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  1. There is an old saying "You can lead a horse to.water however; you cannot make the horse ?drink." It is apparent that many are not aware some women events come at no cost . ..so how you spend your time and $ is your business.. As a Great Dane supporter for nearly 50 years... I feel it is my duty to promote the broader interests of UAlbany sports not some misguided parochial interest ... UAlbany women desire the same support.... Attendance is one way.
  2. My point ... Big Purple Fans need to widen their support of women's sports
  3. Sunshine ?in November with a 330 PM start time is limited product ... Football schedule now has times posted .. Both November home games at 330 PM.... Could be cold that last game
  4. I believe there is a great need to promote attendance at women's lacrosse as well all women's sports.
  5. The underlying reason is cost and traveling time ... In particular for the America East schools.. Dumping is a little strong ? for this situation
  6. Anything is possible ... I like to have an update from the media relations group
  7. I see that the roster for men's basketball is now updated
  8. Is it really true that Joe is having Jumpin' Jack sent to Philadelphia?
  9. Is there any word if the Albany Cup series will continue on the women's side? Just wondering?
  10. Let's continue with the cliches ... It is not over until the "fat lady" sings
  11. As important it is to win .... Can we fill Casey Stadium? Any predictions on ticket sales.
  12. Just stirring the pot... Hmmm no word whether or not the Albany Cup series will continue ??
  13. Coach Rosen has selected assistant coaches ... A blend of new & existing assistant coaches ... Smart thinkingâ˜ș
  14. Yes, I know it is summer .... quite on the campus .... however Roger has paid little attention to Scott Marr association with the world games in Israel .. Will's efforts to re-build the basketball ?team ... Those other things reported on www.UAlbanysports.com ... Come on media relations ... light a fire ?under Roger
  15. Great article in the Daily Gazette on Saturday more then I can say for the Times -- Onion
  16. I am amazed at the lack of interest demonstrated by this forum's members in women's lacrosse... sad ?
  17. Grew up on UAlbany basketball... Since 1970... Before my days as a student remember the years of two games ... Not sure of two games... Yes some great rivalries happen twice season (and more) due to conference play ... This is different .. Do not see Siena or their fans (or our fans) going for this ... This rivalry is one and done per season type of game ....
  18. I agree .... I feel Benson is allowing Will to fill the schedule... Benson likely asked for the best deal and Benson did not like what he saw
  19. Watched Coach Rowan interview on WNYT .... Choose words carefully .... Hope she remembers what the returning players had to handle this past year .... Can Coach Ryan bring the fun factor while developing the players skill set? Or will she just be a hard driving coach.... A saw a twinkle in her eye ... Hoping the women's team has some fun...
  20. Thanks for starting the topic .... no surprise going to the "outside" ... been the trend ... football , women's basketball, Volleyball now women's lacrosse.... I am glad to see an UALBANY past with local connection ... Congratulations Coach Rowan
  21. My thoughts on the issue .... has a decision whether or not to continue the UALBANY - Siena was made or still under discussion ...a legit question ... not that anyone in the know has to respond ... My interest comes from getting a sense where the mind set of the AD is taking UALBANY sports
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