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  1. Interesting read about Peter and what he is doing now. After playing and winning the Australian Championship this past season he continues to play in another Australian League where he is avg 20ppg and doing Community wotk. The link below is a good read https://t.co/BB1NgCyrGj
  2. 2018-19

    UA1882 Bingo
  3. Recruiting - 2018

    I’d love to see atleast a 8 or 9 player rotation with no one over 32 minutes.
  4. Recruiting - 2018

    I wonder how many games we would have been out of with 5 minutes to go if coach played 10 guys during the 1st 35 minutes.
  5. Recruiting - 2018

    Someone may be leaving or someone may not be arriving or we're going with a 15 man roster. We won't know until something comes out in the media or the school updates the Roster.
  6. So Alum73 what your implying is that if there wasn't a coaching change she was still leaving, that's interesting!!!!
  7. 2018/2019 Schedule

    alum73 agreed but that's a massive debt to get out from under. If someone buys it $iena will not be in a great bargaining position and their costs may go up or they could even be left out in the cold. An outside group will be looking to really profit from the facility!
  8. 2018/2019 Schedule

    Laugh when they say TU made 1.3 mill but owes 68 mill. That means it will never be out of debt. If it is sold Siena may be up $hits creek with no place to play except their downsized on campus facility. Then we'll see if all the UA / $iena games should be played at the much larger SEFCU Arena.
  9. 2018/2019 Schedule

    It's evident UA has passed Siena in basketball and Siena wants to stop the beatings so they are looking for a way out of the series where UA will take the blame for the series ending. Home and Home or nothing.
  10. Cremo nichols leave...

    Joe will st a chance to prove himself.
  11. 2018/2019 Schedule

    I think Campbell deserves some recognition he is the only returning starter and a 2 time All AE Defensive team member (as voted by the AE coaches). It seems he AE coaches appreciate him more than most UA fans.
  12. Grad Transfers - Will Brown

    Perfect reply
  13. Recruiting - 2018

    Leadership may be addition by subtraction. I don't want to see our best players always complaining to officials when things don't go their way.
  14. Recruiting - 2018

    I, too, am not sure Campbell is a leader so it should be interesting if he can be or if someone else can rise to the occasion. Last year's team was Nichols and Cremos and everyone seemingly followed their lead which wound up not being good for THE team. This should be the most important thing " Who will be our leader"???? We need someone to take charge!!!!!
  15. Recruiting - 2018

    Haven't seen the newbies yet and highlight videos are a joke (no one misses) unless they show some athleticism, dunks over someone. So I have no idea what we have but it does appear that the coaching staff has done a solid job filling out the roster. We seem 2 or 3 deep everywhere.
  16. Recruiting - 2018

    Devonte needs to be more efficient offensively the numbers may be the same (7 & 4) or slightly better. Defensively he was solid (the opposing coaches told us this "All Defensive"). He was really hurt by the other guys on the perimeter.
  17. Recruiting - 2018

    I think red shirts are doubtful. CB will have to find a way to play more guys. With CB Defense will be the deciding factor we'll see who is a willing and skilled defender. At the PG position we need someone who is willing to set the tempo by being unselfish. Hanks and French will be essential to the team's success they will give us 2 different looks at the 5 and I won't be surprised to see Lulka play some 5 too. To all the Campbell haters I expect him to have a solid year offensively next season.
  18. We should learn to take any Media with a "Grain of Salt".
  19. Rodger did what he is suppose to do, report the news. All the BS about official permission to speak with candidates is just that BB!!!! Siena's people spoke to Christian's people well in advance of the announcement. That is why Rodger reported it, he just didn't pull Christian's name out of the air.
  20. Siena under investigation..

    It finally comes out - Siena is the step child of St Bonnies.
  21. Siena under investigation..

    Funny Mt St Mary's had an RPI of 225 and a strength of schedule of 333 and over on the Siena Board they're trying to say he scheduled a lot of up games. He also had 2 wins this year against non DI teams and a loss to Bryant 3-28 with a 341 RPI. Should be interesting.
  22. Who is Siena trying to fool saying they haven't offered the job to anyone (LMAO)) Not saints but definitely sinners!!!!! (LOL)
  23. Recruiting - 2018

    Antonio Rizzuto - Player of the year Antonio Rizzuto, Northeastern, 6-3, sr.: Solidified his standing as one of the best players to come out of York County with another stellar season. He averaged a YAIAA-best 23.4 points per game, knocking down 61 percent of his shots inside the arc. A two-time GameTimePA first-team all-star, he sank a YAIAA-best 102 3-pointers and knocked down 44 percent of those attempts. He also averaged eight rebounds per contest. Undercut while attempting a layup in the postseason, he played in the final six games of his career with a fractured tailbone. He finished his career with 1,565 points, ranking third on the school's all-time list. Rizzuto has signed to play at the University at Albany.
  24. Cremo nichols leave...

    Lets not forget that with Joe and David on the roster we did win 67 game in 3 seasons and they were true Student/athletes!!!! We should appreciate them for their accomplishments. Our standard has become the NCAAs so they did fall short there but they really had a good run. I wish them the BEST and hope they are not disappointed at the end of next season.
  25. Recruiting - 2018

    Healy and Rizzuto are SG no matter what the scouting services say plus Fromm and Brooks are 40% 3pfg shooters coming in.