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  1. Yesterday
  2. 42nd Wedding Anniversary ..... out to dinner .... Next Door Kitchen & Bar .... then came home to follow the rest of the match
  3. Yeah hated missing that but I had plans before the schedule was released. LCC has their usual record. Hopefully it was just them getting up for their Superbowl. in the end Albany beat them in straight sets. I will make sure I am back from football at Delaware in time for next home match.
  4. Bob87 missed you @ Volleyball. lcc better than I expected. Perhaps UA women underestimated them also? It was a struggle at times; with UA seeming to turn it on when they needed to. It should NOT have been that close. I will say this lcc had great servers.
  5. Volleyball Defeats Crosstown Rival, Siena Sadly, the local paper failed to provide coverage of our win over our cross-town rival. Another example of bias coverage..... by the Albany Times-Onion
  6. Tonight's results: UAlbany 3 - Siena 0 All three matches were close however in the end the Great Danes prevailed!!!
  7. Last week
  8. Cross-town rival alert: SEP 22 (WED) 4:00 PM AT SIENA COLLEGE LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. ESPN+ LIVE STATS PREVIEW HISTORY Women's Soccer Visits Siena
  9. Cross-town rival alert: SEP 22 (WED) 7:00 PM VS SIENA COLLEGE ALBANY, N.Y. UNIVERSITY GYM AE.TV LIVE STATS PREVIEW HISTORY Volleyball Hosts Siena for School Supplies Night
  10. Obviously not an NDSU, but I dont think we can be a JMU either based on location. Could a better coach and even better AD raise the program to a more respectable level? Maybe, but what is respectable? Maine has made the playoffs once since 2013. Would we be happy with that? UNH last in the playoffs in 2017. Not much consistency in either program lately. All I was saying is that running a football program in the Northeast that wins regularly, qualifies for playoffs or a bowl game most years, is not easy. But I agree, one winning season in past 8 is not acceptable. A new regime will take time to improve that record due to recruiting so .500 record may be the norm for a bit and then see where the program goes from there.
  11. I refuse to accept this premise...no one is suggesting that we are going to be NDSU...but UNH, Maine etc. have each won games in playoffs, multiple trips, winning seasons etc. You gonna tell me the same can't be done at UA and we have to settle for 1 winning season in 8? NO!
  12. Absolutely, the Northeast is not a destination for top recruits at FBS/FCS level. Just look at the FBS/FCS teams north and east of Penn St and their level of success. The Cuse can only brag of a Clemson win a few years back. BC hasn't been relevant since Flutie. UConn and UMASS are the doormats of the FBS. Rutgers has been a train wreck since moving to the Big 10. Maine and UNH have been mid level CAA. SBU has not thrived as the only D1 school on LI after Hofstra dropped football. Buffalo has shown some success lately, I will give them that, but MAC teams are not playing in a major bowl game anytime soon. Army has alot of pomp and circumstance which is great. I did not bother to list the Ivies, NEC, or Patriot. College football in the northeast is just tough sledding. The few tier one recruits are going big-time down south or Midwest. Just look at my closest D1 school to me, an hour away, is Coastal Carolina and what they have done in just 6 years at FBS level. 3/4 of their roster is from SC, NC, and GA. Kids who stay near home and but were a step below Clemson, UGA, SC, UNC talent. I agree Gatuso should go if this is a 3 or 4 win season but I don't think the next guy will find it any easier to win in the northeast on a consistent basis. FCS playoffs are nice but outside of easy matchup like CCSU, we get our butts handed to us otherwise.
  13. We have a geographical recruiting disadvantage in the CAA; add in: Inept COACH & AD = IMHO cannot and never will {"maybe occasionally"} win in the CAA.
  14. Insults the die-hard fans for being despondent about a $ienaty product only to go in for the remaining 80% of the post on how $ienaty this coach and team is. Literally can't even put down a snap to kick a FG multiple times in the same game but it's the paying fans that are mean. Better than 50/50 chance I won't be renewing my season tickets and won't be back this season after 1 game. Zero chance I'm back if GG is brought back...honestly for all I care, they can scrap the program...this man has killed it anyway and is not held accountable for 8 years of this debacle. For years we've been told about how this will take time to build up...how much time is enough time, 10, 15, 20 years? Many of us will be dead before this program is respectable. Will Brown had to beg for his kids to have budget to have summer school while GG pisses away millions and Benson just shrugs.
