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  1. Starting a new thread as the discussion has moved to a conference only schedule πŸ“… for men's and women's basketball πŸ€. Likely start date πŸ“…: after January 1, 2021. Thoughts, feelings and opinions please
  2. The potential of fall sports being moved to Spring exists: Could men's and women's soccer ⚽, football 🏈 be competing for time with men's and women's lacrosse at Casey Stadium? Thoughts and opinions.
  3. I have seen and heard many discussions about playing a conference only schedule starting after 01/01/2021. Any thoughts, opinions and news updates.
  4. In today's Albany Times Union, the article covering the Ivy League decision stated that fall sports may be moved to Spring 2021. Unless the COVID-19 virus tests for participating fall sports athletes at Division 1 schools is virtually nothing, I can see this concept taking off quickly.
  5. According to the Stamford University press release; the eleven sports will compete during the 2020 - 2021 season. Other sports eliminated include men's and women's fencing, wrestling, men's volleyball, rowing (two types), and sailing (two types). Other than the previously mentioned field hockey, none of these sports are currently offered at UAlbany.
  6. I continue my daily routine of good thoughts, wishes and even a prayer, in hopes that conditions improve so that when September arrives that there will be a full fall sports schedule πŸ“…. Until then, I will continue the steps that has kept my family safe.
  7. Thank you, I not sure the point godanesgo99 was trying to make.
  8. Interesting enough, the MAAC announced their teams are resuming play after September, 12, 2020. I do not see any fall sports, winter sports have just little more time. Interesting, Rick Pitino, the new Iona basketball coach, stated he would go along with a conference only schedule.
  9. Any Huchthausen, AS Commissioner, made a brief appearance on the CBS Sunday News program, this morning. She stated she is unable to state whether or not it the America East Conference will resume sports in the fall. She further stated the situation is fluid.
  10. Unfortunately, godanesgo99, at best you have no clue about modern tribalism in American society. Further, you took my comment out of context, leaving out a much broader statement, that had nothing to do with on how this country was formed. Shame on you. Sadly, you likely never had the opportunity to take classes from Dr. Catherine Newbold or Dr. Harry Price. With that said, I do not need a lesson on Constitutional law from you.
  11. I respect your opinion, I don't agree whether one person can be blamed for one aspect of this pandemic that went horrible wrong. What I do know that instead of acting as one nation, we are acting as 50 independent states, 3000 plus counties and countless other municipal units. With the exception of finding a vaccine, everything was piece meal. The Albany Times Union pointed out how Saratoga Health and Sheriff's office gave approvals against Phase 4 guidelines. The United States of America has become a country of tribal factions. Political, Social, Economic, Health Issues and throw in sports for good measure. I would love to see fall sports. My neighbor is a DIII Offensive Coordinator stated the odds of a team getting through the season without an issue are long. He reminded me not only are you worried about your team; you need to be worried about your opponent. He and I agree that keeping all student-athletes under wraps is a next to impossible task.
  12. Considering the tone the forum has taken, perhaps there is a need for a new topic: 2021 Football - A Look Ahead
  13. Most of us, including myself, who have made a GDAC contribution over the years, will continue to make their contribution. However, there is no time pressures at the moment.
  14. Additional note: Union College is expected to make a decision on or about July 15 for fall sports. RPI was not the first DIII school to forgo competing this fall.
  15. The Tuesday edition Albany Times Union had an article with a quote from Scott Marr stating that he expects Jakob Patterson will return for a "5th" season of lacrosse and to attend grad school. A shout out to Jakob for his academic achievements over the last four years. (I did not attach a link.)
  16. Front page sports section just above the crease. Today's edition, I receive the printed version
  17. Greg Gattuso spoke with the Albany Times Union: "Coach up for challenges". Underlying text: "Gattuso hoping there'll be a season despite uncertainty about coronavirus pandemic". I found the article interesting and worth reading .... no help when it comes to renewing tickets at this point.
  18. What is going on? 2020 GDAC Annual Golf Tournament on October 1, 2020. They can announce this event, which is 90 days out, however the fall sports schedule remains elusive.
  19. Well, I would hope that the UAlbany Ticket Office would update past season ticket holders with their plans soon.
  20. I like to wish a Happy Father's Day to all the dads of UAlbany athletes (current and past), UAlbany coaches and BigPurpleFans. Going to be a warm one in the Capital District of New York! Thank you for sharing your sons and daughters with us!
  21. At least, we have a starting point. Albeit, not accurate when comes to NJIT being part of the conference. I wonder if Bart Torvik will update his projections in the near future.
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