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  2. In Case there is any interest: Class of 2023 National letter of Intent Signing Day D1 Football (early period) December 21, 2022 December 23, 2022 D1 and D2 Football (mid-year JC transfer) December 21, 2022 January 15, 2023 D1 and D2 Football (regular period) February 1, 2023 D1: April 1, 2023 D2: August 1, 2023
  3. I know he was, it was just a tongue in cheek joke when I realized just how bad the defensive ratings were. I mean comically bad. At least last year we knew the defense would keep us in games and even when over matched we could have a shot to pull an upset win over much better teams. Combine strong defense with poor offensive luck from the other team and you can have a terrible team beat a great team. This team right now looks bad offensively AND defensively. If Vegas put an over/under on the number of wins this teams gets out of the rest of the schedule at 4 (that is FOUR) I am thinking right now that the under would be a smart bet. I see wins vs. LIU Brooklyn and home games against New Hampshire and NJIT. We are projected to lose every other game. Most by double digits. I am not even really confident in those three. I see a scenario where Presbyterian is the only D1 win of the year. If everyone thinks the complaints are harsh now. Wait until the team finishes 6-26 after a first round AE tournament exit. Thats 4-26 against D1 programs. I still have on purple and gold glasses on and I am still holding out hope for DK to figure out how to get to this teams potential, but right now the confidence is extraordinarily low.
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  5. Watched last year’s loss to Cornell on TV and remember the sickening feeling when that game ending 3 pointer went in. A win tonight would be very nice! Tee-shirts to the 1st 200 fans tonight. Hope we get that many.
  6. Jamel Horton was last year’s defensive POY, but of course he’s long gone. UA will not win that award this year! 351 out of 363 is awful. ROY with Beagle looks like a good bet, though.
  7. UALBANY WOMEN’S BASKETBALL Danes look to avenge loss UAlbany gets another crack at Cornell after losing last year’s game By Abigail Rubel UAlbany vs. Cornell ■› When: 7 p.m. Saturday ■› Where: Hudson Valley Community College, Troy ■› Stream: ESPN3 Jim Franco / Times Union UAlbany sophomore Freja Werth leads the team in rebounds at 5.8 per game and is third in scoring at 9.8 points per game. ALBANY — Last year’s loss to Cornell isn’t one the University at Albany women’s basketball team is going to forget any time soon. In a game featuring 11 lead changes and five ties, the Great Danes lost 47-46 on a buzzer-beating 3-pointer. “It was a tough ending last year, and I blame myself. I had a timeout, we had a foul to give, and you look back, just like you ask your players to look back and evaluate themselves,” UAlbany coach Colleen Mullen said. UAlbany (4-4) gets another crack at the Big Red (4-4) at 7 p.m. Saturday at Hudson Valley Community College, its last home game before the start of America East play. Though the Great Danes are trying to leave the loss last season behind them, “it’s also one of those games that you remember very clearly, and when you have the same group, basically, it’s very much a revenge game for everyone. So it’s more of an excitement than anything else,” senior forward Helene Haegerstrand said. Haegerstrand, who missed the first four games of the season with an injury, scored a season-high 19 points in the Great Danes’ last outing at Canisius. After trailing by 10 early in the third period, UAlbany rallied for a 59-48 win to end a four-game losing streak. “In halftime, we were able to reset and just get back to what we wanted to do, and then just came out with energy, do our thing, and we came away with the win,” said fifth-year guard Ellen Hahne, who added 13 points. “It was definitely a different feeling. It felt like we were having fun, we’re playing with each other, for each other … it felt like we were ourselves again.” Hahne is UAlbany’s leading scorer with 14.8 points per game, followed by Haegerstrand with 11.0. Sophomore guard Freja Werth is averaging 5.8 rebounds. Cornell is led by senior guard Shannon Mulroy’s 9.8 points per game, though junior guard Kaya Ingram, senior guard Ania McNicholas and freshman forward Emily Pape are all averaging just more than nine points per game. “They’re tough, they’re scrappy and you can tell by the way they execute offensively. They run a lot of sets, so you can’t defend every set, but you have to be prepared for the different actions,” Mullen said. The Great Danes will try to shut down the Big Red inside and limit them to perimeter shots; Cornell shoots just 21.3 percent from 3. “They’re really just trying to attack the basket, move a lot off the ball,” Hahne said. “Unlike in Canisius, where our turnovers turned into easy baskets for them, that can’t happen in this game. We have got to take care of the ball. We’ve got to finish possessions with box-outs,” Mullen said. “We got to limit them to one shot, but it’s really going to come down to how well we defend them in terms of finishing the possessions, stopping them in transition, and then on the other flip side is really not allowing them to take us out of our offensive game with changing defenses.” Mullen played under Cornell coach Dana Mitchell at the University at Rhode Island, and still counts Mitchell as a mentor. “I know she’s got a really, really great basketball mind, and she’s somebody that really strategizes and is going to have a great game plan against us,” Mullen said. UAlbany hasn’t beaten Cornell since 2009, and last season’s loss was the third straight against the Big Red. “I was very happy for her, very sad for us, but we learned a lot from that game. I got better as a coach, our players got better and ultimately I think that experience, it helped us win a championship,” Mullen said. ▶› Abigail.Rubel@timesunion.com A @abigail_rubel
  8. Was just looking at Bart Torvik rankings. After this game, UA is now 351 on defense. Out of 363. Didn't we have the league defensive player of the year last season?
