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  1. Just to bring the thread back to the topic:  Governor Cuomo announced that NYRA is permitted to operate Belmont and Saratoga without patrons in the stands or on the grounds, effective 06/01/2020.  Further, Watkins Glen can run its racing series.  For us, the prospect of a fall sports season remains possible.  As a side comment; the governor 's announcement did not make the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce happy.  No patrons in the stands during the day, no one at the bars and restaurants downtown at night.  The shops on Broadway are taking a huge hit.

  2. 3 minutes ago, BestDaneSinceHamlet said:

    The good news is that he allowed most of the State (landwise) to start to open, including the Capitol District. So there may be hope. 

    Just building on your comments, Andrew Cuomo has approved the opening of all local, county and state beaches as part of the coordination with the Northeast 7 (MA, RI, CT, NJ, PA and DE) effective 05/22/20.  I see a decision by 07/15/20; I believe our leaders want to see continual improvement; I also believe no politician in the Northeast wants to be blamed for no fall or winter sports.  Andrew has not walked this journey alone, he has reach out to many for assistance, supplies and now guidance to a new normal.  Yes, keep your fingers crossed.

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  3. 8 hours ago, dslyank said:

    Has this been announced? I have not heard anything official up here? Are you just speculating??? California governor has made his state U's strictly on-line in the fall. What has the NCAA SAID about that????????  Original NCAA said no students on campus--NO ATHLETICS??  Are they sticking to that??? Pac 12 power 5 loses a lot of TV revenue if so and "Rose Bowl?"  

    I do not believe the California governor asked the NCAA for their input....college sports impact likely did not come up and/or dismissed as a concern.

  4. My understanding is that colleges and universities need to present a plan for opening and operations including how the institution is going to maintain social distancing.  Many of the concerns are similar that New York school districts face including:  keeping the kids apart.  I am keeping my fingers crossed and there is sports in the fall.  Nothing is certain, particularly in the State of New York.

  5. 8 hours ago, jimbo said:



    Looks like they are recruiting hard in Sec 2 and Lily looks like a great addition. Not for the first time I have to wonder....if she wants to study physical therapy, why would she chose UA? Or do they complete a science/health related undergrad, then go on to grad school for the PT masters? I suppose there’s more than one way to become a PT. 


    Ah, never mind. I’ve got cabin fever and my excessively long hair is impacting my brain cells. Luckily I can still google stuff and come to find out, the PT masters was discontinued 5 years ago and now there’s a Doctor or Physial therapy degree in its place. And apparently you don’t need to do a PT undergrad program. I’ve answered most of my questions.  Except where in the heck I can get a haircut....

    Interesting, I saw 👀 Roger Wyland's interview with her over Zoom yesterday.  So now we have a Hoosick Falls grad coming this fall and a Cambridge grad in 2021.  Surprising and interesting.

  6. This is a shout out to all the moms of UAlbany athletes (current/past), UAlbany coaches and Big Purple Fans:  Happy Mother's Day!  Keeping the flame burning in these trying times is difficult.  When I have had the opportunity to meet the parents of UAlbany athletes, I always share a phase with them and on today to all the moms of UAlbany athletes and coaches:  Thank you for sharing your son or daughter with us.

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  7. 6 hours ago, Dane Pound said:

    The AE board had a "What If" thread about recuits/players that didn't pan out.

    The Gallup thing was rough because he would have played a couple of years with Jamar had he not transferred. We could have been respectable much quicker. Things didn't turn out so bad though.

    As a follow up and clarification to my earlier comment, my intent is not to stifle sharing of information.  I just have  strong feelings about athletes who show up with lots of fan fare, only to leave UAlbany high and dry.  UAalum72 shares enormous amount of useful and interesting information.  Yes, things didn't turn out so bad.

  8. 1 hour ago, BestDaneSinceHamlet said:

    Looks like they just picked a transfer from Pitt V'Lique Carter.  I think two more years left. 

    And it seems he was a legit piece of their offense, not just some walk-on who never saw the field.  




    Great 👍job!! Thanks for sharing this to the group.

  9. On 5/6/2020 at 10:53 PM, nysteve661 said:

    TD is staying at Yale for 5th season.  Seems he found a loophole to play another year.  Ivies do not allow more than 8 semesters of an athlete but since he transferred in,  he hasn't hit the 8 yet at Yale.  Ingenious but obvious if you know the policy.

    My last comment about TD:  UGH.  This is what I say to myself when I feel when all of us (including myself) carry-on or bring up a situation involving a former UAlbany player who leaves early in his career.  Dslyank is right when he stated that TD is out for himself and is centered on himself, started two years ago.  He likely does not see a pro season this year.

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  10. 5 hours ago, UAalum72 said:

    E J Gallup named head coach at Fulton-Montgomery Community College in Johnstown 

    I am giving this update on a former UAlbany player a rating of "UGH".  As I recall, one and gone plus a helicopter 🚁 father who relocated to the Carolinas, encouraging his son to jump ship.  While an important part of Section 2 high school basketball 🏀 folklore, an insignificant contribution to UAlbany.  That said: I wish him well at FMCC. 

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  11. Yea, I am completing some spring chores today.  The wooden patio table and chairs look real nice after refinishing the set with stain this morning,  mowing the lawn this afternoon, grilling burgers this evening. My point, I rather have been at Casey Stadium watching 👀 the America East Conference Championship in Men's and Women's Lacrosse.  Sadly, doing chores while reflecting on how times have become so difficult and hard for many is the new normal.  I hope everyone is hanging in there and as Andrew would say "We are New York tough, We are New York smart".

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  12. 5 minutes ago, Clickclack said:

    Dude...it's not the fans job to construct roster...telling a kid we don't want you on an open forum is kind of low. I mean shoot, I could understand of it was in heat of game or something but on a cool head?


    He's not going anywhere...

    Thank you for your comments!

  13. On 4/22/2020 at 2:28 PM, cwdickens said:

    Inside Lacrosse is reporting that Yale's Jackson Morrill and Lucas Cotler have entered the NCAA Transfer Portel.  Jackson stated both had exhausted every avenue available to return to Yale.  Both are looking to attend grad school and play one more season. 

    At last count, there are two Yale seniors plus one freshman looking to play elsewhere.  TD and the mentioned above would give any team a legitimate shot at a NCAA championship.   The freshman is B J Burlace, Defense.  Scott Marr would have interest in all four, not withstanding the other twenty DI coaches circling like vultures.  LOL ☺. 

  14. On 4/22/2020 at 2:28 PM, cwdickens said:

    Inside Lacrosse is reporting that Yale's Jackson Morrill and Lucas Cotler have entered the NCAA Transfer Portel.  Jackson stated both had exhausted every avenue available to return to Yale.  Both are looking to attend grad school and play one more season. 

    Perhaps, TD is reconsidering options as other classmates have considered moving on.

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