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  1. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Meanwhile, BC is 6-0, with a win at Houston, 26-point win over Holy Cross.
  2. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Sorry to go off subject but I'm curious about this . . . didn't Trpcic (sp?) transfer to UC-Davis? If so, do D-1 women have to sit out a year? I ask because I looked at the UC-Davis women's team stats, and she doesn't appear anywhere in them.
  3. Now it's -7, with Maine getting the ball again in good field position. Embarrassing.
  4. UA looks like the No. 12 team in CAA. Hard to determine watching on the screen, but it looks like the Danes have almost no fire lit.
  5. Dev Holmes is the CAA football ROW this week . . . it would be nice to get another big game from him (and VT throwing to him) because it seems this is not the URI of past years. This could be a tough game.
  6. Is Ibitokun-Hanks participating in Spring Practice?
  7. How well does Hartford draw usually? I say "usually" because they have special promotion tomorrow afternoon with $1 tickets . . . that's right, $1 a ticket. It happens because Gallagher recently won his 100th game there, so the Ath Dept is selling "100-cent" tickets. When I saw that online at the ticket site, I was so confused that I called the ticket office, had a nice chat with the guy in charge there, and he explained it. Said they are "hoping" for a large crowd.
  8. Slightly off topic but this is from Memphis, so . . .. Ahmad Clark taking a shot from the nosebleed section . . . https://dailygazette.com/article/2017/12/12/ualbany-s-clark-makes-crazy-trick-shot
  9. Some good news!! We need it.
  10. WBB San Juan Tournament

    Aha! My confusion comes from my increasing inability to read calendars . . . I looked at the WBB schedule t hat clearly lists the tournament in mid-December, and somehow I translated that into mid-November (which the Iowa release is about). This is happening with me too frequently but that's another story . . . let's hope the tourney is still on for the WBB (and at the same time, let's hope PR has begun to recover by then) . . .
  11. WBB San Juan Tournament

    P.S. I just emailed the same question to John Reilly, who handles media comms for the WBB. Being Sunday, I don't expect a reply today, (His email is jpreilly@albany.edu)
  12. Has anyone heard anything about what the WBB schedule will be since the San Juan Tournament (both women's and men's) has been cancelled due to extensive damage to buildings, loss of power, and, well, everything else we have read about the devastation in PR. We were scheduled to play our own version of a "Directional Illinois Challenge" -- playing first Southern Illinois, then Northern Illinois. That is still on the WBB schedule available at the UA site. A Univ. Iowa WBB press release from Oct. 4 explains that the tournament was moved to Fort Lauderdale for Nov. 22-24, but the release gives just the Iowa games and opponents, and does not list other teams scheduled to be in the tournament (such as UA). I did only a quick search because I have to leave soon, so maybe someone else can find more exact info online, or, eventually, from UA Athletics.
  13. Agree completely. The product is overpriced for this market, even just to sit on the berm. Hello, ESPN 3.
  14. Wilkin out, Doughtery in

    Hooray! (I think . . . this is an improvement, isn't it? Maybe Pete will act like he actually wants to be doing this . .. )