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  1. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Much appreciated
  2. Time for better heading for everyone's comments ....
  3. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Would seem like turbulent times ahead... Coach Mullins is in the midst of her first recruitment season... No known early recruits ... Behind the eight ball so to speak..
  4. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Not likely going to hear any announcement...
  5. Looking forward to 2019/2020

    I hope UAlbany schedules Iona 2019-2020.... I say the MAAC champs where appropriately placed as a 16 seed.
  6. Looking forward to 2019/2020

    Coaching change @ Stony Brook: 11 players either freshmen or sophomores... A couple may seek to follow the head coach to Ohio ... Two of three may jump ship for "safer" schools... Likely with a coaching change of this type ... One or two year drop off.
  7. You and I are not liking going to obtain clarification from the 'front' office.
  8. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Perhaps Couch Mullins familiarize herself with NY Routes 40, 67 and 22 for trek out Cambridge Central for a look and see. Cambridge athletes are not only good in their sports; they also great in the classroom.
  9. Is attendance actual people in the stands or season holders plus game day sales?
  10. Yes a better game, a confidence builder. Can we build on this at Binghamton? Face off seem ed to improve in the second half. Perhaps someone's role could change in the next game.
  11. Staying close to home versus playing for North Carolina, Duke. Virginia or Maryland, perhaps an Ivy school, I believe student -athletes will take leaving the "island". I believe there is an attraction playing in the ACC, Ivy or BIG-10 vs. the America East or the CAA. I agree that Vermont is a dangerous team. Question: Does it not seem the talent level (overall) dropped off dramatically this year in the AE conference?
  12. Times - Onion had a similar line about Nanticoke playing today. Fingers crossed that things worked out for everyone. See everyone in the stands!
  13. Looking forward to 2019/2020

    Money and politics are the two things if not managed correctly could lead us down the wrong road. We need to hear an updated plan for facilities .... Benson needs to be more forthcoming.
  14. Looking forward to 2019/2020

    Time to take a deep breath, hopefully no surprise springtime departures that are hard to replace late in recruitment season.
  15. We are realizing how much talent graduated and the loss of experience assistant coaches can mean to a program. I will repeat: An AD whose marketing blitz about this team was only for short term financial gain and likely to hurt UAlbany in the long term.
  16. Teams have up and downs ... We experience this in the past. We have the AE schedule ahead of us... At this point keep your fingers crossed for the best.
  17. Is McElroy the answer? I think his time has come and gone. Oh by the way he is at Rensselaer...
  18. Just disappointing, I thought I was watching a replay of the fall ball games.
  19. Doc Sauers Court

    As I said in an earlier comment, money and politics ... I think The throwback uniforms from the 50's and bring out Doc to center court is as close as we get to naming Doc Sauers Court... Sadly
  20. Thinking back when the Thompson's arrived, the first couple years were challenging, this group may need to work thru a year of challenges. Scott is the leader and the coach who is up for that challenge.
  21. Makes one wonder why Benson cannot be more forthcoming in some situations then goes crazy in another situation.
  22. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    Great 👍win!