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  1. There should be a banner for her at SEFCU.
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  2. This rehab needs to be done regardless of conference affiliation. 3800 attendence is about right for our size. Having seat backs will make for a more comfortable experience also easier to sell season tickets. When we were most successful in the early to mid 2010's the seat backs were mostly sold out. Bench seating is just not comfortable, glad to see things moving in a positive direction with regards to facilities. Now a parking garage would help a lot as well.
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  3. Amazing information my Dane96 . Awesome. It appears Howard will be added to the CAA. I believe that gives them 15 for football, 14 for everything else. I know they want to get to 16 teams. Add another southern school for football (getting them to 16) / basketball to 15. I wonder if the Sefcu Renovation was moved up to accommodate a potential move? Making it 16 in both Football/ Basketball. Make us look more attractive? Maybe , maybe not. Just a thought.
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  4. Additional thought .... the proposed bubble facility would go a long way in training and practicing for lacrosse and other sports .... many of the other renovations will help further assist in providing a visible representation that UAlbany cares about the quality of its sports team with updated and modern facilities....
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  5. you could at least spell her name right in the title.
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  6. More details. Ticket Seat Capacity is 3,579. Seat breakdown as follows: 1,295 Fixed Seats; 1,630 telescopic seats; 498 Telescopic bleacher seat; 28 Wheel Chair Seats; 28 Loge Chairs (ADA Companion); 98 folding chair Seats; and 9 ADA seats. Total Capacity on gameday, and this is how all arena's get their actual capacity, will be 3,767. My guess is official sellouts will be called at 3, 800. From the plans and due to 9,706 total capacity allowed, It looks like you can easily sneak 500-750 more in SRO. Accoustic levels will be even better than before based on construction setup. The place is deafening when packed. By flipping the court, we don't lose seating, which surprises me. The length of the new orientation 234.6 feet long by 189.10 wide. This is the length of construction area. That surprised me a little bit. The stairways in the building I think will be made larger however as for ADA upgrades, I could not find any. This makes sense (I work with ADA law all day) because we are calling this a rehabilitation. If it were new construction or a COMPLETE gut renovation, very expensive changes would need to be made throughout. This is very typical of construction, the way we are going about this. However, the new Annex building will absolutely be ADA compliant and it has an elevator design per the plans we have see on the Master Facilities planning. It's been awhile since I've walked the core section of SEFCU so I am not sure where the current basketball lockerooms are now. However, it looks like the new ones will be build where I remember the media room and equipment room were on the old design. Additionally, it looks like they are actually using that area PLUS building out to the current arena area under the current lobby entrance (NORTH) stands. Due to this, there are actually MORE fixed seats than previously planned, mostly on the north side, East to West Length of the main stands. This is excellent to have this many fixed seats. The team area (lockers, film room, showers, and lounge area) will run 57' long by 31.2' wide. That's significant space at just under 1,800 sq feet. More specifically, the locker room is 18'1" long by 31'2" wide. The lounge is 38'11" long by 17'2" wide. The film room is 18' long by 14' wide. These are really nice spaces. There will be storage for four goal stanchions and baskets under the West Side Fixed stands. The same setup under the East Side Fixed stands. Including the competition floor, there will be 10 total stanchions in the building. The South Side fixed stands will have 3 storage areas that will each run just under 32' long and maybe 10' wide. The benches will be on the North Side Stands (current Lobby Side). Same with the scorer tables and Daktronic Boards. The South Side will have Daktronic Courtside tables. The Corner Seats in the NE and NW corners are considered Club Seats and will have access to the NE Capital Club and NW Capital Clubs. Plus seats, I believe. The ONLY bench seating will be on the NW goal wall, likely student seating. Each lockeroom will have 16 lockers and an ADA bench. The film room features 21 plush seats and will be carpeted. It will be theater seating, three risers. Each seat will have a tablet arm and will be 22" wide . The LCD touch screen will be 84" There will be a large TV in each of the Capital Club Locations (NW and NE). The brackets are 19' long, which means we are getting LARGE TV's added. Interestingly the face the people who theoretically would be in line for concessions. My guess is it is either solely for concessions or multiple screens including game play. A new, synthetic floor is being installed under each stand, coming up the floor. My length was wrong yesterday. The HEIGHT of the top seat is 21'6 along the main stands (North and South). The length is about45-50' feet from last chair up top to last chair on floor. The math majors can do the algebra from visual distance from last seat. I don't believe this will be Volleyball ready. In fact, it looks like they will be infilling the long jump pit and volleyball inserts. They will replace the competition court, inlaying it with the old flooring (it seems). There will be East, West, North and South camera platforms at the Lobby Level. Some ask about expansion. I can't see any other structural way to expand other than UP to the roof along the walls because I believe there are load bearing supports every 15-20 feet that extend to the roof of the main part of the complex. To do that, you would have to do what SBU did and build a small concourse over a fixed stand. If you do it on the main South Fixed Stands, you could go 130-ish feet by 15'. Based on my reading of the specs, if they are fixed, chair back seats...then you would get maybe 6 rows of seating. Based on the new South Fixed Seating specs, that would result in 375-500 seats depending on design. This could be done when they add the Annex Building since that will be on the South Wall (parking lot) side. Additionally and theoretically, it looks like each corner could technically be expanded...maybe by 120 seats per corner, for a total of 450-500 seats depending on design, by putting concrete elevated fixtures that fans would need to walk under. Or you can do that plus a raised expansion on the East and West behind the basket wall. I find that less likely do to value for seat game view (less value placed by fans purchasing tickets) than either the corner expansion or South Fixed stands expansion. If they did either East or West side raised fixed seating, not including corners, you would have around 90 feet and a depth of around 14'. That would result in about 4 rows and 160-180 seats per East and West Wall...or 320-360 total. If they did all those above, you could potentially build approximately 1,145 to 1,360 to bring total gameday non-SRO capacity to 4,912 to 5,127 and non-SRO ticket sales only to 4,724 to 4,939. All are unlikely given the cost and demand. However, if the demand was there, e.g. we had a consistent season ticket based of 3,000, then someone would have to do a serious ROI on that to figure out if adding that many seats would result in the multiple millions likely required to construct that set-up versus playing a few games at the MVP. If we need 500 more seats...we have a good problem and they could sell SRO regularly.
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