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  1. Hard to see UAlbany Football 🏈 going 5 - 0 more like 4 - 1; need to beat Stony Brook..m
  2. Concur, Stony Brook finished poorly at end of last year and no quality wins in 20199.. Sometimes, polls do not reflect reality with voters out of touch with what is happening in the games.
  3. 3 - 0 match win over Hartford. Great weekend for volleyball.
  4. Depending on how the rest of the season goes; UAlbany Football could look back at the Monmouth and Richmond as blown chances. Yes, a nice win however; URI is a new game. Can the Danes duplicate this week's effort?
  5. Sipping some bourbon to celebrate the win.
  6. I concur; Great to see that he is recognized for spending time in the trenches.
  7. The only thing of note; no one is commenting about this game. Silence can sometimes say more.
  8. You are right on point, yet they only lost by three. I do not want to think what Towson has in store for us. I suspect Towson wants to win by more then 28 points.
  9. I do not know what program you are associated with... not the Great Danes program .... Sometimes you have to think higher
  10. My predication: 2nd or 3rd place with 22 wins overall and 13 - 3 in conference record.
  11. I watch the Onside Kick unfold in front of me and I thought "Why is no one from UAlbany jumping on the ball?". After we won, I thought "teachable moment" .
  12. My spouse and I attended yesterday. We arrived about 45 minutes before game time and thought we got the time wrong. No one in the stands and plenty of spots available in the SEFCU lot. Further, we stated how tailgating has drop off dramatically. I concur with your observation, the budget was cut. Perhaps, if not raising more then spending someone has told Benson stop spending money. My wife said that the Gold Seat Experience is not the same. Homecoming will be interesting.
  13. Game Day Experience: There is no "Game Day Experience" at UAlbany Football 🏈 games. The current thing in the south end of Casey is hardly an "Experience". Further, I encountered a number of William and Mary fans confused πŸ˜• how to reach the visitor side because Stadium staff have poor directions. My thoughts on attendance: people bought tickets and are not showing up. The Berm looked sad with so few students and others occupying the north end. I had raised the possibility of not renewing my tickets this year. I am wondering if I made the right decision. I cannot wait to see how Homecoming goes. I have seen the promotion of an event outside Casey Stadium.
  14. Thanks for keeping real and understandable.
  15. A win over William & Mary would be a great way to start conference play. A reversal of last year's game.
  16. I feel that UAlbany Football fans, including myself, need to find a way to enjoy the game experience win or lose. I do not like the coach or the AD. However, after 50 years of watching πŸ‘€football 🏈 on the UAlbany campus, I feel that opportunity matters most.
  17. This game represents a must win game for Albany and Lafayette. Can the Albany defensive coaches infuse let's get this done attitude into the team? Lafayette may be 0-3; could be 2-1 if not Saturday's 3rd quarter collapse.
  18. Clickclack, I know how you feel. I have been a season ticket holder for ever. I saw my first UAlbany Football game at club status. I decided to renew my season after the CMU game and my spouse's encouragement, who did not want me having regrets after watching 50 years UAlbany Football 🏈.
  19. As I said earlier, turnovers and penalties are key to this game. However down 21-0, the Danes fought back. The OT play calls were horrible.
  20. Let us put the stats aside. The importance of this game is to play a solid game on offense and defense, including limiting turnovers, reducing the number of penalties, keep up the solid efforts on the ground game and make Monmouth pay with a back breaking pass play. The time to get ready for conference play is now. Another must win and win big.