  9. Jonny Bottorff @Jbott44 Missouri State U Transfer, 6’3 300lb Center/guard https://www.hudl.com/video/3/5595107/6374241ed468d60d5cdcf25e Excited to receive an offer from UAlbany!!
  10. Last week
  11. Mitchell Bolden, Lakota West HS, West Chester, Ohio, QB 6' 1", 200, https://www.hudl.com/profile/11849187/Mitchell-Bolden After a great phone call with @CoachJambrose , I am excited to announce that I have received an offer from the University at Albany!
  12. Is Elijah Gash still at UAlbany? https://www.thelaxmag.com/home/swarms-selection-of-elijah-gash-voided-brings-league-wide-total-of-terminated-picks-to-twelve
  13. Renninger not coming back, he graduates as well. I think Brockman can be solid...but we need another TE to step up with the type of offense we run.
  14. And happy. By my count we have: Carino- QB Szalwoski- QB Rob Jackson- DL Brandan Jiminez- WR Jack Barnum- K Jacob Hargreaves- DB Devante Ford- DB Andy Ambroise- DB Brendan Durken- LS To me Hargreaves and Ford are interesting. They received significant playing time but our pass defense was poor...so not sure what to make of those two. Jack Barnum is a surprise- highly touted kicker and only a freshman. Jiminez wasn't going to break into the WR core, IMHO, for significant minutes. While Poff is amazing, we need a really capable backup...so, we are going to have swing big.
  15. Be glad he is not in the portal. Why would he? He was Rookie of the Year and is the guaranteed starter for the next 3 years. If we can manage to put a defense together and replace Sibley at RB we "should" have a winning product. Also the CAA is not what it once was and we may have a a legit shot to be very good over the next three seasons
  16. He is a flat out star with ALL [-Greaney] his receiving core coming back. He has no competition for his position. With a little help/improvement from the defense, UA in spite of Gattuso could be a force to reckoned with in a weakening caa for the next three years. And if Gattuso somehow manages to screw this up {and this is entirely possible/predictable} Poff really has little to lose by coming back. As good as Poff is, he really is too small for a pro career. Might as well be a "star" fish in a small pond {even if the pond is muddied by poor maintenance by the pond's caretakers.}
  17. No, He is from Pittsburgh. Didn't say anything about transfering from Pittsburgh
  18. Dylan Haines @dylanhaines1214 Harrison High School, NY | 6’4” 285 lbs, G, C DT After a great conversation with @BillNesselt_UA I am excited to receive a PWO offer from the University at Albany.
  19. The funny thing is I was in a meeting with him and some other high level officials from the University, some from my company, and some other high level executives from an IT partner of the school. I witnessed some of the bid rigging first hand. The interesting thing about the whole thing is that the executive from the IT company was really the one pushing the bid rigging/collision but that person was never once named in any of the lawsuits or complaints. That company, while it has since been sold and has a new name, never had any sanctions and still has multiple high dollar state contracts. Earlier, I had a similar interaction with that same company, a lobbyist law firm, and Joe Bruno that had similar implications. Always interesting to me who took the fall and who got away with everything. I don't think it was Kaloyeros's fault, I think he just went along with Albany politics and the NYS power structure.
  20. No basements and no stairs. Last year I repurposed a folding ladder in the garage of our rental as a stair-stepper so my legs wouldn’t forget how to do stairs.
  21. When I first read this, my reaction was positive in that I thought it would help bring NANO back to UA. After reading 96 & go99, I realized how wrong I was. And after remembering that Kalo was responsible for suny poly and its westward expansion and the abandoning of UA, lock him up and throw away the key. Thanks guys for enlightening me and straightening me out.
  22. And let me add, based on the regulations, I don't even think the school could bring him back because he would be banned for years (I forget if it is 7 or 10) from participating in any federal aid/grants.
  23. Yes, he made a mistake with the bid rigging, but it had no relationship with how he managed the institution. This statement right here is literally ridiculous and offensive to me as someone who works with Federal and State bids on a daily basis. He committed collusion, fraud, and a host of other absolute no-nos. This should not be rewarded and goes to the person's character. If people think that he isn't acting dishonest in other ways he runs his business, well...I've got a bridge to sell you. There are plenty of other people who can run that organization...EVERYONE is replaceable.
