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  1. Don’t forget that Matt Cerutti was a DII graduate and how well he worked out this year as a grad student playing DI
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  2. There is something basically flawed with this team. 2018 has said off season conditioning & preparation, which is certainly evident today. But IMHO there is a mental as well as physical aspect lacking. They just do not seem to be able to grasp the axiom that the “most important game of the year is the Current one.” I know it is a cliche but this team seems unable “play one game at a time.” This was no more evident then last weekend when an awful UmassL almost beat UA. And going back to the 1st game of the year; it seemed to me that loss also caused UA to lose the next two winnable games. Maybe this rant is 100% off and I’m just being TOO philosophical. I don’t know, maybe it is just growing pains of a young team?? Sorry about the rant, just awfully disappointed in this team overall.
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  3. You’d think with only two guys they’d come up with the same pronunciation of Albany ….lol. D is looking a little slow. Oh My Gosh!!!
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  4. Grew up watching Doc Sauers and Bob Ford coach DIII and then transition to DII. Over the years, both had athletes who could have played DI. The differences between a DI athlete & DII or DIII is/are NOT that great. The big difference comes into TEAM and depth. How many quality kids can you get in a given year. The individual differences might be a player is a step slow; from a smaller school or a district where competition does not enhance/allow growth; might be undersized or weight; might just be a late bloomer. IMHO no reason why a DIII kid, especially in this day & age cannot make a legitimate jump to DI ball and or as Eli illustrated, even the NBA
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  5. If the kid worked his butt off and got better, all the more power to him. D3 to NBA is definitely possible. I'm a nearly 3 decade long Miami Heat fan and we have a guy on our roster (Duncan Robinson) who went from D3 to Michigan to the NBA. One of the deadliest shooters in the NBA right now.
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  6. YEP!. Not even 1/2 of the team is upperclassmen, And a great class coming in next fall.
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  7. I didn't want to be a downer but I thought Syracuse was bad. Very bad. Glad we got the win against them but I really don't think we are very good. I did not want to say that before the game because I didn't want to be negative. Bottom line is that this team is just not a good team.
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