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  2. To me the funniest part of the thread is Goose Rocks Beach. I’ve spent plenty of time in that neck of the woods, so i got a huge “wtf is going on, did someone slip me a gunnie” vibe when reading that post. I couldn’t fathom what a random enclave of Kennebunkport had to do with recruiting, unless we were looking for a few secret service agents to run security for the Danes. (Goose Rocks is nearby the Bush family compound). I hope CW is passing whatever he puffed before typing that mess of a post.
  3. Did ya know that I once thought your screen name was like diss-lank? Why would you want to diss a lank? Beats me. Then I saw that it’s really diesel-yank. But I ask you, why would anyone want to yank a diesel? Maybe a 5hp kicker on a sailboat, or a lawn mower. Lots of rocks in Maine. And geez...what’s with all the goose s#$@ena? Oh yeah, this is Goose Rocks Beach. Hope that clears it up for ya. Peace out.
  4. I think this quote from Billy Madison is perfect as a response to your blithering idiocy. Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. Mark Benson? Atlantic? Goose Rocks Beach ME? What does any of that have to do with answering the question that was asked? '$iena or get off the pot' applies here too if you aren't a fan of Billy Madison. If you can't answer why there is a lack of assistants listed on the roster, then just keep it movin ol man.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Further, if you have not learned over the last several years, Mark Benson and his team move at their own pace whether you or I agree or disagree ..... As quick or "slow" .... When I am looking out into the Atlantic from Goose Rocks Beach ME knowing who are Dwaynes' new assistants are or where I will be sitting in November for a WBB or MBB game is of no concern .... So get in the this sports car of life and enjoy the ride. Was there a question that really needed answering.... Not as far as I was concerned.
  7. I do not follow social media; but I am simply curious what is going on with the two vacancies??? Obviously recruiting etc is happening, do not need social media to know about that. So not sure why you have responded to my question without trying to answer it at all??
  8. If you follow social media, you know Dwayne and assistants out visiting players at their homes.... or the perhaps the vetting process gotten more rigorous
  9. Last week
  10. Anyone know/hear about assistant coaches for next year. Missing two? Isn't that going to be an issue with summer practice/workouts beginning soon; also recruiting???????
  11. Everything General Admission I guess??? No reserved/assigned seats??? If they do it this way, I know some people who already said they will not get season tickets this year; but I said you might be jeopardizing your seat choice/priority for when "SEFCU/CAP COM" reopens 11/1/203?????????
  12. Still on the fence about renewing my tickets. I'm not a football fan, but I have 4 great seasons. I only make it to a few games a year and treated them as a donation. It just feels bad when I can't even give my tickets away because no one wants them. Continuing to lose makes it even harder.
  13. This year Topps put out a set called Bowman U with college players in it... https://www.cardboardconnection.com/2021-22-bowman-university-basketball-cards It got me thinking.... are there any UA players that have had a basketball card? Being a sports card geek for many many years if like to add them to my collection. Along the same lines, Bowman put out a football set as well this year. I have a collection of local baseball players with Kahnle, Anderson, Hoffman, Whitley. And I've picked up some cards from the last few seasons of Prizm draft basketball that had some AE guys on the checklist - Warney and Lamb. I'd love to see some UA guys. If the school allows it, it might be another way to get our guys some NIL money.
  14. If they are going to play at random gyms for the games, how are they going to do season tickets?
  15. The Florida tournament makes a lot of sense now knowing that SEFCU isn't going to be available.
  16. Yep my money is on Saint Rose for practice.
  17. Well, since high schools need their gyms...I am going with a combination of the Armory, the MVP, Hudson Valley, and St. Rose. Easier to work out gym time with a college than a high school.
  18. 𝓓𝓪𝓻𝓬𝔂 @addisondarcy New Hampshire transfer 6’4 285 lbs. C/OG/OT 3 yrs eigibility https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L54MU0eYKH8 · Jun 22After a great conversation with @CoachByham I am blessed to receive an offer from @UAlbanyFootball ‼️
  19. So now that we know the timelines for the University Gym and SEFCU where do you think we will practice and play this year?
  20. That Colgate facility is nice from the outside/lobby. Seating looks meh but that was probably design choice too.
  21. UA Athletics - "Men's Basketball Signs Sarju Patel" https://ualbanysports.com/news/2022/6/22/mens-basketball-mens-basketball-signs-sarju-patel.aspx
  22. https://cornellbigred.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/sarju-patel/63243 Sarju Patel - Cornell University
  23. WTEN Ch. 10 Albany reported that we signed Sarju Patel (Cornell transfer) ... previously mentioned in this thread as scheduled for an at home visit ... looks good
  24. Exciting stuff renovated arenas for VB and Basketball. Can't wait to see it in 2023.
  25. Great news that the projects is under way. Now they just have to announce where we'll be playing in 22-23
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