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  1. The statement from Mark Benson used "pausing" not shutting down... see below:

    ALBANY, N.Y. – Within the last 24 hours, the University at Albany in conjunction with the Albany County Department of Health announced a spike in Covid-19 cases within the campus community.

    "As a result of a cluster of positive COVID-19 tests within our student athlete population, we are indefinitely pausing all athletic-related activities," said Director of Athletics Mark Benson. "Effective immediately, we also will shift to weekly pool testing of all student athletes as we continue to work with University leadership and the Albany County Department of Health to isolate and quarantine all impacted students."

    Benson added, "The health and safety of our student athletes, staff, campus and greater community remains our number one priority. It's imperative that we all learn from this and follow the policies in place relative to COVID-19 to ensure that we are responsible community members.

    Our top priority today, tomorrow and for as long as necessary must be taking the appropriate steps to stop the spread of this virus. Until then, it is premature to talk about a timeline for a resumption of athletic activities or competition."

    For up-to-date information regarding Covid-19 cases on the University at Albany campus, please visit www.albany.edu/covid-19

  2. 4 hours ago, dslyank said:

    Sorry CW! I know you have fond memories of Oneonta. My memories not so pleasant. I meant NO offense.

    I took no offense from your words...my spouse took many Autumn trips to Oneonta when our daughter went to Hartwick... My spouse loved the bar life .. During her time at UAlbany she would visit friends that attended Oneonta...

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  3. 2 hours ago, dslyank said:

    I thought I read somewhere that Cuomo said the students could NOT be sent home; for fear that they would infect parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.  I thought they had to shelter in place @ the college for the full semester? Was this just a suggestion or has the rule been changed already or am I wrong and it was never put in place?? With covid things change so fast even from day to day; so I can hardly ever tell what the proper protocol for the day IS.

    As for sheltering in place in Oneonta for a full semester, seems to me a very appropriate punishment {LOL.}

    My understanding is that Oneonta students must remain on campus for a period of days to prevent infecting others while returning to home and after arriving at home....students with COVID-19 must remain on campus in isolation until cleared by the Otesego County of Health or a member of the Oneonta medical staff.  David under normal circumstances,  sheltering in place in Oneonta / Otesgo County as a great thing.

  4. Chancellor Jim Malatras made two trips to Oneonta this week. 

    • Monday: To lay down the law to the College at Oneonta  student community and send a warning to the rest of the SUNY student population to get with the program or face the consequences.
    • Thursday: To demonstrate what those consequences are; by closing the College at Oneonta, SUNY for the balance of the semester and sending everyone home for remote learning

    I hope the University at Albany students have heard the message because as one of the printable signs states: "Damien knows where you live".  I suspect Residence Life and University Police will out in full force this weekend.  Does anyone know how many active COVID-19 cases on the UAlbany campus?

    I hope there is a study completed to help us understand how things went so terribly wrong in Oneonta.  Was this a week of bad behavior and not abiding by social distancing rules or did a large number of students failed to comply with the requirements prior to returning to campus?

    P.S.  I noticed the College of St. Rose has cancelled all athletic practices due failure of athletes abiding to the rules.

  5. 1 hour ago, Eli said:

    There is a pandemic. There is no excuse for them to not care and 'they are facing something we didn't face' is just a cop out. They should now pay the consequences which should be swift and severe. It's not like we're in the first week of this thing...we are half a year into this. EVERYONE knows to socially distance. If you don't care, pay the consequences.



    We agree on this.

  6. 5 minutes ago, dslyank said:

    IMHO Benson once again appears to be bungling. I'll give him a couple of days; as the situation is new and in flux. But IMHO he should absolutely identify the players and teams involved. Punish those responsible; NOT everyone. If privacy concern's are an issue, OK, don't identify the particular player/players; but give them the punishment NOT the whole athletic community!

    Not to get too political, but this is really what is matter with society today:  we punish everyone for the actions of the few.  Not every police officer is BAD/STUPID/UN-TRAINED whatever; Not every black is a gang banger druggie, Not everyone with a gun is a vigilante; Not everyone with a protest sign is a radical {in fact most are just trying to do their civic duty and expose injustice}; and Not every politician is out just for themselves {could be very wrong on this one.}

    SORRY about the RANT. Hope I did not offend anyone. 

