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  1. The MBB situation is discouraging and a mess. But more discouraging is the comments about not supporting UA athletics We began supporting MBB in the 1960's as I played for "Doc" for 4 years. In recent years we changed our donations to UA athletics. Remember, your donation goes to the student athletes. We have sixteen teams and a lot of very, very fine coaches. More importantly we have some great young people who represent us by their play and commitment to the community. Think of the broad picture as THIS TOO WILL PASS!!
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  2. By your own words, the MBB program is discouraging and a mess. You must agree that the football program is a dumpster fire. MLax has declined from a nationally recognized power to a middle of the AE conference also ran. These are the three premier men’s programs. What do we do to effect change? Clearly, our complaints fall on deaf ears and our AD is somehow locked into keeping and extending a bad coach. You may want to keep losing, keep having controversy after controversy...but I don’t. So what would be your advise to change the situation and outlook? Keep pumping money and season ticket orders at the athletic department?
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  3. And that is perfectly fine and OK, this is an individual choice. I will be cutting all my financial commitment to the school. Even though I am moving, my plan was to continue the same dollar donation to the athletic department (+ Giving day donation) even giving up my season tickets. The extension of Gattuso made me strongly question if I should do this...the last few weeks has put a nail in that coffin. I detest the "leadership" of Mark Benson and his complete mismanagement of the athletic department to such a degree that it's forced me to make a decision I never thought I would. My donations have always been earmarked for football/basketball or just basketball as those are the sports I really care about. People can chose to do what they see fit with their money. I will reconsider my position when Benson is relieved of his duties. Football won't see a cent until that loser walks out holding a cardboard box. I'm not a big doner, I'm at a point in my life where I can start to step up those donations but not in this environment. I'm sure it won't put a dent in their budget but there are others like me. Mark Benson is losing some of the most ardent supporters of UA Athletics and if that doesn't scare the $iena out of him...we'll he's as stupid as we all think he is.
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  4. Do you get to write off a forced donation?
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  5. He was brought in specifically for his fundraising acumen, was he not? Wasn't that his big selling point coming from Old Dominion? Again, I can't tell others what to do with their money, so if you want to continue to throw good money after bad...by all means. But insinuating to other diehard fans that they are somehow less diehard because they choose to speak with their wallets (mind you, they've tried to speak with emails and conversations) and therefor 'not true fans of our student athletes' is ridiculous.
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  6. Rain gear indeed! It’s amazing to say now after all the hype for this game for a year but This game honestly means nothing to UA & everything to Cuse they are in must win and UA has nothing to gain if they do beat them as Cuse is unranked. Cuse plays Cornell, UNC, Virginia & rematch with ND to end season they need the wins to be above 500 to be eligible for at large bid. UA has to focus on Sat game vs UMBC for AE conf. With quick turnaround. But of course we want to beat Syracuse here in Albany just wish for once the weather would cooperate it would truly be a sight to see Casey absolutely packed like it was for UNC in 2017! Either way let’s get some!
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  7. You folks want Benson here for 20 years? Because continuing to donate is how you keep Benson here for 20 years.
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