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  1. [MBB] 2018-2019 Recap

    I think each and every player--even those who did not get many minutes this year--are capable of returning and making significant contributions, either off the bench or in a starting role, if they put the work in. Having a better record next year is not guaranteed, and it will require hard work in the weight room and gym starting NOW. I think someone like French could be really good in this league. Question is how bad does he, like others on the team, want it. Hard work and effort is what the America East is built on. Four-Star guys with natural athletic ability and skill don't play in this league (with rare exception). Those who stay and put in the work will be champions. Do a couple small things very well. Imagine if French and Lauderdale worked on their 10-15 foot jumpers this off season and got really consistent at that range? Picture having guys like that flash the high key against a zone, spin, and shoot. Imagine if our bigs worked their forearms and biceps all winter and protected the ball even 50% better? Imagine if our guards turned the ball over half as much? Little things matter, and if everyone focusses one one or two things that they can improve upon and do well, this team can beat a Vermont (and a lot of other teams).
  2. If I'm playing pick-up ball at David Ave Park in Vestal, I don't pick Sessoms to play on my team. Healy ROY.
  3. Campbell is Big Baller. Clark is reckless with the basketball, but our bigs (Lulka and Hank) can't hold onto anything, so we really can't knock Clark for doing the same thing that our Bigs do. HOLD ON TO THE BALL!!! Sessoms is a Siena dropout. Healy is ROY. De Sousa is Big Baller too; runner-up ROY.
  4. What were his comments? He is a reserve player off the bench at best.
  5. OT: Stony Brook vs. Vermont

    SB missed two straight front ends of 1 and 1s in the final 2 minutes and missed several wide open 3s. Lots of chances to win that game for SB.
  6. And there it goes, HU cuts the lead to 6 .... and now down to 2 points, 66-64.
  7. Better play to win in the second half. Hartford is still shooting well and hitting 3s, so that 16-point lead can disappear real fast.
  8. We're up 45-29 at the half.
  9. I'm okay with JUCO. Make it happen. I want talent and don't care where it comes from or how long it is here (2 versus 4 years).
  10. 14-8 turnovers not so bad (not great either; Clark had 4 TOs); giving up 41% from 3 and shooting 6-21 from 3 didn't help us. We live by the 3 and lose by the 3 ... .
  11. We might go to the Tournament in the years ahead but Coach will need to add athletic pieces to our roster to make this happen.
  12. In time, this team will learn what I think some of us have already astutely observed: we win with effort and sound three-point shooting and not with athleticism or raw talent. We are not, and will not be, good enough to win conference games on raw talent alone. Also, don't expect to win games in February/March if you can't score 60 points.
  13. Are we better now ???

    I never thought DJ Evans would amount to a hill of Siena, but his improvement going into his senior year was astounding. Those who stay will be champions.
  14. New Board Headline

    Fantastic! Go State!