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  1. NFL.com has Albany listed under a pro day for March 19th. Anyone know how that went or anything about it?
  2. on that excel file it says under the PFL that the gridiron classic is on dec 1st, that would make playoffs a possibility. Wishful thinking but the schedule is strong enough.
  3. its seems as if coach ford left the best place kicker on the bench for the monmouth game...did he get hurt or something? he hit his only two fg attempts this season
  4. The defense will lose alot of its power next year at the D End position losing Andre Coleman and Jermaine Lee. As long as Disch is in the middle and Chroback at corner we should never be in too much trouble. The offense is struggling to get anything going. You are correct, this should be looked at as a year to groom the younger players into becoming better. This season is lost. Special Teams, the punter had an excellent game. As far as field goals go, this kicker is a redshirt freshman and "just barely" made a field goal in extremely adverse conditions, where SBU missed two badly from the distance. Lets give him a chance. Totally agree with the golfing analogy, this season must now be spent to get better.
  5. After seeing UMass' stadium, i was impressed with the atmosphere and the facility. It was nothing spectacular but blew university field away. Why instead of waiting for years for this new stadium, we should just build newer bigger stands on the visitors side of university field and in the endzones? This would be fine for i aa
  6. Im just curious to know if there is any statistical evidence behind all of this hype about this JUCO kicker over Chris Lynch?
  7. maybe youve heard of the Long Island Rough Riders,,,,one of the more popular of the A league teams
  8. Big Conference Win for the Men

    what happened to iati?
  9. Does anyone think Bazan can make it to the NFL or NFL Europe as some sort of a utility player or a kick returner? Remember, the best returner ever, Brian Mitchell, played QB in college.
  10. right now we are winning 9 to 0 what happened,,, three field goals, touchdown missed ep and a field goal? touchdown and a safety,,,,,the broadcast is down
  11. i just did,that is the old one
  12. where is the depth chart???
  13. hazing

    thats not really that bad, I dont really consider that hazing. Anything further than that and its not funny anymore. But there aint nuttin wrong with shaving the youngins heads.
  14. Hey everyone, I just something on ESPN about hazing. I was just curious if any of that goes on in Albany with any of the sports. Anyone know?