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  1. I decided to start a new topic since my post doesn't seem to fit in anywhere else. UA won all six games played on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. (Two volleyball matches, two field hockey games, one women's soccer, and the football. And the weather was great!
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  2. Rutgers Using Alcohol Sales to Fund Coach Buyout. I know this is satire, but I think this is a great idea for our coaching situation.
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  3. The schedule is a favorable one so I could see 6 - 7 wins IF THE DEFENSE PLAYS BETTER than at Monmouth. Agreed with Reeder that Bryant and Lafayette are bad teams. If they had made one stop or not be horrible in the kicking game vs MU they are 3-1 heading into CAA play. The O will continue to get better as the season continues and if they remain injury free. You can say what you want about the OL they have kept Kuff upright and the sacks have been limited. The backs are getting space to run. They can beat Wm & Mary and Richmond Same as last year and I am not saying they will. Neither WM
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  5. I saw that women's tweet as well and not sure how that could be correct. I don't know the number of competition dates the women get, but I am pretty sure it is 17 for the men. The Fall bay day counts as one day, usually two scrimmages in the preseason (last year 3) and then 13-14 games to get to the seventeen competition days. Nothing new in fall as far as I know other than the alumni game on the 4th and the scrimmages the following week. Only thing I have heard recently about the team is that the atmosphere already feels better than last year. Only negative is that it was apparent
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  6. Yesterday I was trying to be a little more analytical and instead of watching the QB, I was following the TE or perhaps another WR. He really does need to scan the field before locking in. Lots of missed open receivers. Seems to really have a strong arm, something that was touted as he was a BB pitcher in HS. The INT was forced...no doubt about it. Although the D made most stops when needed, I thought they gave up too many easy yards to an inferior squad. But the result was fine. That run by Mofor where he discarded a would be tackler like yesterday's leftovers was a classic. Plus the TD by Wi
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