    In short, the response by SUNY to close SUNY-Oneonta for two weeks and the actions taken by University at Albany were both a political and health statement.  I can only image how angered the Governor is about what happen.  Please remember this is not an Albany problem ... this is Poughkeepsie problem (Marist), Plattsburgh problem, Syracuse problem, Oneonta problem...lastly a New York State problem

  7. 10 hours ago, Eli said:

    Stupid. So stupid. Man, I was never this dumb as a college aged adult. 

    Eli,  neither you or I faced what these students face today.  Further, I do not think the students in general, student-athletes,  off campus students,  in particular, ever thought of the consequences.  The consequences were swift, certain and severe.  I imagine the "downtown" and off-campus housing will receive much more attention this week by University Police, Albany City Police and Albany County Department of Health.  Sadly, owners of business in Clifton Park, that I frequent, stated that number of people attempting to enter their businesses without face masks increase significantly towards the end of the week.  Students are just reflecting a segment of our population who do not care.

    This weekend just underscores why fall sports were cancelled.

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  8. Will Casey Stadium see high usage this spring?  Does a bear crap in the woods?  Yes,  I cannot wait to see football 🏈, soccer and lacrosse schedules....let us not forget field hockey and women's volleyball....track and field ...softball and baseball  .  I realized back on July 9, 2020 when the 2020 Fall schedule was in jeopardy ...   with the hopes of a long run for our basketball teams in the AE tournament... could be a busy times around SEFCU parking lot

  9. 7 hours ago, jimbo said:

    I will check her out. My daughter tried some of my Laphroig once and said, and  I quote “dad, it tastes like I licked a log in the fireplace. “ Accurate. I think it’s a little too smoky for me too. If you like bourbon, try Mackenzie from Seneca Distillery out in the Finger Lakes. 

    I know the place well... family wedding in Watkins Glen last fall ... toured some wineries and Seneca Distillery ....Mackenzie is now a must in the house...

  10. 12 minutes ago, BestDaneSinceHamlet said:

    Margo Price is WONDERFUL.  You should check out Amanda Shires if that's your jam.  Also, the Highwomen. Awesome stuff.  Jimbo, so you're the guy who can drink the Laphroig at my house that I never touch.  Too much peat.   I'm more of a speyside/japanese whiskey guy myself.

    My wife introduced me to Highwomen....among many other's ....so I am familiar with Amanda Shires....Brandi Carlile just produced the newly released CD for Secret Sisters....another wife's favorite .... saw at Darryl's Place in Pawling NY

  11. 48 minutes ago, jimbo said:

    We are cyberspace distanced. And the only unflavored rum I’ve had that I truly like is Goslings. To me, most rum tastes like I’d expect lighter fluid to taste. But I like very smoky Islay Scotch so what the hell do I know? I didn’t know who Margo Price was....I do now. 

    While we are sharing our love for smokey whiskys, my favorites are The Glenlivet 12 year old Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Bushmills 10 year old Single Malt Irish Whisky... honoring both my Scot and Irish ancestry.  Lastly....you made this 66+ plus smile when you stated that you did not know who Margo Price is.... so I now know you do not tune in Sirius Channel 60 (Outlaw Country)...or seen her perform on Saturday Night Live (2 plus ago) or CBS Saturday Morning Music Segments(Spring 2020) .... as Dallas Wayne said last week, "Margo is one of the most genuine people in the music business....while most people think she came on the scene recently... she was working hard and long to reach the position she has obtained."  By the way she has performed in Albany at the Palace ... opening act for the late great John Prine (February 2018).... please do not ask me who John Prine is...he is considered one of America's greatest song writers...right up there with Guy Clark...if there is a heaven... what a song festival with those two

  12. 3 hours ago, jimbo said:

    What, precisely, are you implying by the remark about the spread respect program and exactly what does it have to do with kneeling for the anthem? If the AE associates itself with BLM and allows athletes to dishonor the country at a league event, you’re correct in saying I would have a problem with it. But it’s not at that point as far as I know. 

    You can read whatever you want.  Your response makes your feelings and position known in a respectful manner.  We must be able to agree to disagree with each other.  Crazy thing about these things, you and I are watching from the "sidelines" of life.  This is not our " battle" to win or lose.  Whether an athlete wants to waive the American flag or take a knee, I will support each of their right to express themselves.  Did I make my feelings clear?  

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