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  1. After watching 👀 Stony Book on the small screen on a couple of occasions; their beatable. Albany must focus on playing a good game every time out.
  2. Over the last couple of days, I have taken the time to read everyone's comments. Are people being negative and/or frustrated? Perhaps, however I see it as disappointment in not being able to say "UAlbany basketball 🏀 is back baby!". Taking the line from the Seinfeld series and perhaps allowing us a couple of weeks being on top. Sadly for us, Stony Brook did not duplicate their Hartford effort.
  3. Agree, the incentive: Vermont beats up on Hartford this afternoon. Win and UAlbany is alone at the 1 spot. Lose, tied with three others at 3-1.
  4. Breaking news: Stony Brook loses at Hartford; Albany is in 1st place without SBU
  5. Absolutely, the game played out in a manner that you don't often see. You may not see 👀 a game like this for another two or three years. I was hoping UAlbany would have an opportunity to run their normal offense. Wasn't happening yesterday.
  6. Binghamton beats UMBC ....ok the pre-season #2 losses to the #6.... yes a crazy night
  7. Despite my concern about defending against Stony Brook and Vermont; both teams made mistakes and poor plays. Perhaps, we will get lucky and all are players will be healthy.
  8. Makes you wonder how the Great Danes defense will hold up against these two teams.
  9. Absolutely, on windy & chilly night, a hot game in Burlington.
  10. Lamb misses critical free throw and shot from near the hoop at the end
  11. Has gone final Stony Brook wins 81 - 77....Vermont fell apart at the end... Three point festival by both teams.
  12. Is Stony Brook a better team or is Maine not that good? The bar has set for next Saturday's game.
  13. The Sunday Times Union article stated Clark played with a strained back. Has anyone on the team remained healthy since the start of practicing?
  14. Good to start conference play with a win and break the streak.
  15. Few sports programs in the America East can withstand three coach changes in a short period of time without a fallout on the court or the field. Mullen understands the need to turn things around quickly.
  16. Yes, Merry Christmas, let's reflect on our blessings.
  17. Whatever, Duke lost to a team, which was scheduled at home for a win. I was just winging something from the day that I caught on the fly.
  18. If Duke can lose to Austin Peay (ranked +/-260) Vermont losing to Rider should not be surprising... things happen
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