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  1. Ummm...reading is fundamental. I said he should get locked up because of his recruiting skills (the guys are talented) and that a $ienaty coach would lose w/ this bunch. Inference being if he is a good coach...he should win. On recruiting alone, he is a solid head coach. That was my point. here is an excerpt. "This guy can flat out recruit. Lock him up! "
  2. Will someone get a President in place so McElroy can offer Brown an extension. He really would have to be a terrible coach to lose w/ these 6 guys (Zoellner/Jordan) plus Levine, Wilson, Iati, Hughes, and Martin (not to forget the others.) Damn...that is a talented and deep team that will be together for two years. That is also a large team. This guy can flat out recruit. Lock him up!
  3. More on Dyson....from the DE Rivals site. >>>>> DeGuru I know for a fact that UofD wanted Dyson bad. Again, when UofD expressed interest in Joe just as they have with others in the state, Joe and his father did not give UofD the feeling that he wanted to go there. UofD felt that they were waisting time with Joe. Being on the inside of this situation, I can understand why UofD felt this way. I am not sure what DelState was doing with respect to recruiting him, but I can see if UofD felt that they werent going to get him then DelState was probably thinking the same way. >>>> From the slam dunk site >>> Joe Dyson, a 6-9 junior, might be the second-best overall prospect in Delaware – behind, of course, Sheridan – and juniors Brian Eckman and Dexter Matthews figure to team up with senior Mitchell White in an inexperienced but talented backcourt. >>> BTW...his teammate, Sheridan is considered the best big man to come out in years from DE. He is also considered one of the best players period to come out in the past 10 years. Conisdering one of my favorites came from the state (LARON PROFIT--MARYLAND) I would say getting the second best player in the state is not too shabby. BTW...JOE D. is orignally from NY!!!
  4. And while you bring up some interesting pts. Danefan, you too should think before you speak. One..there is no stadium requirement for football. HOFSTRA DID NOT CLOSE THERE STADIUM EVER. Four of my closest friends played for Hofstra and they never closed it down. The orignal seating capacity was 5000, smaller than UA's 10k. Second, as for the funding, as long as you meet the minimum funding requirements u can become full IAA without conference affiliation. Go do your research. UNC, FAU, ELON, COASTAL, FIU, HOFSTRA, etc. etc. all went about the process the same!
  5. Once again D2kwhatever...you are wrong. A team can become full scholarship in under a year (of course as long as the funding is provided for).
  6. Ok first, there is NO talent in the middles of NYS for the caliber of football 'Cuse fans are talking about. Second, Paul Pasquolini has lost his recruiting skills. Third, the 'Cuse doesnt recruit from much of middle NY. There main competitor is BC and they both fight for the same middle of the road NYS talent, NJ and MA kids. Fourth, UMASS HAS AN EXTREMELY STRONG FOOTBALL PROGRAM. Bet your ass if they do well in the IAA playoffs this year they will go IA...budget crunch or not. Fifth, what do you think will happen with the 700k or so that UA spends on football? How exactly will that help hoops? WIll you use that for guarantee money? Sure you would...but who the heck would want to come in to UA to play? Use it for TV or marketing $$$. Hey....you dont need much $$$ to market...you need a good marketer. Plus you dont want games on TV that fans could be attending...that is until we cannot sell out anymore. Now most important. Even my friends in FLA will not confuse us with ALBANY STATE, GA anymore. Most people in this country are football or hoop fans. If you have both, no matter how $ienaty your team is, your school has a sense of legitimacy. UA is 63-25 in the past 9 years. THAT MY FRIEND IS SUCCESS ON A LIMITED BUDGET. Considering SEVEN...yes 7 of those losses came to IAA fully funded (well Brown is the exception...but their grant money is a whole other story) IAA programs...you can say Albany is 63-18 in 9 years. That is not too shabby. You don't dump a program that high profile (though no one comes to games yet...I will give you that...but that happens even at UMASS) for the sake of a few bucks. We are a state school and that requires diversity. While I was against the dropping of sports when we went DI, we should not drop more for the sake of bolstering another (HOOP). Brown can build respectability without it...he has the resources; obviously he had enough money to hire a director of ops (that is usually done only at a big school...and it was also a way to bring on another asst. w/o putting Barnes in the Graduate Coach category that pays him nothing). He has enough money to get out to AAU tourneys and travel to IOWA and CA for recruits. He has a full allotment of scholarship money. He has Wagner coming to town. What would the purpose of dropping football do for Brown and the hoopsters? Now Siena is a different story...they never care and will never care. If it weren't for quality alumni that program would be dead. The minute alumni give up the funding...the program is done. BTW...USING UMASS and VILLANOVA does not help your cause. First UMASS is public and not Catholic. Second, both are top 10 NCAA I-AA fully funded 63 scholarship teams. Howie Long (Nova) and Marcel Shipp (UMASS) are just two names that have worn the unis at their schools. They are powerhouses at their level. Oh yeah...UMASS lost by 13 to Kansas State, NC State by about 20 (I think) and beat Ohio U last year, while Nova regularly hangs with Rutgers, Buffalo, and Temple...who they actually beat to a pulp this year. Now how can you say these two programs do not care about football?
