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  1. Hansen has played very well the last 10 games or so but I'm not 100 percent sure about mismanaging him. He was really really bad the first 10 games. Shot like 25 percent and was out of postion all the time. He has really evolved as a player. In this case it was a good coaching job. Makes me wonder about the other players.
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  2. I I am not sure the sloppy play can all be hung on the coaches, We all have to remember there are a LOT of freshman and sophomores playing a LOT!! I do like to rotating in of players. I would like to see sticking with a couple of kids a little longer. Not going to name names this week. We all know there will be a few times when even the best Def player will allow an easy goal. The real frustrating thing for the guys in our section was the lack of going after dropped balls. Watching the other team go and pick it up without challenging for the ball!
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  3. I would rather see Pepe at close D & Hay as the LSM. They need a tougher D that when someone slides takes the body and knocks an offensive player on his ass. Can’t slide and swing at sticks! Pepe is much tougher & more athletic
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  4. Have not watched the re-play yet but the TU had one of their best game reviews ever. Those who know me, know the TU and i go way back and NOT in a complimentary way; so I do not give this praise lightly. I would post the link if I knew how and will play with it and see if I can get it done; but a few highlights: Siekaski had a total of ONE save in the first half. He admitted to being a little lackadaisical and un-focused. The meeting with Marr was very encouraging; with Marr saying you are definitely going back-in after you get a rest to get your head together. He returned totally determi
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  5. Assuming that UA will lose to UVM on Tuesday, the regular season will end on a very disappointing slide. I just want this season to end mercifully early. I don't have much hope for much success in the tournament, even given Brown's usually good preparation for that special part of the season. To say that this season has been a great disappointment to me is a huge understatement. With increased player experience and a successful summer of play and team bonding in Canada, I was honestly expecting much more from this team; instead, I saw a drastic decline of play as the season progressed. I almos
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  6. Fair enough... He's clearly not the same player. Makes me wonder if the injury is that bad why he's playing. He seems to be moving fine out there. Not sure how he forgot to shoot. Granted... You don't shoot for 1.5 years like he did and then forget so clearly must be health related.
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  7. This team is good when then can control the faceoff and don't have to play defense. Altimari looked good at times but his complete lack of effort when in pursuit after losing faceoffs gave harvard multiple fast break goals, coaches cant let that happen. Unsettled/ transition defense is horrible, nate didn't play well for three quarters but the defense is constantly giving up high percentage opportunities and leaving him out to dry. Hay has work to do, I don't think hes one of the top three close defenders on the team. Otherwise, the defense plays hard and with a lot of effort and has done well
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  8. Women never led or tied, but only lose to #14 Michigan 12-11
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