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  1. ESPN Bracketbuster

    What I don't understand is if they have you traveling to Buffalo, why wouldn't they put you up against us (UB??).
  2. Turner Gill has implimented a recruiting strategy. First, he has a 200 mile radius around Buffalo. He wants to get the best players out of this area, make sure they stay close to home and go to UB. Second, he wants to start recruiting from hotbeds, like Texas and Florida. The freshman class this year includes 4 kids from the talent-rich state of Texas. UB still might be in the dumps, but they are getting talent now. Gill is bringing in a lot better talent compared to before.
  3. Thats what I'm saying. Football players are basically bred at an earlier age in the south. There is some much tradition and prestige in states such as Florida, Georgia, Texas, etc that kids are basically expected to try football. Many of them stick. That is not the case in New York State. There is talent, but just not enough.
  4. Maybe because Florida is one of the best states for high school football talent, and New York State might be the worst?
  5. I'm a UB sophomore from Albany, and I must say that the Syracuse ad kinda ticked me off a little. I saw it on the CDTA over the summer, and first day back in Buffalo I saw it on a public bus here. They did throw a ton of money into marketing to try to bring back old fans. Didnt really work, they couldn't even fill the stadium for the opening night unvailing of those new orange jerseys again Washington. I didn't know what also made me throw up first, the jerseys or the performance from the players wearing those jerseys. Andrew Robinson (not the one from Schenectady that will lead the UB Bulls basketball team this year ) is going to be a fine quarterback, but they do not have much talent otherwise. Should have kept Kareem Jones. I am confident that UB can hopefully get this thing going, but I think the Temple debacle was a combination of us getting a little bit better and Temple being really bad. We finally have some D1 talent at positions. I'm heading down to the Penn St game (20 bucks through UB w/ transportation, cant beat it), and I'm not expecting much. The games after is where people will see if UB is for real. The home game against Baylor and the away game vs. Ball State will be the measuring stick. 2-0, and Turner Gill will start to get offers. 1-1, definitly getting better. 0-2, same ol' Bulls.
  6. As a UB student who graduated Albany High in 06 and was a big UA football and basketball fan, UA would not come close to beating UB in football. You guys have a nice time and I was glad to see them get ranked last year, but you have 35 schollies, and UB is actually getting better. If the 2004 UB Bulls were on the field Thursday it would have been 70-3 Rutgers. We are a relatively competative football team now, and we will win some games this year. UA lost to Colgate, a solid team but no one you can proudly say you lost to.
  7. just wondering why there are anti Buffalo fans over here.
  8. UAlbany vs. Boston University--AE Semifinal

    i got it, lets go UA, step up
  9. UAlbany vs. Boston University--AE Semifinal

    i have no audio also, just video
  10. umbc-vermont

    god i hate uvm and their fans.
  11. Riot on campus?

    it was a talent show that was to be followed by a performance by Jim Jones, a rapper that is well liked by urban city kids and college kids alike. so this was an event that was attractive to both groups of people.
  12. NCAA First and Second Round in Buffalo

    i was planning on it, since i go to UB, but I have spring break the week of the 1st and 2nd rounds, and they are kicking us out of our dorms that week, so i wont be attending unfortunatly.
  13. Webcast

    I want to watch the game from UB, since its a blizzard outside and will be all night, so no going out for me. I know Siena has webcasts for their TW3 games, and I was wondering if the BPG was going to be on a webcast tonight, and how I would access it. Thanks a lot.
  14. Brackbuster

    exactly, two programs that are starting to build momentium (down year for ub this year). i personally believe UB should play all SUNY schools, but thats just me. But the UB UA matchup would be great. I still follow UA (i follow siena a little also, sorry guys) from buffalo, and hope to see them in a TV game against a solid team during bracket busters. I hope for UA to become the class of the AE.
  15. Brackbuster

    as an albany high graduate, and a student at UB, i really doubt Albany would come here because of the sheer different in RPI (Albany is around 110, while we are around 180), but if they did, I'd be really excited. my parents both work at UAlbany (one at the downtown campus, one in the building near the gas station and where uncommon grounds and all those other places are), and have been attending ualbany games since they went D1. I was able to attend the BPG against Boston U and then the AE Championship against Vermont last year, and both were great times. But as a student at UB, I'd love this SUNY matchup to take place, even if it doesn't happen this year. We make a return trip to Siena in a couple years, when Schenectady High grad Andy Robinson comes home, so I'd hope UB and UA would do a 1 and 1, with UAlbany coming here next year, and UB playing UAlbany and Siena on the same trip... but thats just me, Go Great Danes, Go Bulls