  7. DaneFan2k3...i have never said this on this board...but ###### off! You are a piece of work. All you do is bitch and moan like a sissy. Get out there and beat the bushes to get fans to the game. Do somethng but cry on this board about how UA, its fans, and the board sucks. PATHETIC!
  8. Who suggested conference usa? Re-read the post!
  9. I actually got a shooting lesson from Dale Ellis that year. We were freshman when they practiced at the RACC. In any event, they did shorten the practice and it was due to the hardness. The problem is not the floor, its the fact that the floor is built into the ground. It is pretty much on a layer of concrete. They either need to physically raise the floor (like most real courts) or go to the sportcourts (which suck). The benefit of having the floor in the concrete is that it lessens the damage (think deadspots) to the floor. However it kills knees and legs....and eventually from all the knee issues...BACKS!
  10. Hmm...guess my Speculation was correct. Soup...I read most of your posts on the siena board...and your posts are good. THIS IS POOR REPORTING ON YOUR PART. Saying he may have torn the ACL is much different than HE DID report and HE IS REDSHIRTING. MRI's cannot be performed under 24 hours unless swelling is non-existant (which would be impossible w/ a torn ACL. Go ask Jack....he taught us well in his Advanced Athletic training classes!
  11. Two things. One...the RACC FLOOR SUCKS! I have terrible knees from it and my ankles are not much better. THE FLOOR IS LIKE CONCRETE. It was built directly on the concrete with little to no cushion. Second, Dane Pound is partially correct. The doctor can do a few tests, "the anterior drawer" is one of them, where they pull the lower leg forward to see what kind of stability the knee has. You cannot even remotely say the knee is ruptured or season ending by doing this test. All that is shown is that stability is NOT there. Even with the test, many people have torn ACL's that are not shown by manipulation of the knee.
  12. I am not shocked that he may have a torn ACL...but I find it highly unlikely that they have those results yet. For one...you need to wait a day or two for the swelling to go down...his injury was LESS than 24 hours ago. Finally, it takes a few hours to read the findings. This really sucks though! CAN WE CATCH A FREAKIN BREAK ALREADY?
  13. Ok...I happened to be on the phone with my contracts professor who happens to be a sports attorney as well. We were chatting about the new BE and we came up with some scenerios. THE NEW BE CONTRACT is in place until 2010. Most people feel the conference will implode at that time as will the new A-Ten. Bottom line is that even the IAA schools will want a new all-sport conference. So we came up with the following...not perfected of course. NEW NAMED IA Conference: North ND/UMASS (if MASS goes IA in football---and ND goes Big Ten (for their 12th) Pitt 'Cuse Cincy Louisville Memphis South UCONN Rutgers S. Florida W. Va E. Carolina* Temple This is geograpically balanced...but not football balanced or hoop balanced in a divisional breakup. *If the BE expands to 12 as most assume **The TV contract for ND is not going to be as profitable in the current format and the execs are going to pay their money for conference championships. BIG EAST (the basketball schools have the rights to the name): North(geographically not correct...but whatever) Depaul Marquette Binghamton St. Bonaventure La Salle Xavier St. Joes South St. John's Seton Hall George Washington UVM BU Hartford Providence New A-Ten---ahhh the fun begins right here North UNH UNH MAINE MAINE NU NU URI URI UMASS* UMASS UALBANY UALBANY Fordham** STONY BROOK South Villanova**** VILLANOVA Georgetown***** GEORGETOWN Stony Brook WILLIAM and MARY Hofstra HOFSTRA Richmond RICHMOND Dayton JMU Duquense Delaware * More than likely UMASS goes IA. ND goes Big 10 for their championship game. If UMass goes to IA they go to BIG EAST...and ND GOES BIG 10. **Fordham- if they leave the patriot or drop hoop to patriot. More likely they move to the Patriot. ****Villanova is not moving up IA...and they will keep football. I dont think the basketball would be an issue (staying w/ the BE schools that will move to a new BE in 2010. They already show no allegiance to the Big 5 schools. *****Georgetown....see NOVA. & The engimas---Dayton and Duquesne. Dayton has the infrastructure to move up to scholarship football..not to mention the recruiting pool. It has been said they wont move up...but I dont buy it. Duquense has the drive...but not the facilities. I am not sure what they do...if anything...maybe the Patriot league (they were looking into it.) Now...the big questions....DELAWARE, JMU, and W&M. Honestly...i see DEL coming aboard...and maybe JMU and W and M joining one of the southern confernces. I think DEL would see the hoop benefit and allsport aspects which wont happen in the current CAA. Or I can see Dayton keeping the status quo, Fordham going Patriot and WMU and JMU coming in. I also see Charlotte and St. going as the wild-cards...as full members of some league...UMBC...maybe NEC bound again? And if Dayton and the Dukes dont go full scholly football...what do they do? All conjecture...but fun!
