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  1. Yep. Agreed Paper great. Let’s see them play and come together as a team. That’s the key.
  2. Looks like we just got a commitment from Aaron Reddish. Top 400 recruit, top 76 sf. 3 star player. Little bro of Atlanta Hawks star Cam Reddish. 6’7 small forward.
  3. Wow. That’s a super bizarre move. Historically bad program in a pretty weak league. ACU’s run was an anomaly. Maybe he didn’t see playing time for himself with the new group or, vice versa, we had to recruit his spot because he made it clear he wasn’t coming back.
  4. It’s official. Woodward just pulled a fast one.
  5. Did I say something funny to make you LOL? I’ve been saying doles and hutch were staying for a month.
  6. Excellent that it has been confirmed. The team looks really good right now on paper...but so do a lot of other AE teams.
  7. Totally underwhelming. Wish him the best, represented the school well...took care of his academics, and I hope he kills it out there. But this is a lateral move IMHO...CMU is not a good MAC team. Had a spurt a few years ago...but is not a traditionally solid team. Tony Barbee may pull it together again (he was wonderful at UTEP, a disaster at Auburn)...so let's see. But terrible facilities, terrible fanbase for the level of ball being played...confounding move. Would have understood a move out west, like Kai.
  8. If I were a betting man, I think most of this is correct but with my personal opinion sprinkled: if Healy stays and hank hasn’t graduAted, Hank stays. If Hank has graduated, he may move on, regardless of Healy. As for Healy, the transfer portal is a funny place this year. If this was last year, I would say Healy was 💯 gone. But with so many transfers and no matter how well he shots, Healy is coming off of the tail end of 18 months of injury to his hip. I think two seasons ago, he’s scooped up early. This season, he may be playing a waiting game for Coaching staffs to settl
  9. There is nothing wrong with the statement. Forget 1 vs 4 years. The statement is factually and grammatically correct. He is joining for the 2021-22 season. That’s a fact. NLIs are yearly renewable. in any event, too much is being read into the line, IMHO. Thar said, one and done may be the new reality.
  10. I know. Was just thinking Eli is slacking. I did one of my own when I was bored. But if we keep some of the guys who have not already transferred, we will have a special team. right now if everyone stays, we are maxed on scholarships. I’m ok with what we have if that’s the case. We have two offers out for bigs next year. if anyone else leaves, agreed...we should nab a big
  11. He’s a stud recruit for us. When I woke up and saw Coach’s tweet, I didn’t even need any coffee. Got my jolt of energy. A cornerstone player.
  12. Yep, see post above. If I had to guess, two guys that MIGHT not be back could be Anderson and Taylor. I think Anderson would likely need to go D2 to get time (not saying he's a D2 guy...he's not...but injuries have not helped him), so he may stay. If Taylor leaves, I can see a starting lineup (mere example without knowing how players progress, the offensive scheme, how players play defense in the scheme) of: Horton, Drumgoole, Perry, Doles, and Newman. That's an AE MONSTER sized athletic lineup of 6'4; 6'6; 6'7; 6'9; and 6'9
  13. We have offered at least two bigs for 2022, both freshman. For this year, we should be in a good spot if the team remains as is, plus whatever Coach DK adds with the remaining scholarships (forget what we have left). The current team, if everyone who has entered the portal (and has not signed elsewhere yet) stays: PG: Jamel Horton (2 yrs), Will Amica (technically 5 years?! don't know how the RS would work considering they all got their years back for last year); JoJo Anderson (1 yr) SG:Chuck Champion (1 yr); Ny'Mire Little (5 years...if he Redshirts); Wing/SF: Sam Schafe
  14. He was a big time recruit out of HS. Outside of an offer from Albany, his next three “lowest” offers were Vermont, UMASS, and St Bonaventure. Aside from injuries, he never had a chance at Pitt with fellow frosh Justin Champagnie taking minutes.
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