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  1. Erik looks like a Boston College recruit, too many factors to overcome. Ex.: ACC, competitive schedule πŸ“…, playing close to home, good chance of playing in a bowl game.
  2. Perhaps, TD is reconsidering options as other classmates have considered moving on.
  3. A significant pick-up, depth at an important position.
  4. Inside Lacrosse is reporting that Yale's Jackson Morrill and Lucas Cotler have entered the NCAA Transfer Portel. Jackson stated both had exhausted every avenue available to return to Yale. Both are looking to attend grad school and play one more season.
  5. I took his brief statement to Inside Lacrosse as a respectful acknowledgement to Dave Pietramala and startng concerns closer to home. Looks like someone other than JHU graduate will get the job. My other comment: Rodger Wyland thoughts on this were way off base.
  6. I want to express my appreciation for what I believe was 48 hours of reflection without commeting.
  7. Scott Marr provided Inside Lacrosse with a brief statement of appreciation concerning Dave Pietramala for his assistance to Scott as a student athlete at John Hopkins, as a coach and to his family for taking his son Kyle under his wings. Bill Tierney, Denver coach, provided a lengthy tribute.
  8. Many football 🏈 and basketball πŸ€ programs are facing bleak renewal and new subscription sales for season tickets until the health and social distancing concerns are resolved.
  9. My impression of Roger's 6:00 PM sport segment: hype to the max.
  10. I have listened to Andrew Cuomo's daily updates. The thread title paints a bleak near term future. However, I have spoken with my wife about attending football games without a COVID-19 vaccine in place. For many UAlbany fans, attending games would be going into harm's way. Andrew Cuomo has stated there is no going back to old ways without a vaccine (Monday's news conference). We need to deal with the new normalcy until a vaccine is available. P.S. I thought about starting a thread about the potential of limited or no fan access. We are tough group... Surprised that more did not see this potential.
  11. Article stated grooming incoming freshmen is a thing of the past.
  12. No doubt, Scott would take the call. Likely, Hopkins is offering a 4-year contract with the expectations of immediate success.
  13. Today's Albany Times -Union has an article about the Transfer Portel. In brief, the articles details how th the Transfer Portal has left coaches in all conferences, at all levels of play and NCAA Division affiliation scrambling for players. The days of establishing a program are over; while putting a team together year to year is now the norm.
  14. Good observation, he may even express an interest. However; Hopkins has not been the same team for a few years plus Scott's son has graduated from Hopkins. Unless Scott no longer feels appreciated at UAlbany, he is staying. His roots to the Capital District have grown deep.
  15. I feel that Michael Sowers likely has a select few schools in mind. The schools are Syracuse, Duke, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. All have a history going to NCAA regularly plus top notch graduate schools. Perhaps, Scott can tap into our recent past: Thompson brothers, Connor Field, Blaze Riorden and the many others. Yes, we have great graduate programs however; we likely competing with one of the blue bloods.
  16. Perhaps, I do not understand the point your are making. Perhaps, neither one of us are saying anything meaningful. However, Gonzaga is major team in an otherwise mid major conference.
  17. Eli, thank you for sharing this fact however with thoughts: if your team is in the ACC, Big East, PAC-12, Big-10, Southeastern and a couple of other conferences no matter your RPI is at any given time, your are "MAJOR" team. In basketball πŸ€, for fan interest only a mid major poll has been published to give those teams outside the major conference something to feel good about. the rise of the mid-major concept started. We splitting hairs are about something that means little to the NCAA, it's winning your conference tournament followed by number of wins, strength of schedule schedule and quality wins which adds up to RPI ratings.
  18. Just a reminder, Vermont has serious plans in place to upgrade their athletic facilities in particular a new basketball πŸ€arena and ice hockey arena. Their fan support makes this possible. I agree it's time to field a team that can sweep UVM plus Stony Brook University in the same season.
  19. I think these are honest observations. My thoughts: the need going forward is taking the returning players, the known new comers and the To Be Determine and preparing these 13 - 14 individuals into a functional team where player performance and team synergies come together.
  20. I am taking a more optimistic view that Tehoka will return.
  21. To Eli, Clickclack, NYSteve661, Dane Pound and others who have excellent observations about the trends about our recruits. There is a new norm caused by the transfer portal. Its existence has given, many high school and prep prospects, the mentality of taking the "best" opportunity with option to bail out if things do not go their way. Division I basketball πŸ€is not high school or prep ball. It requires you to continue to develop your athletic skills. I have wondered if the prospect of having a player for four years at the mid-major level is becoming a thing of the past. With 200 or so mid majors competing for players, the opportunity of hitting a home run on a recruit is a daunting task.
  22. Jon Mueller, UAlbany Baseball ⚾ Coach, discussed with Roger on WNYT last evening. Jon expects two of his graduating class to return next year utilizing the NCAA ruling.
  23. The issue here is the need to defined what prorated means to UAlbany Ticket Management. Perhaps, Ticket/Box Office needs to put a $ amount to their words.
  24. Inside Lacrosse reported the following players entered the transfer portal: * BJ Burlace Yale Freshman Defense * Christian Tomei Ohio State Freshman Goalie * Mac Cost in Utah Freshman Mid-fielder All were rated as quality high school players.
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