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  1. Dev Holmes off the team (again) for disciplinary reasons (again). Sad however, safe to say his once promising career at Albany is over.
  2. This is fact. Coach had to fundraise to support the program. He’s also woefully underpaid.
  3. Poor analogies. I was very closely affiliated with both situations. And I mean very close.
  4. Don't disagree at all, and it makes sense. I do think there is a personality conflict, however.
  5. Dartmouth, St. Bonaventure, Fordham.... (others). Facts. And by the way Coach, I think many of us (and I know the Brown family likely does) appreciate the words you have put here today...and David just posted on Twitter.
  6. Exactly 200k, per season for 10 years. That's real cash. Why did Mike C, a huge UA supporter, not buck up again for SEFCU? Hmmmmm.....
  7. He's directed funds to Football. But that isn't enough either. Again, the point of fundraising is to...fundraise. That's the ADEPT's job, which includes advertising. Those numbers are not what they should be for a man who is a self-proclaimed fundraiser and touts that he was part (major part) of fundraising for ODU's athletic expansion.
  8. Let's also talk about attendance, which is down EVERYWHERE...but...plummeted at UA due to a lot of moves made by Benson. You need butts in the seats to bring in revenue...perfect example is fundraising. $1 from millions versus 1 million from 1 donor...do the math.
  9. Absolutely. In fact, I think the new coach shouldn't take the job unless he gets a max 5 year contract and guarantees on COLA, summer school, buy games, budget increases, and a real direction on SEFCU. Otherwise, that Coach is dealing with the same cesspool that Brown was swimming in. So, yes, I give the new coach a 5 year pass...hell with 4 years. That's my big issue here: unless there is some special, unknown announcement about a major move in conferences or upgrades to SEFCU, this is a move to merely rid himself of someone who he straight up had zero relationship with. So, at least we had a guy loyal to the school...who can get us some joy/highlights every few years, running a clean program.
  10. Fair enough. If the man has one foot out the door, he shouldn't be making these decisions in a vacuum. Just my .02.
  11. PREACH!!!! This has been a cathartic, sad day. I honestly want to know if Havidan is going to even peek at Twitter and see the groundswell...look at Benson's performance...and say, "Wait a minute here..."
  12. MMMM...nope. W&M is in hotwater. Their AD got canned for, you guessed it, unceremoniously firing their head basketball coach. Benson has connections to the state, to W&M, and experience. They don't really give a $iena anymore about athletics.
  13. Why don't we delve in on why Benson forced out Brown's lead recruiter...
  14. Yet he doesn't give Gattuso what he needs. No joke, I know of many kids who are shocked that the lockerrom doesn't have A/C. That's appalling.
  15. Not him...all the foundation. Not one thing due to him. And no, the lockerroom upgrade was lax.
  16. And finally, I will go out and say it: BENSON HAS ONE FOOT OUT THE DOOR. He is in the running for William and Mary. I can't wait until the public records request comes out...
  17. Ok, let's play numbers. I don't count this season (freaking nightmare) and I don't count his first four because one was an interim, and the next three he was handcuffed in building a program by both admissions (believe me, I know deep details on this one) and the 5/8 rule. So, in the 15 years since--admittedly good and bad years--he has gone 300 and 195, or 20-13 per season, with 5 NCAA appearances (once, every three years average). He has had 26 All-Academic kids in that time. He also had the unforeseen nightmare of the last three years with the Cremo and Nichols sudden departure....but that's on him to rebuild. I know for a FACT that we were losing recruits due to the lack of COLA and, oh...get this...Benson REFUSES TO SUPPORT SUMMER SCHOOL. Think about that! He refused to fund it like every other team in the league does. Do you know how hard that is to recruit with...and crap facilities. So the man brought Albany to the NCAA's every three years, and won 20-13 per year. Math may be a bit rust for me...but I will take a 606 win percentage any day of the week. And this entire team (basically) was coming back. Again, Coach had some things he needed to fix (I didn't like relying on only Albany guys for his staff...but that's his call)...a three year contract with 2 being guaranteed would have been fair. But numbers DO NOT LIE...and the 15 year numbers I just put up would be taken by MANY schools better than Albany,. There is a reason that Twitter is on fire today, from near and far, with people touched by Will Brown's leadership. It's universally being stated as a SHOCK TERMINATION.
  18. No, i would not actually. Albany getting to the 2nd round would be a miracle...truly...as it's been only done from the AE a handful of times. Unless we move up leagues, which we can't without resources, I would appreciate and accept an NCAA bid every 3-4 years...and graduating quality kids. Wait a minute, didn't we just have....
  19. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/30985656/will-brown-albany-men-college-basketball-coach-20-years
  20. Yes. He's a pencil pushing administrator. An athletic director is a salesperson. He has ZERO sales skills.
  21. His #1 job description is to build a budget to keep us competitive. Full Stop. if he can't, he should be replaced. Donations have been higher at a miniscule level. The $10 million donation was worked by the general development department, not lead by the Athletic Department. It's a not so very secret fact. He's done nothing.
  22. The right extension would have been three years at current market rate or even a small decrease due to COVID. Then, if Will doesn't perform by year 2, the year 3 is the out or you let him go the third year while using that year to quietly search. But what do I know....
  23. Mic drop, spot on. This should be required reading for all.
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