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  1. TD also set NCAA record for face-off wins in a season
  2. Denver getting physical and the refs are missing it.
  3. Think Fields is moving well w ball. But yea very limited.
  4. Total downpour right now. Sitting in car. However looks like a dry window coming in next 30-45 min.
  5. I'm prepared to get soaked. I don't give a crap. I'll keep an extra pair of clothing in my car and change after, hahaha.
  6. been raining all morning in Queens/LI. Looks like a little break before more falls. That 12 PM game maybe a mess. It's going to be raining when the game starts, just a matter of how hard.
  7. any idea what section the UA crowd will be in. I'm going and wanna make sure I sit with friendly people
  8. Women's Basketball is going to come back to earth I think. Next few years might be difficult. But I hope the new coach keeps us going.
  9. Groundbreaking

    I didn't know they were filling in the pool. What is being built to replace it?
  10. Will update with info as week goes along. I just bought my ticket. General Admission was $37 for one ticket. Want another $20 for parking. I may just go super early and walk if I need to. Should be exciting
  11. Richmond

    Let's also take into consideration and it could or could not be a factor... Albany...4 hour bus ride Denver...cross country trip Notre Dame...? You gotta think the Albany contingent is going to be a big factor at a "neutral field"
  12. Richmond

    Is it double admission? 1 ticket for 2 games?