him as awful... that statement is not only rude but unfounded. Not only did he lose the weight (a major adjustment for his body itself and for him as a player), but he is a boy playing against young men already acclimated to the speed and tempo of this level of game. As many other 19yr old boys, Giff's still growing into his body and at 6'11" that may take a little more time. The best thing about Gifford is he knows how to play the game; once he attains the agility and confidence (which will come) necessary for college ball, he'll be a consistently strong player. And he's definitely got heart and a passion for the game, which just cannot be taught. He's made some sound plays in the past and he had a great game tonight; great games don't happen by chance, they happen because of skill; skills which clearly need to be elevated, but that can be said of any freshman and most college players for that matter. No, awful is certainly not the correct adjective to describe this player!
  10. On my way back to Albany, last Friday morning, I heard on a local radio station (K104.7) that the Dutchess County region was anxiously awaking the Siena v. Marist match-up. Then the morning show host announced that in February Albany too would be playing in the region (he only mentioned region not specifically Marist) and should be a great game. I had no idea what he was referring to so I emailed the morning show to see if they could reconcile this confusion. The reply I received simply stated, "I think the game is February 24th. Definitely late February." Does anyone know what this means, if, in fact, it means anything at all? I thought perhaps they had an early lead to the Brackbuster match... interesting nonetheless.
  11. Time to move on

    "In terms of Gifford...I LOVE HIM!!!" Just wanted to second that comment! I too have become quite the Gifford fan. It was a great game, despite the loss. We just need to keep the enthusiasm high. Our team has skill and passion- this will take them far.
  12. wear purple Saturday

    Ironic some today would question the color purple... when historically the color signifies power, prestige, and royality or high rank. People used to idealize others who wore purple clothing because purple meant rarity and expensive. It was only worn by those with power (hence today's Purple Heart metal given to those wounded in battle but powerful enough to overcome and survive). Power, Prestige, High Rank... purple is in fact very fitting for the Danes.
  13. Gifford really held his own in the UCONN game. He picked up his pace and played smart. If he can contend with a player who's 7'3", I'm confident in his potential. He just needs to continue to start games, gain experience at this level, and he'll definitely become an asset to the team. Starting him tomorrow is a great move.