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  1. April 3, 2020: chilling at home with my family and dog, social isolating, feeling blessed that my family is healthy however; thinking about the medical community and others on the front lines dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic. The anticipation of the Syracuse and UAlbany Men's Lacrosse game has long faded. Small sacrifice in these trying times. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.
  2. T.D. expressed sentiments come as no surprise; he is a Yale Bull Dog. No looking back!! For us, let us move forward.
  3. In regards to the renewal of the UAlbany -Siena Basketball πŸ€ Rivalry game; after listening to Mark Benson the other night, I was left the feeling that this was a man looking for revenue sources and ways to control expenses. Yes, one and one is the ideal situation and while Maciacello stated he is not talking to UAlbany, I am certain Siena A.D. John is mulling this over. This game is about the money πŸ’°not the rivalry.
  4. UAlbany fans loved T.D. however; as I recalled one of the reasons for Yale was to seek a better educational experience that he did not find at UAlbany. Our feelings were hurt when he announced his departure. We can speculate; if Scott Marr and Benson has discussed this possibility and if fans and the team would welcome his return. My thought: low possibility T.D. returning to UAlbany. College and pro metaphor does not come into play. I willing to speculate T.D. has not considered this option.
  5. I caught Benson's bit on Roger's segment couple nights ago.
  6. Good point made here: NCAA has offered no financial assistance to member schools; to support this change; individual schools will need to budget funds.
  7. For lacrosse: I see fall practices as critical for player development; however I do not see any significant changes in fall scrimmages unless there are paying fans in the stands. Until we get past this COVID-19 pandemic and it's impact on budgets, no one is looking to spend money.
  8. In light of the current state of the NYS budget, the SEFCU Arena and Alumni Gym may have to wait another year. Benson 's tone about budget with Roger, left me feeling there are some tough choices to be made.
  9. A.D. Benson talked with Roger today about the NCAA allowing another year of eligibility for seniors. Benson shared the concerns surrounding this issue including: impact on the athletic budget, rooster concerns and impact on current and incoming freshmen for playing time.
  10. Good questions: The COVID-19 pandemic has created issues beyond granting seniors that opportunity to compete for a final full year. Rooster size may be a concern plus incoming freshmen and underclass players not having that opportunity for playing time that they had previously anticipated. With the current job market, I see seniors as viewing this as an opportunity for graduate school with an opportunity to play in the spring. The effect of the pandemic could linger for a couple years.
  11. 4:00 PM 2010 Championship Game .... Nothing changed Duke beats Butler....
  12. I would not expect an update until mid-April considering everyone is likely working from home.
  13. For Basketball πŸ€ junkies: CBSSN is replaying NCAA Tournament games, started at 8:00 A.M., currently showing Illinois vs. Arizona (2005), at Noon showing North Carolina vs. Kentucky (2017); 2:00 PM is Duke vs. Kentucky (1992); 4:00 PM Kentucky vs. Duke (1998)...additional games at 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM. CBS has advertised games on Sunday starting at noon for local tv πŸ“Ί stations.I Stay safe, stay home!
  14. Good article, read πŸ‘€ the article in this morning edition, the old fashion way. LOL
  15. What would others want for options?... With restaurants suggesting buying gift cards to use later, perhaps crediting to next year's tickets could be best option for UAlbany sports.
  16. Ah... The Partridge Pub on Madison Ave.
  17. I do not see πŸ‘€ the NCAA permitting any longer pre-season. Based on what I have heard, health officials need from mid April to mid May to determine if COVID 19 is past it!s peak infections. Wait and see πŸ‘€ situation.
  18. I came later, mid '70's O'Heanies was my place 7 oz glasses... Steamed not dogs .... Memories .... I will recall a mixture of UAlbany students townies and bums...
  19. At under home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, saw this "old" topic, thinking to myself, some teams will go to great lengths not to play UAlbany at home. On the real side, hope everyone is well and being careful.
  20. We could use more distractions.
  21. All teams in the CAA will face same issue, yes likely to affect teams with higher turn over.
  22. Warren Zevon had a line from a song sex guns and money..... Which of the two may apply to Pitino?
  23. LOL... I remember...why? Spouse is from Herkimer County... We went to one of the games at Utica .... UAlbany lost .... Went out afterwards... Had chicken πŸ”wings first time... I think Utica was at D1 ... Rules were looser than.. Changed shortly afterwards...things got tougher... Which included D1 schools playing football 🏈 at D3 .... Costello was the coach... Not sure
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