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  1. Thank you for this link .... From time to time, I think about the players from the 1970's and 1980's .....is good to see he has made an recovery
  2. Time to open new topic..... Better place for comments on the upcoming season
  3. Can someone delete this topic... I agree with a comment made above time to move on ... Let's focus on more relative events....
  4. I can only image what would have been said if Mark & John had come to an agreement on the women's game. I guess community did not matter to John when it came to the women.
  5. Entitlement perhaps for some however as Bob87 pointed out Siena did not schedule UVM, a home and home for several years. We could theorized that Siena was looking to avoid two losses and improve the number of home games down the road. Division One sports is about $.
  6. Well ... I am certain the Siena faithful care even less what is said here or what happens with UAlbany sports. My hope is that the greater community understands why a deal could not be reached for the Albany Cup games. Life will go on.
  7. Money games ... Harder to schedule ... With ESPN and major networks setting up match ups between inter regional schools that may not normally happen .... Major schools are looking for the big payday too... Previous commitments ... Open dates issues - traveling concerns ... Many major schools not looking to lose to an America East Conference team...
  8. The reason why we are here today, the Siena athletic director realized the Siena faithful would be looking for change in the AD office if he coincided anything. The word "community" is code for the Siena faithful. I know a small number of older Siena alumni, none were happy with the past three year deal. They were upset with last year's seating and how things played out after the season. Did John give Mark any options? No! So now we can say "we do not play Siena in baseball and men's & women's basketball...field hockey (lol)."
  9. Not mentioned elsewhere, the women's version will not be played....guessing same issue all or nothing
  10. Scheduling CAA teams into the SEFCU Arena: a nearly impossible task... If you think getting Siena into the SEFCU is hard...does not matter how connected your athletic director is.
  11. Perhaps someone can pull out th Albany Cup from the T - U Center and give the soccer teams something to play for. The match is Wednesday 8-15-18 @ 700. PM.
  12. The Albany Cup will not occur for the foreseeable future. Based on news reports, JD drew a line in the sand which gave Mark no choice to walk away. All or nothing, shows total disregard to the UAlbany basketball community.
  13. The other issue with this rivalry game is how it highlights each other passionate indifference... Over the years I have had to endure uncivil comments from Siena alumni ... this continues today as recently this week
  14. Let's face reality the AD's are face saving. The politicians and chamber of commerce will place blame on someone, likely UAlbany. The Times Onion will cry ? about the "fans" loss of another sporting event in a manner when a minor league sports franchise leaves town. Yes fairness was never part of this rivalry ... Civility was never part of this rivalry.
  15. GreatDanes06 my thoughts exactly...you could not stated it better
  16. I saw the Gazette article .. Confirmed ? my thinking ... Men's game remains an open discussion.. prediction see a three year deal ... 2 for 1 in Siena's favor for men ... 2 for 1 in UAlbany's women .... No men's game ...women go to home and home
  17. Coach Marr needed the experience of the World ? Games ... He saw this as an educational experience and personal development. Our players and future recruits will benefit from his experiences.
  18. We need to understand, staying healthy and injury free is essential. Lastly our players need to have success on the field with wins, which leads to happy athletes and fans in the stands.
  19. I stand by what I said ... as in my profile trying to make sense of the BPF ... Much here does not make sense ...
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