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  1. http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/story.asp?storyID=912621 are we supposed to be ooing and awwwing ? not impressed with the man or his picks. BOILER DOWN friends, BOILER DOWN!
  2. hope we have a few non-con games at home in November and December. should be some returns for all the road games played this past season.
  3. Am I blind? I don't see anything about us involved with this kid... Looking at ESPN, it appears he's already signed with Louisiana Tech EDIT #2...further investigation reveals that Brown is definitely off the table. check rivals.com that is where I got it
  4. Moore and staff have built the program from the ground up. A win tonight would be huge for them. Quinnipiac, 15-0 at home and 18-0 in games played in the state of Connecticut
  5. Eric Eaton will be a D-1 head coach someday.........hmmmmmmmm ??????
  6. Best of luck to former Great Danes Eric Eaton and Jon Iati as the Quinnipiac Bobcats take on Robert Morris in the Northeast Conference championship game this evening. BTW----UAlbany beat Robert Morris at SEFCU on November 22--believe it or not.
  7. never like to see anyone lose their job---but it was time. Hope the program moves forward
  8. G John Brown Roane State CC - Harriman, Tennessee Roane County 6'5" 196 http://www.postandcourier.com/weblogs/bulldog_bites/2009/aug/27/john-brown-resigns-citadel/ http://www.citadelsports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=9700&ATCLID=1605524
  9. There was no lack of effort from UAlbany. if you were at the game you would have seen that.
  10. I don't think we should fault our Lacrosse program.It is on the way up. Plain and simple the Siena coaching staff has built a program from the ground up. Three years ago today UA beat them 21-8. Play this game in late April though---I think you get a much different result.
  11. Everyone should want a player like him.....he plays "hard" He straight hood yo. Fo sho. I like dat tat on his shoulder. That ish is legit yo. a hoodlum indeed. he should have gone to Binghamton. He would fit right in.
  12. Hey-- must be a reason our coaches think there is a chance. I believe he has had some injury/physical isssues. Why not try for him?
  13. 2011 Prospects. from what I have seen an offer has been extended to Oglesby. Oglesby has had visits to Wisconsin, Iowa, Creighton and Kansas. Page is from the same High School as Blake Metcalf. G Evan Conti Flushing, New York Holy Cross 6'3 G Josh Oglesby Cedar Rapids, Iowa Washington 6'5" 175 F Jarrod Uthoff Cedar Rapids, Iowa Jefferson 6'8" 190 A.J. Price Lewisville, Texas The Colony 6'3" 160 G Chris Page Plainfield, Indiana Plainfield 6'5" 165
  14. must drink that Kool Aid they serve in the $500 Room.
  15. Women win again ---beat Bing 65-51. I'm sure Dr. Coach McElroy has that multi -year extension waiting for her signature.
  16. I'm sure there will be more to this tomorrow (today as its past midnight)... Anyone who was sitting near the bench could hear exactly what went down and the exchange between the two of them.....MJ seemed crossed the line with the coach. Please tell us 'exactly' what went down. I need to determine whether or not I want him booted off the team or not. I'd rather Black have all the minutes anyways, and if he's going to be a detriment to the team, well then.... This will give the kids more Playing time . if he's not with the program---boot him. These kids don't need to deal with crap like this at this stage of a tough season. The future is now.
  17. A W would have been nicer...congrats to him I guess.... Too bad the circumstances are what they are......A milestone nonetheless. I am sure this merits recognition on Saturday.
  18. you can get the audio via the binghamton sports website. for free? yes--free---but the call is hoodlum slanted
  19. watch your wallet......leave your hubcaps in Albany.
  20. That we can all agree on but, being a tougher league also means being able to recruit better players. Going winless in conference in any sport is unacceptable for UA. Not having one winning season in 8 (almost guaranteed to be 9) years is unacceptable for any sport at any school. Too little too late, IMO. Coach Patterson is lucky the women's team can fly under the radar like it does. $1 million in salary goes a long long way in the Capital Region......I could only wish for a job that paid- anywhere near that where I was successful less than 40% of the time. And the circle gets the square. Thank you. to go one further---the record for teams ENTIRELY recruited by her regime--including this season -- is 42-100
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