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  1. Syracuse will probably intentionally miss the playoffs just to avoid playing in Albany.
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  2. I've tried both Chrome and Edge on my PC (Windows 10) and mobile phone (Android 10) and both are exhibiting the same behavior. All of the little 'icons' don't load any more. This happened about a month back or so. Works fine in old-as-dirt Internet Explorer (which many of us in the IT industry affectionately refer to as Internet Exploder cause it sucks). Example of the issue: Here is what it should look like:
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  3. Eli polish up the edit button. NCAA as of this AM granted an extra year of eligibility to ALL winter athletes. Now spring, fall, and winter all included. Coach Brown glad for players who don't have to consider redshirting and don't have to worry about how many (if any) games are played or canceled this year; Coach Mullen does not know where the money is coming from; Coach @ LCC refused to comment--more questions than answers @ this point; and Benson sent out an email today asking for MONEY {of course} without a single event played or even scheduled yet 2020-21. ps I did email Nate Mason
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  4. The NCAA Committee for Championship sites announced that TOM & MARY CASEY STADIUM is a QUARTERFINAL SITE for 2023!!! for Men's Lacrosse All I can say is OH MY GOD!!!.... I received notification from the NCAA via an e-mail. OK people, who do we give credit to... Mark Benson deserves some of it....
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  5. Officially 8500, highest FB attendance 9052 though we’ve thought over 11K for some games. Wiki says official lax capacity is 6394, the UNC game drew 6472. Means they must figure the berm is sized for 2100
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  6. Thanks for the reminder. I gotta run some updates.
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  7. Doesn't do it for me. We aren't the Black Fam or the Gold Fam or the Yellow Fam, we are the Purple Fam. Where is the Purple?
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