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  1. Weather will not be an issue UALBANY has seen it all .... but let us hope low humidity and reasonable temperatures ... early forecast some humidity - warm temperatures
  2. On a lighter note from yesterday, Thank the lord and my wife for my L L Bean rain gear .... wet on the outside and dry on the inside ... during first game ... a reminder of last year's North Carolina game
  3. I am confident that the UALBANY Women's Basketball is in excellent hands ... the future looks bright
  4. Grad Transfers - Will Brown

    Will Brown saw the trend coming ... while others were chasing the easy story ... Will was out.there creating the next UALBANY chapter ..GREAT JOB Will!!
  5. I "have heard" that Roger Wyland is working on his list of questions for Albany's introduction of the new women's basketball coach ... I hope the new coach is prepared for the Sports Anchor ready to ask that extra question to weed out the truth ....
  6. I am glad that Benson & Company has bought this to a conclusion
  7. Great question ... could stay as associate head coach ... He would be helpful in easing the transition ... however this will be up to the new coach
  8. Sign up for the bus sponsored by Alumni Association leaving from the UAlbany campus ... drive to Albany then rest up on the bus
  9. Good hire..did Roger know ... I do not recall hearing anything... Good luck to the new coach
  10. Recruiting - 2018

    Thanks everyone.... glad to see people using their time wisely ...I cannot wait until October...
  11. Richmond

    Roger Wyland is reporting on his sports segment .... Conner is doubtful ... my opinion ... he needs to ready to play hard ... and if he cannot ... then let the coach know ... he needs to do the right thing for his team mates ...
  12. Cremo nichols leave...

    Compared to the other schools Nova is the closest thing to a sure thing....
  13. Richmond

    Ahhh. yes lacrosse balls can do some damage.....
  14. Richmond

    My thoughts: Albany must be prepared to play without Connor... when someone is hurting, it is wrong to ask him to play superman to bail you out.
  15. Cremo nichols leave...

    Thanks for update... Nova is a likely school competing at tournament time.. particularly the NCAA