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  1. Just a follow up note, Shannon Mackesey '18, in 2nd year as grad assistant coach .... The Bonnies Women Lacrosse are 3 - 0.... Two more wins then in 2019....
  2. Early forecast, sunny 🌞, seasonal cold, 30 degrees Fahrenheit, Harvard plays Holy Cross on Tuesday in Worcester....last year 12-13 lost to Harvard... I see opportunity to avenge a lost.
  3. Everything is cynical.... The only thing we do not know is when we will be on the upside.
  4. After a quick read of last few entries, I want to share my thoughts for the team's demise: lingering injuries, mental fatigue, youth and a lack of consistent starting five and supporting players during conference play. Our recent loses are to teams with more experience and grit. I am concern a number of players no longer will see as an opportunity worth staying for and leave in search of better experience.
  5. Forcast: Sunny 🌞, temperatures around 36 - 38 degrees Fahrenheit at game time.
  6. I blame this season on injuries and lack of execution on the court.... Lose and win a bunch of close games... Wrong time to be sliding backwards.... Saturday will be interesting....
  7. Yes, everyone in my immediate area was dumbfounded by how things played out at the end of the first half. Sometimes, crap happens, mental fatique? Don't no!
  8. Scott should use this to remind the team that the season did not end this past weekend. Time to go out and take charge of their future.
  9. Maris(t) beats Army, ranked 9th, this shows polls and pollsters are clueless. Other ranked teams losing Maryland to 'Nova and Delaware to St. Joseph. Hmmm hmmm oh my!
  10. Looking at how our counter parts in the America East did this past weekend.... The conference was 0 for 6 this weekend past; not how you want to start off if the AE wants to be a more than one conference team in the NCAA Tournament.
  11. Can the Great Danes put the Cornell game behind them? Can they play in a manner similar to fall ball and scrimmages? Important test.
  12. A win in the road.... I will take it .... We are much better position compare to this time last season. They found a way to win and control their destiny.
  13. Finally thawed out.... During the Cornell 9 - 0 run, I felt the defense was standing around. Of course, the lack of face off wins, did not help. Disappointing afternoon.
  14. Presidents weekend early in season cold weather... All playing a part
  15. Well one thing I know, neither one of us will make the call on rescheduling the game.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  16. I recalled the previous rescheduled game, much better temperature on Sunday, now predicted high 38 degrees Fahrenheit. As a season ticket holder, I do not want to be treated for frost bite after the first game.
  17. weather report for Saturday: colder than normal local forecasters stating highs between 18 to 24 degrees Fahrenheit better on Sunday. Suspect a day delay.
  18. Listen to UVM radio boardcast... Makes one wonder is Hartford a better team or is Vermont without Lamb on the court just a slightly better than average America East team. Game lasted 9 seconds to long for Hartford.
  19. Exactly, need to play smart, avoid turnovers and foul trouble. Pretty basic
  20. Let us not forget the Bearcats beat Stony Brook in Long Island.
  21. Like to change the wording on the tee shirts from last night πŸŒ™ to "Moaning as One ☝" . Like years past, our team "disappears" for a period of time during the game.
  22. I see Will assigning two players with responsibility for Lamb πŸ‘. Will will substitute the two frequently to them fresh and hopefully out of foul trouble. I hope the games close and Lamb πŸ‘repeats his Stony Brook game ending performance.
  23. Well stated, in terms of conference games played vs conference games won, we are ahead of where we were last year with a tough game on Saturday.
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