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  1. 18 hours ago, UA1882 said:

    Not turning this political but the answer is : It depends. If its someone's belief that killing 50 innocent people is right, then I dont respect that of course. 

    So yes I can however I believe this is the greatest country in the world and the national anthem represents our country. I believe strongly in that.  I personally take a knee for god only. So I will repeat what I said. Someone has the absolute right to do something, and I have the the absolute right to not support it! 


    10 minutes ago, Eli said:

    The whole thing is a bit hypocritical Dickens.

    When Tebow was taking a knee for God, many people mocked him. Now, it's totally okay. If you DON'T take a knee, you get mocked or questioned as to why or ridiculed for it (see Jonathan Isaac from the Orlando Magic - people actually cheered when he got hurt and said stuff about Karma).

    Seriously? Are you blind? That is literally the lefts modus operandi. On EVERYTHING.

    Don't support LGBT? DOWN WITH YE! (for the record, I treat every person with respect, thank you very much. Don't need a preachy ad campaign to teach me what my parents already did.)
    Don't support BLM? DOWN WITH YE! (for the record, I think the Breonna Taylor thing is absolutely wrong but I find it  hard to feel sympathetic in the Floyd situation)
    Disobey government order (not law) to stay closed during a pandemic? DOWN WITH YE!
    Support 2A? DOWN WITH YE!
    Don't support communism-lite (socialism)? DOWN WITH YE!
    Hell, some of the left is even starting to say that pedophilia is a normal thing and trying to get that value imposed on others.

    Supporting or not supporting a business has been a thing for decades but only recently within this past decade did the left actually make it something far bigger where now it has a name (cancel culture).

    So who's forcing people to bow to their values? Certainly not the right these days. The left is imposing not only their values but their view of history on EVERYONE and EVERYTHING (removing statues, burning things, etc.).

    You've GOT to be kidding me with this post.

    I've been trying to stay out of the political posts on here as I'm getting tired of it on FB, Twitter and now here. I just want to go back to a time where this garbage and filth didn't exist. But your post? Absolutely ridiculous.

    I may have to log out of BPF and remove the favorite for another 6 months (so I'm not tempted to log in) like I did when HOF pissed me off. This place sometimes just pisses me right off when I read BS like this from Americans like you who have NO CLUE what they are asking for or where they will end up if they continue down this path.

    Eli, to make this short, I am not going away.  There needs to be counterpoint because this forum is not about being on the right or left.... Others like me should and must speak up knowing that others will respond with lengthy comments about nothing.

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  2. 1 hour ago, jimbo said:

    This isn’t difficult CW....the announcer says to the crowd “please stand to honor America for the playing of our national anthem, performed today by (fill in the blank). You remove your hat, put your hand over your heart and face the flag. You take a knee....you dishonor America and disgrace yourself. It’s black and white to me and not in a racial sense. How did we get so far apart? You need to look deep inside yourself for that answer. I know where I stand. 

    You are entitled to your opinion; I am of the belief you do not dishonor "America" taking a knee...Disgrace yourself?   Shame on you for attempting to impose your values on everyone ... some of us cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that "America" has not honored all its citizens in the same manner not only in its past but this continues today... how is that for looking deep inside myself....have you done the same recently?

    Perhaps you have a problem with America East's efforts: 

    Introducing our newest #spreadrespect logo!

    We are committed to promoting social justice and ending racial inequality as well as ensuring equality and safety for all student-athletes regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

  3. 1 hour ago, UA1882 said:

    I never post anything like this but this is awesome . This is now the world we live in. It's worth the 10 minutes. 

    Its someone's choice to kneel and it's my choice not to support them. 


    I can respect your choice not to support those who decide to take a knee or take a position on an issue that contradicts your beliefs or stance.  Can you respect someone that has a different belief?  

  4. 1 hour ago, jimbo said:


    How is taking a "Knee" any different then standing up?.... both are expressions ... the "Taking the Knee" is an expression of concern ... when "Taking a Knee" first occurred a few years ago in the NFL,  this expression DID NOT offend me... I felt there was and is a deep meaning behind it ... The outrage that occurred at that time DID offend me...  Jimbo... you and I are older .... how did we get so far apart on this issue?

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  5. On 8/7/2020 at 12:32 AM, cwdickens said:

    Chaos prevail 13-9 over the Archers .... playing for championship on Saturday at 12:30 PM ET on NBC ... opponent to be determined  Whipsnakes lead 9-6 at the half  ...  

    Sorry everyone ...game scheduled for Sunday at 12:30 PM on NBC... was I wrong or did the game get moved?.... Times-Union mentioned today game was today at 12:30 PM ... let me know.... Chaos vs. Whipsnakes.

  6. 2 hours ago, Dane Pound said:

    Ugh. The thing that could make this year worse is coming here and reading about politics.

    Is the UAlbany Esports team still playing this year?

    I agreed completely.  The primary reason for my suggestion is that sports and team related threads are hijacked and go places that have nothing to do with UAlbany Sports.

    To answer your question: No Idea....

  7. In part, due to the cancellation of America East Conference Fall Sports and CAA Football, I see the need for a new forum category perhaps titled: Politics, Economic and Social Concerns and Issues.

    Great place for two of the newer topics under Great Danes General: "Let's get political.... or not" and "PAC-12 Football players organize....."

    Just a suggestion.  Things political, economic and social will dominate the broad until sports resume.

  8. PAC - 12 Football and PAC - 12 Men's and Women's Basketball are big time money makers .... which means they support other athletic programs and other academic programs for member institutions.  If the football players prevail, they likely only going to hurt non income generating sports perhaps the opportunities for football players in the future as the PAC - 12 members attempts to contain costs and re-direct monies to other aspects in their requests.

    None of us know what the PAC-12 member institutions spent to support minority programs, many are state financed schools ...Do think the student athletes have a gasp on the actual dollar amount currently spent?  I am very certain the schools know.  The student-athletes did their home work... knowing they needed a social aspect to their request.

    The COVID-19 protection request while legitimate is likely a smoke screen for a money shake down.  Likely to get ugly ....  Our past & current social and economic climate has a lot blame for this.  This is going to end up in the court system

  9. 1 hour ago, Eli said:

    Anyone actually attend that shindig? I lost power in Halfmoon from 4:15-7:45. Cell signal (Cricket, Verizon, Google Fi which is TMo/Sprint) is absolute garbage in Clifton Park/Halfmoon. Virtually unusable.

    Tell me about losing power ....  You lost power due to down lines at Englemore and Vischer Ferry Center Roads .... I had power but lost internet service about 12 minutes into the event.  They recorded the event so perhaps they will make a recording available for viewing.... saw the last 5 minutes 

  10. On 7/10/2020 at 9:19 AM, dslyank said:

    IMHO: If we must, play football; play it January and February. Start Lacrosse later {March to June}, which Scoot Marr has been advocating for years. As for freezing one's ass off or not, personally I would and do so willingly for Lax, but only grudgingly for football. So IMHO play football in the fall or NOT at all. Just my bias' showing.

    Throwing my two cents .... attempting to play Football in January and the first three weekends in February is risky for the players and the fans (if permitted).  Around here, we are looking over our shoulders about the weather until April.  With our facilities and the proper scheduling we should be fine starting late February.  At this point, I just worried about men's and women's basketball

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