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  1. Eli, to make this short, I am not going away. There needs to be counterpoint because this forum is not about being on the right or left.... Others like me should and must speak up knowing that others will respond with lengthy comments about nothing.
  2. Apparently....my suggestion goes against the intent of the forum... understood... sadly I have seen how others can hijack a topic and take it places never intended.... very personal attacks .... a sad day for this forum....
  3. You are entitled to your opinion; I am of the belief you do not dishonor "America" taking a knee...Disgrace yourself? Shame on you for attempting to impose your values on everyone ... some of us cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that "America" has not honored all its citizens in the same manner not only in its past but this continues today... how is that for looking deep inside myself....have you done the same recently? Perhaps you have a problem with America East's efforts: Introducing our newest #spreadrespect logo! We are committed to promoting social justice and ending racial inequality as well as ensuring equality and safety for all student-athletes regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  4. By the way of getting on topic, yesterday's score Whipsnakes 12 Chaos 6
  5. Thank you for your response. While I find you response somewhat over the top, I respect your right to say it.
  6. I can respect your choice not to support those who decide to take a knee or take a position on an issue that contradicts your beliefs or stance. Can you respect someone that has a different belief?
  7. How is taking a "Knee" any different then standing up?.... both are expressions ... the "Taking the Knee" is an expression of concern ... when "Taking a Knee" first occurred a few years ago in the NFL, this expression DID NOT offend me... I felt there was and is a deep meaning behind it ... The outrage that occurred at that time DID offend me... Jimbo... you and I are older .... how did we get so far apart on this issue?
  8. Life is about choices, I am taking a knee when it comes to playing the National Athem.
  9. MAC announced the cancellation of all fall sports including football per various news channels.
  10. Sorry everyone ...game scheduled for Sunday at 12:30 PM on NBC... was I wrong or did the game get moved?.... Times-Union mentioned today game was today at 12:30 PM ... let me know.... Chaos vs. Whipsnakes.
  11. Chaos prevail 13-9 over the Archers .... playing for championship on Saturday at 12:30 PM ET on NBC ... opponent to be determined Whipsnakes lead 9-6 at the half ...
  12. I like to extend the happiest of days on Jamie's and Will's 20th Wedding Anniversary today. As a couple, they have done so much for our community. Wishing you many more great years together!
  13. I agreed completely. The primary reason for my suggestion is that sports and team related threads are hijacked and go places that have nothing to do with UAlbany Sports. To answer your question: No Idea....
  14. In part, due to the cancellation of America East Conference Fall Sports and CAA Football, I see the need for a new forum category perhaps titled: Politics, Economic and Social Concerns and Issues. Great place for two of the newer topics under Great Danes General: "Let's get political.... or not" and "PAC-12 Football players organize....." Just a suggestion. Things political, economic and social will dominate the broad until sports resume.
  15. PAC - 12 Football and PAC - 12 Men's and Women's Basketball are big time money makers .... which means they support other athletic programs and other academic programs for member institutions. If the football players prevail, they likely only going to hurt non income generating sports perhaps the opportunities for football players in the future as the PAC - 12 members attempts to contain costs and re-direct monies to other aspects in their requests. None of us know what the PAC-12 member institutions spent to support minority programs, many are state financed schools ...Do think the student athletes have a gasp on the actual dollar amount currently spent? I am very certain the schools know. The student-athletes did their home work... knowing they needed a social aspect to their request. The COVID-19 protection request while legitimate is likely a smoke screen for a money shake down. Likely to get ugly .... Our past & current social and economic climate has a lot blame for this. This is going to end up in the court system
  16. The football players have organized and have demanded that the conference address a number issues, please link below https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29583023/pac-12-football-players-show-unity-list-demands-letter-conference Will this be start of a trend? Thoughts and opinions.
  17. Thanks for the response, I expected as much. All the CAA AD's and football 🏈coaches are waiting to late September to see how thing play out perhaps obtaining direction from the NCAA.
  18. I was typing my question: When is the anticipated date for the first football game for the spring 2021? Then the internet died, then i said "what the #$%@!!! Was there any mention of an anticipated schedule?
  19. Tell me about losing power .... You lost power due to down lines at Englemore and Vischer Ferry Center Roads .... I had power but lost internet service about 12 minutes into the event. They recorded the event so perhaps they will make a recording available for viewing.... saw the last 5 minutes
  20. LOL... I know what you mean ... at my age I need to write things down so not to overlook them
  21. I have watched a number of the games on both NBC and NBCSN over the weekend .... must game for the Chaos ...
  22. Throwing my two cents .... attempting to play Football in January and the first three weekends in February is risky for the players and the fans (if permitted). Around here, we are looking over our shoulders about the weather until April. With our facilities and the proper scheduling we should be fine starting late February. At this point, I just worried about men's and women's basketball
  23. Come on.... we are New Yorker's ... passions sometimes run strong!!! LOL
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