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  2. I learned from Finger Lakes Distilling and Cooperstown Distillers that today is National Irish Coffee Day....warm yourself up and celebrate yesterday wins..... flxdistilling Fingerlakes Distilling 16 likes flxdistilling National Irish Coffee Day is here! Enjoy one of our best selling cocktails at home, or warm up in our tasting room overlooking beautiful Seneca Lake! In your favorite mug mix together: 1 cup Freshly Brewed Co
  3. From the UAlbany WBB Instagram postings..... ualbanywbb Liked by ualbanyfb and83 others ualbanywbb Another HUGE win for the Danes! 2-0 this weekend at home👀🚨... more
  4. Are the Vermont men next to cancel their season? AmEast has 3 teams on pause again. Already talk/rumor about making the AmEast tournament top four teams only and bubble location. Or maybe the whole league just says f$%^ the season????????
  5. I take back everything I said yesterday!! At least mostly everything.
  6. I think still working his way back into game shape after the oblique injury, has only been practicing a little over a week
  7. I havent been on much and have missed a lot of games this year for the first time in many years due soto some personal issues. I know Cam was hurt but I don't think he is anymore since I see he is getting minutes. What's the story? Did he lose his job? Sorry if this was talked about already.
  8. From UAlbany MBB Instagram posting... ualbany_mbb _cjkelly15 mel.loso Liked by ualbanyfb and118 others ualbany_mbb A NY Thing...🔥 #WeekendRecap View all 9 comments young___jedi @_cjkelly15 @mel.loso there is a lot more where they came from !!!!!!!!
  9. They only had six league games played, went into pause 1/14 and lost series’ last week and this. Haven’t played since Jan 4. Had no OOC games. Maybe wouldn’t be able to get to 13 games played to be eligible? But leaves opponents hanging too
  10. Yesterday
  11. I did not see an underlying explanation to the UVM Women's team decision... see link below: https://uvmathletics.com/news/2021/1/24/womens-basketball-to-discontinue-remainder-of-2020-21-season.aspx
  12. When things are going well this team is very good . When things are not going well this team is very bad. Looks at this games this team has won, then turn around and look at the games this team has lost . We will not be a good team until we can win the games when we don't play very well .
  13. Nice bounce back effort today .. frustrating that sometimes they look like today and sometimes like the 1st half yesterday. I guess just keep working at it and see what happens. Getting Healy healthy and hanging 3s would really help.
  14. Given the progress made over the last couple of weeks w/o these guys I’m not sure that there are any expectations from these three at this point.
  15. Women sweep UNH, move to .500 in conference Vermont women's season has been discontinued, so that moves us into 4th place
  16. Up 20+ with 5 minutes left. I hope Brown can give more than 90 seconds of PT to a bunch of guys expected to contribute this year. JoJo? Shafer? Hank?
  17. Still healing from recurring back issues. Plan was to get 20 minutes of PT this weekend.
  18. I have been catching bits and pieces of games this year when I can (I get most of my information on this forum)--it appears that Healy is not getting the same minutes. Is he injured? I thought I saw him playing yesterday against UNH; what is going on?
  19. There were absolutely flashes of his ability to get inside the past two years, but he's so more complete of a player now. I'm really happy for him Also, i like UNH's announcers. One dude is a real goofball. Did i catch them say that we're the top rebounding team in the conference? That's something that's been missing
  20. Execution by players always makes a coach look better...do you think the UNH coach is any less a coach in today's first half?....
  21. 87 points in the last two halves and out scored them by 25. Playing w urgency. Throwing a press in once in a while and pushing the ball.
  22. Amazing how much Will Brown learned how to coach in the last 21 hours
  23. I’ll say this, they have the horses and are pushing the tempo. A welcome change. And Rizzutto always had the hustle but I’m impressed at his shot and off the ball improvement
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