  24. Instead of waiting for Dwayne Killings develop his game time coaching skills and bring maturity to his coaching staff, there may be a solution already on campus. My thought: Allow the MBB program borrow from the WBB program a person who possesses the maturity and game time coaching skills currently lacking with the men's program; allow Gina Castelli to join the MBB coaching staff for the balance of the OCC schedule. Her resume is below: A summer 2021 hire, Gina Castelli is the Executive Coach for Program Development and Pleyer Relations. In this unique, administrative position, Castelli will be able to utilize her expertise in leadership, mentorship, and management. Her perspective and insight will help the student-athletes win on and off the court, help the coaches and staff develop, and contribute tremedously to the Great Danes' championship culture.Castelli returns to the Capital Region following an eight-year stint at Le Moyne College. She led the Dolphins to six winning seasons, including a career program-best 26 victories during the 2018-19 season. That same season the Dolphins won the NE-10 title for the first time in program history, defeating Bentley in the conference championship game. Castelli next led her team to the first two NCAA Tournament victories in program history, advancing to the East Regional Championship. Before arriving at Le Moyne, Castelli spent 22 seasons as the head coach of Siena, accumulating a program-high 336 victories. With the Saints, Castelli was named MAAC Coach of the Year five times and led Siena to seven MAAC regular-season championships and one MAAC Tournament title. Castelli coached 39 All-Conference players at Siena, including seven Players of the Year and four Rookies of the Year. She also boasted a 100% graduation rate among her student-athletes. Castelli also has stops at the University of Rhode Island and Marquette University in her career. She graduated Canisius College in 1986 with a degree in Physical Education and Athletic Training. Yes, this is outside the box however; the MBB program needs out-of-the box thinking. Gina arrival with the WBB program has in part, led to its resurgence.
  25. Dec 3 (Sat) 7:00 PM vs Cornell Purple Out Night Troy, N.Y. McDonough Sports Complex - HVCC Live Stats Tickets History
  26. Back to the thread topic .... as the saying goes ... "if the thing is broke, fix it" well at least try something different UALBANY MEN’S BASKETBALL Danes look for accountability UAlbany may change lineup after big loss to American By Abigail Rubel Will Waldron / Times Union UAlbany’s Gerald Drumgoole said the team was unable to get the stops it needed to get back in the game against American. With nearly a week between losing to American and traveling to UMass, the University at Albany men’s basketball team has plenty of time to reflect. The Great Danes suffered their worst loss of the season Tuesday night, 88-62, allowing the Eagles to shoot 71.4 percent and 72.7 percent from 3-point range. It was their second loss of the season by 20 or more points, and their worst since a 71-43 defeat against Kansas State in December 2021. “It’s definitely hard to play through, when the other team has a lot of momentum. It’s hard to stay solid, because you have to constantly just match the intensity, score and come back and just rely on getting another stop, and that’s something we just did not get done tonight,” said senior forward Gerald Drumgoole Jr. following the loss. Coach Dwayne Killings said it was “probably our worst defensive effort of the year.” American made all but 13 shots and outscored UAlbany 54-24 in the paint. “We were just in constant rotations where we were a step slow, and they took advantage of it. I thought they did a really good job running their stuff, and I thought they shot the ball and attacked with really good confidence,” Killings said. Except for a 67-62 defeat at Towson in the season opener, all UAlbany’s losses have been by double digits, and the team has just one win against a Division I opponent this season — Presbyterian, which recorded its first Division I win Tuesday against Virginia Military Institute. According to KenPom’s analytics, UAlbany ranks 311th in adjusted offensive efficiency and 327th in adjusted defensive efficiency. Improvement will require “accountability,” Drumgoole said. “Everybody just own up to their mistakes, come back here ready to work,” he said. “If we had the chance to go out there and play again, I’m pretty sure the whole team would really want to go play, but the chance slipped away through our hands.” “We talk in our program a lot about looking in the mirror and not out the window, and we use that as a way to remind the guys that we can’t point the fingers at other guys. We have to take ownership of what we’re doing,” Killings said. Killings also said he planned on changing the lineup: “Everything’s up for grabs.” Tuesday, he started the regular trio of Da’Kquan Davis, Drumgoole and freshman forward Jonathan Beagle, along with Ny’Mire Little and Malik Edmead, who filled in for Aaron Reddish (illness). UAlbany was also without Justin Neely (knee) and Marcus Jackson (collarbone). Neely, who tore his ACL against Siena, has a surgery scheduled “in the next seven to 10 days.” “We have a short roster, so there’s a lot of opportunity out there for guys because of it,” Killings said. Though Killings was speaking of depth, UAlbany’s average height is just over 6-foot-4, around an inch shorter than the Division I average, per Ken-Pom. Beagle, who has started all seven games, was one of the few bright spots Tuesday, scoring 13 points and grabbing seven rebounds. He was named America East Rookie of the Week on Monday for the second time this season after averaging 10 points with 20 rebounds in three games last week. “We’ve got to give Jonathan Beagle some support in the post,” Killings said. ▶› Abigail.Rubel@- timesunion.com A @abigail_rubel
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