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  1. My last last words .... going to games for 48 seasons ...last 19 years at Division 1 ... coaching instability in the early years however our athlete - student relative stability ... this is biggest departure of established talent... remember we lost 4 players ... sitting in the stands after the Stony Brook lost ... the comments about a 22 - 10 season which did not feel like a successful season ... as we watched Cremo make his usual track across the floor to say hello to some family and friends ... .his face lacked any emotion... he looked he was saying his goodbys..we were discussing whether or not the CIT or CBI would be appropriate .... then "KF" stated we need change ... I do not think this what we were hoping for this ...in my opinion... too much Roger Wyland in the face of Will Brown and Joe Cremo ... looking for something to report on Channel 13...Joe was tired of being the face of UAlbany ... as the old saying goes "if you cannot take the heat of the kitchen ... get out" ...Will thank you for taking a chance on Cremo - Nichols ... Will Brown ... you have my support
  2. I agree need to cut down on unforced errors... the team showed they can play without Connor
  3. My last word .... The Purple and Gold game in October 2018.... Will be interesting
  4. Cremo has likely thinking about this change .. for a bit... comment he is 21 and can make an educated decision...laughable-youthful comment . In my opinion Joe looking for a trip to NCAA ...Syracuse bound?
  5. LOL there goes the annual Scotia-Glenville night ...
  6. No joke .... Roger Wyland seemed shocked .... I expect Will is hitting the road ... expect a couple of junior college transfers - a grad student announcements
  7. Welcome to the world of D1 sports ... NCAA tournament is the only acceptable goal... after the second 0-2 start in the America East lost to Binghamton ... this is how we reached today ... we have all taken a punch in the gut
  8. Patch ... you are right on with your latest comments ... I believe the team adapted well when the situation became clear that Connor would not be out there ... other players stepped up ... love the long pole goal from mid field ... things you do not see often
  9. Roger Wyland reported Greg is participating in Spring Practice .... as a possible wide receiver ... interesting ... has possibilities
  10. Coaches and Training staff need to keep a watchful eye on Connor today in practice ...
  11. Sometimes change for the sake of change is no change at all .... but a step back ... current UALBANY logo has been very appealing to me .... always gets comments when I am in Maine for vacation or in Vermont ....new design does not excite me ... holding on to my current stuff
  12. Our coach has 700 plus wins ... they deserve our support on Wednesday .... ok ... I have heard the weather report is not promising if played .. I am going softball in the afternoon ... men's lacrosse at night
  13. Let's rally around the UAlbany Baseball ... Home opener ... hoping the field is playable ...
  14. Practice for the Danes will be interesting ... Scott likely checking out the use of different players for chemistry ... placing emphasis on ball control and passing .. Harvard game will be interesting
  15. May make sense to sit Connor out for Wednesday game ... depending on the AOC report .... Connor likely having MRI images taken of the knee to allow the doctors to recommend the best course of action-treatment .... likely will not hear anything until Tuesday ... wishing Connor the best .....
  16. Let us not forget Women Lacrosse at 12:00 PM today at Casey Stadium ... let's show our support for our women's team!!!
  17. Current weather reports call for improving temps ... remember soccer plays their weekday games at night in Casey Stadium.. spent a few nights dressed warmly in the fall ....dress warmly everyone
  18. Go Danes ... will be in the stands on Tuesday .... cheering the team on ....
  19. Coach Brown has maintained his allegiance to UAlbany for 17 years .... yeah he has looked around a bit ... most coaches do ... Coach Brown is more careful in his post game comments and our chances in the league .... we have great recruiting class coming in ... there is no reason for questioning Will's dedication to the program and our support for the current & future student-athletes ... I see good days ahead whether or not we win AE Tournament ... my last thought UMBC has won the AE in the past ... went into a nose dive afterwards ... UMBC play on Sunday night ... well speaks for itself ....
  20. In my opinion this topic needs careful thought ... we are dealing with the lives of student-athletes...coaches ...we need to maintain a long term view ....we are not 8-24
  21. Never assume a match is a given ...need to encourage the Great Danes to play their best
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