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  1. Does anyone actually know Rizzuto's status and estimated return?. I read where in addition to his orthopedic maladies he also has pneumonia.
  2. Reece Brooks? He brings nothing that I can see.
  3. In this game DeSousa hasn't looked as good as he has in the others. Reece Brooks, though, has struggled every time he's played.
  4. Agree. Healy looks good and seems to have improved each game. Surprised we have not seen DeSousa and not at all comfortable with Reece Brooks.
  5. We might want to see more of Rayshawn Miller
  6. Ahmad Clark has not improved. He is too casual with the ball.
  7. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    I watched the game on my laptop with no difficulties
  8. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    I agree. French is a big guy, but a little slow and a little clumsy
  9. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    Go to espn3.com. Upcoming - Schedule Albany at Iona is listed at 8:00 PM
  10. Game 1: MBB @ Iona 11/09: 8:00pm

    ESPN3 has it listed at 8:00 PM
  11. 2018-19

    This year will be a true test of WB coaching. It appears he's recruited good talent. His job will be to mix and match them for maximum effectiveness. I have a good feeling about the year.
  12. 2018-19

    Siena 'high water mark' - Tidy Bowl
  13. Touchdown throw was impressive
  14. Butts in the Seats 2018 edition

    When I was at UA, pizza had just been invented.
  15. 2018/2019 Schedule

    The only downside to no game is that I really enjoy the game, especially winning it. That said - we should never play it again until the setting is equitable.