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  1. I mean I remember when I worked for the AD for a year as a student facilities person, I remember that thing was seldom used. I knew they had some kid classes there, but most of the time I never saw it being used to a high level.
  2. 2019-20 MBB Schedule

    It annoys me so much that we play DIII SUNY schools. It's just so cheap and as a season ticket person would be annoyed. Just me.
  3. CAA - Why didn't we?

    I like the AE and frankly rather stay over CAA. Basketball in the conference all around I think is strong and growing big time. Lacrosse is also right there. I want to have sports that compete every year for a conference championship, which we really do have right now almost across the board. As I said in the post about UA's Division I success, SEFCU upgrade is critical. We don't have the arena to be in CAA. Just my thought.
  4. I'm gonna re-post what I wrote on my twitter (@jrmua84 if anyone wants to follow me): Amazing considering UA was begging for $$$, while Stony Brook basically got blank checks from certain state reps. If basketball is to have sustained success, SEFCU needs to be upgraded. All the rivals are doing it. UA can’t spend years begging for $, or they will be left behind.
  5. New Turf for Fallon Field

    can someone get a pic of it? At the same time, hasn't JFF basically been relegated to a practice field at this point? It seems any and all games best left to be played at Casey.
  6. any UA fan needs to be supporting the Chaos in the PLL
  7. lose by 1 when you give up 18 turnovers...there is your game.
  8. Benson's Contract

    and a side note...the only guys I would want to see replacing Brown at this moment would be Eric Eaton or Jon Iati...both Will Brown guys.
  9. Benson's Contract

    Will Brown deserves to leave on his own accord...PERIOD! And this is coming from someone who actually is blocked by him on Twitter (still don't know what I did to him).
  10. Tehoka News

    I'm gonna assume the compliance office for UA informed Coach Marr and told him to hold him out to prevent the NCAA for cracking down on the program. It's still bs NCAA regulations they are trying to follow and will take them some garbage amount of time to deal with. thought this was an interesting response to Bilas tweet:
  11. Tehoka News

    Ya know, if he does leave and goes pro, I honestly can't blame him. Would you? He has the talent and ability and he's trying to do the right thing and get an education and compete with a strong college program that plays strong if not elite college programs to to show off and improve his skills. If the NCAA is gonna go after him for garbage like this, why waste the time when you know NLL, MLL and the PLL will line up to take him in a heart beat.
  12. Tehoka News

    I honestly now feel horrible that I thought this was all him and off the field issues. Total jump to conclusion. If anything, and I don't want to blame the SID or the AD, the idea UA used term "internal matters" made me go in that direction. However, the idea that this is the issue is utter nonsense. He tagged a string lace company. Come on man! The national lacrosse media is picking up on the story now:
  13. yea all the Thompson are playing except Lyle. If he was on that team it would have been amazing. Its amazing though to see Connor, Joe and Miles on a team together.