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  1. I would not assume anything... Was thinking some of the benefits ...could see an opening round of 7 vs. 10 and 8 vs. 9 in men's and women's basketball. Just my thought ... AE is not seeking to become a 12 school conference. 10 schools seems just right.
  2. Interesting how these things start as rumors, there is a denial .... On Friday Roger Wyland announces NJIT is going the AE Conference.
  3. I have not read any articles concerning the infection rate among student-athletes. However, this is a concern and would likely require every athlete to provide a honest assessment of their exposure to COVID-19 and testing before practicing.
  4. Let me assure you that no announcement has been made. There was an article in the Albany Times Union, which featured the football conditioning and strength ๐Ÿ’ช coach. He expressed a desire to have the student athletes return to campus. I have seen similar comments from other coaches at other schools. The State of New York needs to reach "Phase 4" . I expect an announcement by mid July concerning college and high school sports.
  5. Well, easy come and easy go. I would like to see a ten team America East Conference. A school from New England or metro New York areas would be nice.
  6. Albany Times -Union has an article concerning universities and colleges eliminating sports programs, particularly at the DII and DIII levels. However, some cuts have been made at DI schools.
  7. When I saw this pondering.. My 1st thoughts were Penn St, Pitt ...I reminded myself of the long tradition between Leigh and Lafayette two other PA schools ... Football is part of PA DNA ... New York has strong tradition of DIII Football. Lastly, Penn St is a mega campus... Like nearly or all teams in its conference ... Mega campus equals mega stadium ...
  8. New York athletes look for opportunities outside NY....PA and NJ athletes look for opportunities outside their home states.
  9. Absolutely, in the end, wins matter against quality opponents and avoiding embarrassing losses against "lesser" opponents.
  10. Has the makings of a great season for watching football ๐Ÿˆ at Casey Stadium... Keep the fingers crossed!!!
  11. "The University at Albany football ๐Ÿˆ program was ranked 24th in the HERO Sports 2020 Pre-season FCS Top 25 poll announced Wednesday." Other CAA schools were ranked higher Nova, Delaware and New Hamphsire. James Madison was ranked 5th in the poll. Thoughts and concerns.
  12. Some things with refs will never change.
  13. I concur with your suggestion; based on Roger's comments last week, Mark Benson is waiting on further direction from the governor's office. I do not see any clarification until mid-June to the first of July for college sports, pro sports sooner. Everything is baby steps.
  14. Received e mail from NCAA about Lacrosse games on ESPNU and mentioned next year's dates and location.
  15. Starting at 12:00 Noon, 05-25-2020, ESPNU will rebroadcast several men's championship games. Mark your calender for a year from now as Tournament weekend is in East Hartford, CT. Just a little over 90 minutes away from Albany, NY.
  16. Eli, if I was betting person, a path for fans in the stands is starting to take shape. With 100 plus days to first home football ๐Ÿˆgame, there is time for planning for fans in the stands. Further, if we all take appropriate measures between now and then, the COVID-19 pandemic may not be a concern. (That is throwing a Hail Mary pass.)
  17. LOL โ˜บ... Some things need to be kept secret....My suggestion please visit oldeyorkdistillary.com .... Oh my secret is out...
  18. "The difference between a beer ๐Ÿบand your opinion; is that I asked for a beer ๐Ÿบ." I must give credit to this fine line to the good folks at Fairport Brewery. So appropriate in these times.
  19. If a business of 10,000 goes under is it the American people responsibility to bail the business out. As an example, the airline industry is in trouble for poor cash management. Their leaders failed to learn from the lessons in the past. They spent their cash reserves on share pay backs to increase the share price. In many cases resulting in bonus payouts to top management while their employees received nothing.
  20. Stay safe, hope the hurricanes stay away from Florida this year. I not sure if Mitch will bail Florida out. Oh, it is an election year and Trump's state of residency.
  21. I guess someone could not or would not find their words.... to state their thoughts...
  22. As I stated: "...announcement will not make the SCCC happy". Apparently, jimbo is a member of SCCC. My opinion for what it's worth: the Governor will look for continue improvement in the COVID-19 numbers perhaps will consider reopening Saratoga to patrons for their tax dollars. Yes jimbo, the patrons bring so much to the track, such all the those with coolers with beer, races to enter the grounds for a picnic table.... traffic jams.... I think it is more important to get people back to work. Jimbo did you know that 95 cents of every dollar spent of COVID-19 relief to date has gone to corporate bail-outs. It is time to help those that help the person on the street.
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