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  1. Hopefully with NCAA guidelines now in place... the CAA will announce their plans for the late winter - spring season. I like to see something in early November 2020. With eight games allowed, I see a conference only schedule.
  2. Based on my reading of the NCAA announcement, UAlbany could play 18 game conference schedule (10 teams in AE), 7 game non conference schedule followed by the America East Conference Championship Tournament ....does this sound right? Thoughts....
  3. The statement from Mark Benson used "pausing" not shutting down... see below: ALBANY, N.Y. – Within the last 24 hours, the University at Albany in conjunction with the Albany County Department of Health announced a spike in Covid-19 cases within the campus community."As a result of a cluster of positive COVID-19 tests within our student athlete population, we are indefinitely pausing all athletic-related activities," said Director of Athletics Mark Benson. "Effective immediately, we also will shift to weekly pool testing of all student athletes as we continue to work with University leadership and the Albany County Department of Health to isolate and quarantine all impacted students."Benson added, "The health and safety of our student athletes, staff, campus and greater community remains our number one priority. It's imperative that we all learn from this and follow the policies in place relative to COVID-19 to ensure that we are responsible community members.Our top priority today, tomorrow and for as long as necessary must be taking the appropriate steps to stop the spread of this virus. Until then, it is premature to talk about a timeline for a resumption of athletic activities or competition."For up-to-date information regarding Covid-19 cases on the University at Albany campus, please visit www.albany.edu/covid-19
  4. Thank you for your review... I reviewed the information and reached a similar conclusion.
  5. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!!! Thank you for everything you are doing not only on the field but also for what you are doing off the field. You represent the best of humanity. Keep up the good fight!!! (Thanks Inside Lacrosse for the reminder (via Instagram)).
  6. According to separate Instagram posts: Football and Men's Basketball resume practices today.....
  7. I agree however; college administrators are shooting first and asking questions later.
  8. I took no offense from your words...my spouse took many Autumn trips to Oneonta when our daughter went to Hartwick... My spouse loved the bar life .. During her time at UAlbany she would visit friends that attended Oneonta...
  9. My understanding is that Oneonta students must remain on campus for a period of days to prevent infecting others while returning to home and after arriving at home....students with COVID-19 must remain on campus in isolation until cleared by the Otesego County of Health or a member of the Oneonta medical staff. David under normal circumstances, sheltering in place in Oneonta / Otesgo County as a great thing.
  10. Other SUNY schools have issued suspension of students include SUNY-Tompkins Community College, SUNY-Cobleskill, SUNY-Fredonia and SUNY-Plattsburgh...further I seen an article on a spike at the University of Buffalo...
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