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  1. CCSU @ Albany

    Is there a site where I can get live stats during the game?
  2. Who does everyone think will be in the starting five next season? I think that one of the freshmen will get into the starting five, bet it raffa or ambrose. What do you guys think?
  3. you choice: gifford or yocum?

    Yocum looks more comfortable when he is in the game. He looks like a player. Gifford looks uncomfortable compared to Yocum. In the game against SB Gifford traveled when he could have had an easy 3 point play. He needs to get used to having the ball. Yocum has look of a player who can become a force at both ends of the court
  4. I guess they must be unlucky bounces every game. He isnt quality. He looks confused when he is out there, it is not just because he is a freshman. You guys are in love with him. Point out what he did well, because I can list things that he didnt do.
  5. I referring to him traveling when he makes moves. When he goes up for rebounds he gets the ball taken from him. Trust me dont question by basketball knowledge. He is so bad that when he does anything right you will applaud it. Look I want him to do good, but I not gonna love on him like you just because he plays for UA. He looks like a deer in headlights when ever he gets the ball. He is a turnover machine and a fouling machine. Check the stats.
  6. Thats ridiculous. The team is played hard, but Gifford is awful. He has NO hands. He gets the ripped from him all the time. When he tries to make a move he either travels or gets stripped. He got a few boards when the ball went right to him. He needs to do more.
  7. Iati

    Iati is a liability on D, but his leadership and the fact that he wants to make the big shots, makes him a very important player on the team. The offense runs smoothly while he is in the game. As long as he isnt shooting everytime he touches the ball, he will be my favortite player.
  8. gifford

    It is the fact that his athletic ability is lacking. He looks nervous every time the ball comes his way. In the student section, the crowd just hopes he does not make a mistake when he comes in. If he does something good, it is just a bonus. As far as becoming a better defender, maybe it will happen, but he needs to improve. Get better hands so he can slam down the ball, instead of always getting the ball ripped away from him. I hope he becomes the best UA center ever.
  9. gifford

    I got a lot of problems with Brent Gifford. He needs to rebound better and play some D, with out fouling people. It pains me to see Jamar sky over him for a rebound. I thought we were gonna have a legit big man this year. Im glad Will put in Jimmie, he gives full effort.
  10. UMBC vs. UAlbany, 01/31 (Wednesday)

    How much does will brown make a year, since he signed his new deal?