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  1. To be fair I don’t think people are coming to that conclusion based on 3 games.
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  2. People know I love KenPom...he has an uncanny ability to predict games. Right now he predicts Albany will open season at 0-13...now I don't think that will happen as there is some talent here but oh boy...if that's even close to 0-13 by that point in the season that would be an unmitigated disaster. No one deserves even close to a life-time contract. Let's face it, we haven't been a competitive program since 2018 and haven't been out of the first round in the AE tourney since 2015. That's not good enough, self reflection as a program as to what we are doing is warranted at this juncture
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  3. I think at least part of the problem going into a season with no preseason or scrimmages is that our returning perimeter players (Healy, Rizzuto, Hutch) are basically catch and shoot guys. The guys who are running the offense and creating are all "new". I'm considering Jojo Anderson "new" because he hardly played last year with injuries. I think our best backcourt is Anderson, Horton and Kelly. They can all hit outside shots and create off the dribble. If you combine them with Taylor who can post up a little, you can do somethings. If Lulka is out for a while, I don't know what you
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  4. Three games in, yes, some people on this forum have concluded the only way to fix this program is a new coach....perhaps, this is a discussion for after the season. Coach Brown has been around 20 years....AD Benson has likely expressed his expectations for the team....Has the COVID-19 changed those expectations?
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  5. Unfortunately I don't think Brown survives much longer if this continues and yes, I am also one of those who thought that the man deserves an incredibly incredibly long leash (read: lifetime contract) based on what what we accomplished from 2006-2015 or so. For whatever reason, we no longer recruit like we used to. We used to have a core of like 5-6 guys every year...now it seems that we have 5-6 new players each year which are expected to be part of the rotation (and are only here for a year or two max) and only have a core of 2-3 guys. I don't know if that's Brown's fault or just the natu
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