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  1. Last nights match was a game of two halves ... yes Albany played much better in the second half .... UMass-Lowell is now four years in the conference many of their teams are hitting the stride ... Men's Lacrosse is an example .. congrats to the River Hawks and their staff ... lets move on to UVM ... watched discussion between Marr and Connor ... Connor ... I feel for you and hope you feel better and able to play on Saturday ... Connor you are one of the GREATEST GREAT DANES!!!!
  2. Into May now ... no word on Siena games .... hard when Siena does not have a men's basketball coach and UALBANY does not have a women's coach ...sad state of affairs of Capital District basketball
  3. Hats off to Greg .... it has become apparent he does bleed purple (& gold) ... looking forward to football
  4. Joe is gone.... He is stretching out the search seeking to secure the best opportunity... The 'Nova' visit shows how removed Joe is from Albany....
  5. I am surprised that Roger Wyland has not offered his insights on the leading candidates for this position.
  6. Does anyone have an idea where Joe is headed? Does Joe have any idea? Looking for a sure thing is a tough job...good luck Joe
  7. What do the losses in the top ten mean to Albany? Any thoughts....
  8. As the person that started this topic ... I like to thank everyone for their comments. Further, I want to thank the Times - Union for their straight forward articles about UAlbany Basketball and the Siena struggles with finding a new men's basketball coach. The Times Union seems to understand the importance of venting and disclosing the story sources. In my opinion, some one could learn a lesson from this.
  9. At 12:00 Noon Casey Stadium .... Stony Brook ranked #1....UALBANY has eight game win streak on the line
  10. Times-Union reported on Will Brown's efforts to rebuild the team. Solid story... why is Wyland not focused on this story?
  11. OK ... in my opinion Roger Wyland seemed gleeful reporting a possible Will Brown interest in the Siena position. This continues, in my opinion, his recent hyping of stories is for the attention and ratings. He serves no one but himself. What do you for think?
  12. The women's team has turned it around.... some adjustments .... more offense... better defense
  13. UAlbany Women's Lacrosse Team go for number eight in a row on Saturday April 21, 2018 at 1:00 PM ... available on AETV.com ....Go Lady Danes!!!
  14. I was at same preseason ticket event ... reasons for Oneonta was a home game given ... other AE teams were scheduling two and sometimes three D2/D3 games ... not a conference thing per say .... Will Brown discussed the number of D2/D3 games by AE schools again prior to 2017 - 2018 season
  15. Game Day Weather Report .... possible sun by afternoon .... temps in the 40's with some wind ... 10-20 mph
  16. Reminder: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 1:00 PM The Irish are coming to Albany NY
  17. I would expect an "extensive" search ... anyone know what Benson & staff thinking
  18. I do not know how fast Benson and his staff can move in finding the best available coach ... but in the mean time ... Has someone been appointed to watch over non-graduating players and committed recruits?
  19. Hat's off to Will and his staff for filling in the missing pieces timely .... as "BD" stated in the stands a couple of weeks ago .... filling in the missing pieces is a big part of a coach's job .... now Will Brown lets blend the talent into a winning team ... you have my support! To Cremo and Nichols ... I hope you reach your short term dreams of a NCAA Tournament.
  20. Coach Mac has a difficult task ahead of her... last coach ... six years of losing seasons ... Is women's basketball a priority at BC?
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