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  1. Siena's Jamion Christian

    This is as much about choosing someone connected to the Siena community...large world ambitions .... With she on keeping their local fans happy
  2. Five years away; perhaps there will be enough improvement to the program so we do not embarrass ourselves. I rather not be part of th ESPN Sportsline recap.... "Well, UAlbany collected a $475000 paycheck for their troubles"
  3. Siena's Jamion Christian

    Talking about mayhem: Mr. Mayhem was in the background during John's news conference. Mr. Mayhem was seen later speeding out of the MAC Parking Lot tossing GWU tee shirts to unsuspecting Siena students.
  4. Watched Binghamton play Hobert on 3-2-19... In Binghamton...was a freebie... Check in on game day something might change
  5. The game is all about the money 💰.
  6. Channel 13 talked about then wrap around effect of the storm in the Gulf of Maine.... Oneonta could be hit hard
  7. Weather is a concern... Possible snow overnight Friday - early Saturday ... Windy with clouds possible lake effect snow ☔
  8. Cremo nichols leave...

    Is anyone heading to Hartford for the UAlbany re-union? 😂😂
  9. I think a decent coach is just a start ... The Mountaineers are usually a talented team.
  10. Time to look forward to the Binghamton game....
  11. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    I have not seen any announcement; who do you contact?
  12. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Would seem like turbulent times ahead... Coach Mullins is in the midst of her first recruitment season... No known early recruits ... Behind the eight ball so to speak..
  13. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Not likely going to hear any announcement...