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  1. Limited student support .... Perhaps a big win will bring some sitting on sidelines... Interesting mix of players used last evening ... Antonio was exciting to watch ... I noted that Lauderdale did not play ....
  2. Time for better heading for everyone's comments ....
  3. my thought: organize a movement not to support Greg. Take it to the press, take it to the season ticket holders, take it the UAlbany community in general .... I just feel not enough people care.
  4. Commissioner's Cup 2018-19

    Going to need a strong spring season....
  5. I see a Shenendehowa player has committed to UAlbany last week.
  6. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    6 - 0; I am not certain about the strength 💪 of schedule 📅; I like 👍 to see how they do in conference.
  7. This sports program has been among the more consistent in recent years. Great coach
  8. Women's Basketball 2018-2019

    I like to think this is a tongue in cheek remark.
  9. Rivalry weekend sometimes brings out moments of bitter endings for some coaches.... Where will this topic take us over the next year?
  10. five games were losses of 10 or less poInts.... There must have been more to this firing
  11. For those of us who sat in SEFCU to three games, have been thinking the same thing. The flagrant was a game changer however during the first half they showed they can turn things around. Can we get the kinks out 01-01-2019?
  12. If UAlbany does not go 3 - 1 ... Out of conference ... We are in trouble in conference
  13. With the exception of the last five minutes of the 2nd half....
  14. After 48 years of following UAlbany Football, I have taken this season too seriously... so I take your comment with a grain of salt.
  15. I walked after Stony Brook scored with 17 seconds... Oh Lord should had stay
  16. Heart wrenching loss ... So close yet so far.. Good by to my Gold Seats for now...
  17. Albany Tailgating is not tailgating without you!
  18. Interesting, on Wednesday in the stands someone made a very similar statement.
  19. Like Mrs. Benson is going to let that happen. LOL ☺ Being serious for a moment, I believe Benson is giving Greg one last opportunity to succeed as remotely as it may be. If next year is like this year, Greg may have already coached his last game before season's end.
  20. I understand your position, yes things will get better. I am taking a different approach ... suspect I will be back in Gold Seats in the Fall 2021
  21. One year ago, I bought in the reasoning for the extension. One year later, I now know the extension was premature. I have decided to opt out of my Gold Seats and the $500 donation. My patience is gone.
  22. Greg is coming back, I have seen or heard nothing about a change in Benson's support.
  23. Early games, such as the Boston University game, who has played and lost to UVM. Trying not to look too far down the road, just wishing strong ? finish.