  15. Yes, there are a few kids that are talented...the overall team is not though, slow, many kids can't tackle, o-line can't block anyone, special teams is very poor with poor coverage, kicker can barely kick it on a kickoff to the 30 yard line, secondary for years has been complete trash. How many of GG's kids make it to any of the all CAA teams...a select few every year. This underscores a very serious issue that starts on the recruiting trail. This is one of the many glaring weakness, how this man managed to after year haver zero depth where kids are graduating and others are prepared to take their place is a fundamental failing of this regime. No one respects GG, his roster, his recruiting, coaching or talent...hence after 8 years they are picked near the bottom of the CAA, again. So yeah, we can claim they aren't utilized properly and sure with this disastrous leadership that may be true but let's not pretend he's got half a roster with all CAA type talent...he doesn't.
  16. No way this team does a 180. I'm calling it now, this is at best a 2-3 win team based on the current evidence. If you want to get really cocky, maybe 4 wins. I'll be happy to eat a ton of crow for lunch at the end of November but my guess is I won't be.
  17. Relax! 4 of first 5 on the road. A tough two point loss at home and $510,000 in the bank for 2 of 3 losses. I am not a fan of Gattuso either but I'll give him 8 more games before sending him back on the beat.
  18. with 3 national championship wins in the past 8 years, i think the ACC is close to top tier for football as well.
  19. I made this point to my boss (A Syracuse fan who let me use his tickets for the game) In Football: CAA is one of the top D1 FCS leagues, the ACC is a mid-tier FBS league In Basketball: The AE is a lower tier D1 league, and the ACC is a top tier D1 League I feel the the good AE teams have an easier time keeping a basketball game close, and potentially pulling off an upset over an ACC team than a CAA team does over an ACC football team. The difference in Athletic ability is FAR greater in football than basketball. All the Cuse needed to do was get the ball to #34 and we had no one who was fast enough to come close to catching him. (See: UMBC blowing out an overall #1 in the tourney, UA almost beating Louisville and would have won if not for a missed foul call, and UA consistently hanging with big schools in the tourney until about halfway through the second half). The Cuse game was always going to be a loss, I just was delusionally thinking that we could have made it a game for the first half. That said: we all knew the start of this season was going to be hard, as we have one of the hardest early schedules in all of FCS. I am not giving up yet. Could easily pull it together and have a strong CAA record and a shot at a playoff bid. Just need the O-Line to figure out how to open up some running lanes and to give the QB enough time to throw the ball. Outside of the cuse game, the D has been sufficient. Everything on the offensive side of the field hinges on the O-Lines ability to do its job.
  20. MRuler79. Who is insulting kids? Pointing out poor performance or execution is observation. I’m sure no one felt worse than the holder who booted those two FG snaps in the URI game. You think he didn’t hear about it from the coaches? Most of these starters are on scholarship. Yes, they are being paid to perform. The coaches are paid to train, coach and prepare the players to succeed in a game. When they fail to perform, who do you blame? The player? The coach? The team as a whole? The schemes? We’ve had some fine players over the last 8 years. But there’s been more misses than hits. Probably the best OLine was the one Ford recruited that matured under GG. And as far as insulting players by calling them “scrubs”, it’s a fairly common term for backups at the end of games. It doesn’t diminish them. The end of blowouts is when all the players who toil in practice get a chance to make their parents cheer with meaning. But, they are less talented, the defense is not at all intense and scores are made. They call it garbage time for a reason. And if your offense can only score a TD in garbage time you have failed to perform the rest of the game. The body of evidence is in on GG. This program is floundering. Having said that, if it turns around and we wind up 8-3, 7-4? Is it real and an indication of turning a corner? It REALLY looked like UA was turning a corner in 2019...but it turned out to be a dead end. Elite programs like JMU are excellent every year. Good programs perform well in most years, have the occasional down year and reload and get back on track. Programs that underperform except for a random good year amongst the debris? They’re floundering.
  21. Delaware lost to Rutgers 45-13 In other CAA vs FBS games, Stony Brook at #4 Oregon lost 48-7 and Elon lost to Appalachian State 44-10. Also Towson lost to North Dakota State 35-7. Maine returned TWO blocked extra points for scores to beat Merrimack 31-26
  22. We can whine about trash talking players or coaches or whoever but the stats don't lie. After 3 games, we are at the bottom of the league in the vast majority of categories and dead last in a huge many of them. Most of these teams have also played upper echelon FBS or FCS teams so it's pretty apples to apples if you ask me.
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