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  1. If Iona will hire a coach with the background like Rick Patino; Jimmy Patos will find a home in time. This hiring demonstrates that a MAAC basketball 🏀 team will go to any lengths for a winning team. I suspect the other schools will use the hiring as a marketing tool to say their conference has come of age.
  2. Based on comments on ualbanysports.com no spring practice / no spring game. See you in August.
  3. I have seen nor heard any information about refunding for the cancelled home lacrosse matches. I image the single game purchasers for the Syracuse game are particularly interested in receiving a refund.
  4. No one saw the events that are unfolding at this time coming. We were in the stands, just a couple weeks ago, cheering the team on, because a successful team usually attracts successful players.
  5. ualbanysports.com has now posted a statement from the America East concerning the cancellation of all ongoing sports competitions.
  6. Well, there must be a lot sadness this evening at Siena...and many other schools
  7. I must have had my head buried in my work today. America East has joined the growing list of conferences cancelling all sport seasons for the rest of the academic year. Further, the NCAA has also cancel all winter and spring championship events. I am wondering why UAlbany has not placed a statement on the ualbanysports.com
  8. No tournament ban. Does the gift really keeps giving. The AD statement "a lesson learned" about compliance makes you wonder what the Siena Athletic Department leader thought about the NCAA regulations and by laws. Our current compliance administrator came from Siena. Did Siena eliminate compliance back in 2016?
  9. I have had an opportunity to read the 30 page NCAA report. Siena gives new meaning to "turning a blind eye" and compliance be dam.
  10. DeSousa needs to stay however next year is a make or break year for him. He needs to show us what caught Will's attention 3 years ago.
  11. I agree with Oldtimer.... Can you image the chaos with eight or nine new players? All trying to learn the system and not to say how out of sorts the remaining players will feel. Despite today's sunshine 🌞, I feel there could be stormy days ahead. Recruitment will not be easy with the end of season collapse. Will Brown deserves our support.
  12. UAlbany is definitely not ... I work with some LCC zealots, who are mean spirited bunch.
  13. Worth repeating how I feel: Frustrated Disappointment Comments from a few days earlier.... I know that I'm going to hear it from the LCC crew at work.
  14. Shooting 33% or less is a killer... I wonder did our seniors really demonstrate the type of leadership needed when times are hard. ... Was it matter of going thru the motions?
  15. The words that I fall back on are: Disappointment: I was looking for some measurable improvement from last season Frustration: In reality, there is little I can do personally to make a difference for next season Can this situation be fixed? Oh, I think this question was asked last year. This year demonstrated that the answer is still in the wind.
  16. Yes, in quarter 1 & 2, however; Yale shut UMass down in quarter 3 & 4. Yale issue was turnovers. UMass -Amherst is a hard team to figure out.
  17. UMass - Amherst coming off an impressive win over Yale 13-10. Their first win ever against the #1 ranked team. UMass has some ups and downs; however this win may put them at another level.
  18. Snow flurries with dusting on the ground in Southern Saratoga County .... Any word on Bob Ford Field conditions?
  19. 6 months from now, we will all be adding our comments to the forum topic 2020-2021 Men's Basketball 🏀 "How many wins this season?"
  20. This season has seen a number of "upsets" . This is what happens when predication meets reality.
  21. Perhaps, Will plans on converting him to a point guard.
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