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  1. As much as this was an UAlbany win; this was UNH loss for the turnovers and needless penalties that resulted in losing 30 yards of valuable position.
  2. Ahhh! Relief win #1, yes a disappointing attendance number....
  3. Absolutely, the winner lives another week, the loser has to hope they win the next weekend and the right combination of teams lose.
  4. Game 1: MBB vs. Lehigh 11/09 7PM

    Thinking along the same lines.
  5. UNH down big to JMU. The Wildcats have not looked sharp at all. Can UAlbany catch on a downward spiral?
  6. As impressive as Undercuffler numbers are, not winning on Saturday puts the post season in jeopardy.
  7. Great to know; will help with UAlbany passing game and removing leaves from my yard.
  8. I hope Click Clack can find his way here with his concerns. Why we carry on about things not related to the topic is beyond me.
  9. Well, someone has allowed an individual to carryon without the regard for others.
  10. You are only embarrassing yourself.
  11. Please Clickclack, no need to humor me with your civility.
  12. Hmmm, I see the need for new topic: check out Parking & Tailgating @ UAlbany: Suggestions, Complaints & Concerns under General Danes Stuff.
  13. I am less concern about our kicker's field goal kicking; the PAT's are my concern. We could lose a game to a missed one of those.
  14. I agree with you (UAalum72) Stony Brook win over 'Nova has put our last game of season with Stony Brook at another level.
  15. With the Maine game just few days away, a repeat of Jimbo's remarks of the Rhode Island game is worth a second look.
  16. With the bye week behind us, one wonders how the injured players are recovering.
  17. 2020 Danes

    Thanks for the information.
  18. Another great observation, as we look forward to our next home game against Maine.
  19. This is one game that a Villanova win would have had Stony Brook on shaky grounds and makes an UAlbany win over Stony Brook estential.
  20. Eight teams playing for likely four maybe five spots. Everyone would like to finish 4-0 or 3-,0 .... Finishing 5-3 in conference is likely having a team looking on the outside. James Madison is a lock; their schedule consists of very winnable games. UAlbany has games that largely depend on how we play and how much our opponents want to make the post season.
  21. Absolutely, something look forward to this year perhaps next couple years.
  22. $ And cents seem to be in play these days! Just visit GDAC tent at football games.
  23. Under Armour

    It seems that there is a possible need for a new topic.
  24. Scheduling Ticket pick up at 700 PM with the event happenings at 730 PM, you avoid the need. Your expectations is that people will have dinner before hand.
  25. I felt similar about the event; glad I went but seem lacking in something.