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  1. I agree .... even after all these years .... I feel she was never given a fair opportunity ..Lost all respect for previous AD
  2. Perhaps, we should look east to Saco, ME .... perhaps someone has unfinished business at UAlbany .... might return ... can dream here for a moment...
  3. We are learning a lot the lack of loyalty in Division I Mid Majors... in particular at the mid level Mid - Major conferences ... players will jump and coaches will jump too ... Coach Mac is moving on up ... position likely has a life span of 3 - 5 years upon her success .... what is the history BC women's basketball? However ... UAlbany represents a great place to display your skill level as a coach .... please do not sell out the other coaches ... many which have dedicated their lives to the University
  4. You are right!... still playing .... five year waiting period .... then I need to complete the nominating form for committee review and approval
  5. Weather forecast.... dry during day ... increasing chances of rain after 7:00 PM FOR Baltimore
  6. Greg was added to the spring football rooster .... tight end ... in Albany T U article ..Greg stated "...proud to be part of the Great Dane family" ... you have my vote for the HALL OF FAME ....
  7. UAlbany Athletics has announced a date and time change. The match with UMBC has moved to Friday night at 7:00 PM .... I have not seen anything about the women's game that was scheduled for Saturday at 12:00 PM. Change due to weather ...
  8. Checking out Yale ... lost in O/T to Bucknell 9 - 8 on Wednesday evening
  9. I do not see a Home and Home series ever .... their alumni want no part of SEFCU arena .... $50,000 for guarantee game .... in my opinion ... their looking to pay a lesser amount then they paid in the past .... Benson and Brown have a tough decision to make .... many factors including with the newspaper Albany Times - Union ... aka Times Union Arena .... we are looking for some good press .... A10 or CAA .... in SEFCU ... we can dream
  10. No arguments here .... article points to the need to beat Yale to keep the number seed .... hope someone in The Ivy Conference can upset Yale
  11. Final Score 17-8 .... Fourth win in a row .... 3 - 0 in the AE Conference .... great game women!!
  12. Realized UAlbany women play at UMBC at 12:00 PM ... explains the men's 3:00 PM start
  13. Again, there is a need to move on from this event ..Joe Cremo is part of our past not our future
  14. Let's hope for a dry field at UMBC ... good practices during the week ... an uneventful trip to Baltimore .... is the team busing or flying down?
  15. ... mosting interesting Joe Cremo said .. ""...he has a team of people in his corner helping him out" ... yet still claims he made this decision on his own ... OK Joe ...Did you really make this decision on your own?
  16. I like what "BD" said in the stands to us on Saturday .... at the lacrosse game ... time to let this topic go .... "what has happen will not change" ... "it is up to Will Brown and his staff to find the solution (the recruits) to resolve our problem.... by chance listening to Roger Wyland ... Joe Cremo is now on the show ... Roger is off today
  17. Time to rest for next week's match at UMBC .... I agree with those that said defense & offense played well in stretches ... definite more good stretches then Stony Brook ... yes a great crowd .... as a three sport season ticket holder ,,, Lacrosse crowds have really rocked Casey ... seems beer sales are doing well LOL
  18. The question is: Will the UAlbany fans still be reflecting and discussing these departures one year from now ... we will have to wait to see how next season plays out... just like the other 350 Division I schools that play basketball ... many which are dealing with similar issues
  19. This game is a welcome distraction ... considering what is going on in men's basketball ... in the stands on Saturday
  20. My last last words .... going to games for 48 seasons ...last 19 years at Division 1 ... coaching instability in the early years however our athlete - student relative stability ... this is biggest departure of established talent... remember we lost 4 players ... sitting in the stands after the Stony Brook lost ... the comments about a 22 - 10 season which did not feel like a successful season ... as we watched Cremo make his usual track across the floor to say hello to some family and friends ... .his face lacked any emotion... he looked he was saying his goodbys..we were discussing whether or not the CIT or CBI would be appropriate .... then "KF" stated we need change ... I do not think this what we were hoping for this ...in my opinion... too much Roger Wyland in the face of Will Brown and Joe Cremo ... looking for something to report on Channel 13...Joe was tired of being the face of UAlbany ... as the old saying goes "if you cannot take the heat of the kitchen ... get out" ...Will thank you for taking a chance on Cremo - Nichols ... Will Brown ... you have my support
  21. I agree need to cut down on unforced errors... the team showed they can play without Connor
  22. My last word .... The Purple and Gold game in October 2018.... Will be interesting
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