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  1. Lol, our new fight song? 🤣
  2. Same here, I feel like we lost last night. Bad football and no hope. Five turnovers to bring them all and in the darkness bind them to winless conference play.
  3. 2018/2019 Schedule

    These are good points, and I can only speculate as to the hype. As with many rivalries in basketball, playing twice a year can also increase the hype (Duke/UNC, Mich/MSU, etc.). As for the Albany Cup, it could be awarded on aggregate score or simply remain with the team who last won. Or simply not bother with the cup. Isn't that something that the city or mayor's office came up with? Only the diehards like us stick around postgame to see the cup being awarded. Or, play a third Albany Cup game (I'm serious, lol). Don't RPI and Union play a home and home and then a third Albany Cup game in January at the TUC? Play once at SEFCU, once at Siena's campus in their new gym (serious), and then once at the TUC as a neutral site game for the community. Ha! I like the option of playing them twice in one year better than three times (a bit excessive), but it's fun to think about such a scenario. Finally, would having this game (temporarily until an agreement is reached longterm) at the civic center in Glens Falls or out in Utica be totally off the table?
  4. 2018/2019 Schedule

    How about choice D. Play a home and home (two games) each year? Solves all problems in my view, and there is zero downside.
  5. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Siena's AD opined that the game should be at the TUC because it is a community game and that the TUC would allow more fans to see the game. This rationale or explanation would be furthered if the schools played the game twice in one season (once at the TUC and once at SEFCU) or if the game were played once a year with the game being treated as a neutral game for Siena and not in either schools' season-ticket package. Indeed, were the game treated as a neutral game, even more community members would have access to seats because it would not be included in Siena's season ticket package. What Siena's AD is really saying is that this is a community game for Siena season ticket holders. The position taken by the Siena athletic director is offensive, one-sided, and selfish. I want nothing to do with their basketball program or school. Benson has represented our interests well, but I am not so sure Siena's AD has done the same for his school.
  6. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Just play Siena twice in one year. Once at the TU, and once at SEFCU. The argument that it would diminish the rivalry by playing twice in one year is utter nonsense (i.e., Duke vs NC or Ohio St or Mich St vs Michigan), and two games draws in more fans and money for both schools. So if we play them twice, we might grow fonder of Siena? Is that it? Is there any doubt that we would sell out SEFCU if we played them again in January and dislike their putrid fanbase any less? Please. This is such a simple solution that benefits and solves problems for both schools (we have heard scheduling OOC games is challenging). Adding 2 local games to each school's OOC schedule saves the respective athletic departments money in travel costs too. Play them twice. Do it. As for revenue, they keep their ticket sales and proceeds from their TU concessions and rotting pizzas that they sell, and we keep the proceeds from those dry chicken tenders that Sodexo serves up. Sodexo has come up with some tasty stuff behind the endzone at football games, but the food at SEFCU is for freshmen. Booze and atmosphere in the HOF room is great, but where's the beef? A burger would be ______! When we win the America East this year, I want to look back and say I ate red meat while we did so. I have more confidence in Sodexo than the TU. The TU's food menu is dated like the building's footprint -- namely, 1990 (but I appreciate the renovations and movie screens on Pearl Street; hopefully some eateries and pubs will go in across the street next to the probation department). We win the food round. Returning to the matter at hand, I am sure that both fan bases would rather watch a Siena and Albany game twice than some other game against a low mid-major private school. Colgate? Cornell? Bryant? Columbia? Some NEC or Ivy League school? BU? Patriot League? BORING. Who else will come to the Capital Region? Be honest UA and Siena. Play each other twice (or more). I will dislike them twice as much (or more). Love it.
  7. Yale is better, more athletic. 6 players drafted in MLL, I think they said. They should beat us.
  8. Recruiting - 2018

    DC is Big Baller. He will be a leader for us this year and set the tone. He will be significant for us.
  9. Fields was limping in the second half. Strange that they kept him in with Yale looming in 48 hours.
  10. Cremo nichols leave...

    FSU plays at least 10 players each game and relies heavily on their bench. They are also extremely athletic.
  11. Cremo nichols leave...

    I wish the departing players well and thank them for their service and fine representation of our school! They will be missed! As to the state of the program today, keep in mind, we finished in fourth place at 10-6, and we lost---at home---to fifth-place and 7-9 Stony Brook. There are a lot of talented high school amd JUCO players out there, as evidenced by the three teams ahead of us in the standings and the fifth-place, sub .500, team that outplayed us at SEFCU in the tournament. At best, we were the 5th most athletic team in the America East, IMHO. Having a couple extra scholarships to offer to some players might, and probably will, be a blessing in disguise. The rules in basketball, like football, seem to be reverting to the less-physical era. At one time, basketball players were thin, agile, and tall. Now they often resemble football bigs who are simply not as quick on their feet. We have been torched in recent years by quicker, more athletic teams in our league. Our perimeter defense has been an issue for years ... .
  12. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Why not just go for all money games like Texas Southern did this year? We'll take a beating, but we'll get paid.