  14. I think we will wait until 2010. That is the earliest the Big East can break up. AND IT WILL BREAK UP. When the BE breaks up, watch for their to be a major shift in affiliation with the current A-10 and the Big East. I would imagine that the basketball/football (1-AA schools) would merge somehow. THE IA football schools will form their own conference. Then you have the AE teams. I wouldnt be suprised to see a Duquense, Dayton, UMass, URI, Richmond, Fordham, UNH, UMAINE, NU, ALBANY, STONY BROOK, Hofstra, Villanova (if they dont go to the CAA...highly doubtful.), possibly Fordham (and for kicks---GTOWN???). That is a nice 14 team league...but maybe Nova wouldnt come and who knows what Dayton and Fordham would do. BUT IT WOULD BE AN ALL-Sport conference, w/ some power in football and definately a better hoop conference than the current AE makeup. I would then see UVM, Hartford, Binghamton, BU, UMBC, maybe forming something (not all those schools more than likely) w/ the non-football playing members of the BE and the A-Ten. There will be new conferences no doubt. One with members from the current A-10/BE/AE schools (non-football playing schools), one with IA football schools in the BE, one with the football-hoop playing schools from the A10/BE/AE.
  15. BTW PATCHY...I AM CHALLENGING YOU TO A ONE ON ONE... ON THE COURT! You can even Coach yourself. Maybe use your contacts to find out that I have a weak left handed dribble...i stutterstep on my move to my right, I ate a bag of donuts yesterday, I love the turnaround j, I drank too much last week...and DOC Sauers is down on me. I am kidding....(but not about the one on one). As a matter of fact...i think we should all play a pick up game before the big purple growl...i think that would be totally funny and a good time. PROFESSOR CAN TELL US WE ARE ALL DII TALENT!
  16. Sorry Patch...you are a nice guy...but I dont think you have half the contacts you proclaim. I know you coached, and as a former player and coach I can tell you that there is no way someone goes from as bad as you proclaimed in Sept...to the most improved player in the late weeks of October. What...you think he changed his stripes in 5 weeks...come on now. You are much smarter than that, and you probably have more knowledge than that. I wasnt attacking you btw, but I find it interesting that you got so fired up about. You show me a baller who goes from as bad as he was made out to as GOOD AS BROWN MADE HIM OUT TO SOUND...and I will show you an ocean in Montana. Bottom line is this...Y'ALL got some hearsay and made it more dramatic sounding than it was. The kid probably came in a tad overweight...and probably couldnt run his suicides that quick at first. I am sure he was NOT so out of shape that he went from being a non-factor...to the MOST IMPROVED PLAYER. That either means Wilson, Levine, Wyatt and the others came back w/ NO IMPROVEMENT, or KNOTTS WASNT AS OUT OF SHAPE AS Y'ALL SAID! Think about before you respond. Everyone gets a little fired up when talking about our program and we shouldnt rip players who dont deserved to ripped. I THOUGHT YOU ESTABLISHED THAT on the OLD BOARD. Remember...recruits may look at the board. We should follow that creed most of us talked about back then. Take it easy!!
  17. I agree with you guys....i would think a 12-16 year would be a great accomplishment. No doubt I would think the following year should be a 16-12 to a 18-10 type of season. BTW...everyone who has said they have seen this or heard that about practices...well I think alot of you are full of it. Here is why: COACH BROWN SPECIFICALLY SAYING THAT KNOTTS IS THE MOST IMPROVED PLAYER. I remember many of you saying that the staff said or you heard that KNOTTS was out of shape. Doesnt sound that way to me...and those are COACH B's words I am listening to. I am really psyched for this season!
  18. I saw COleman on the sidelines before the NU game...and I too was stunned. I was kind of wondering why we werent hearing more about JENKS and Coleman...I figured we were kind of holding out for red-shirts for these guys....and that kid from LI (the ALL-COUNTY GUY). I too think the D is going to be stellar next year.
  19. Wyatt if he is healthy will be an enforcer. I think that Martin needs to have a big year...and I think Knotts needs to be the shooter he allegedly was. My money is on Wyatt...if HEALTHY. Other than that...MARTIN.
  20. Patch...seriously...take a freaking chill pill. Last I read I wasn't disparaging women. I was trying to make a point that you sound like a nagging woman...who just can't relax and wait until the finished product comes out. You are bitching about the need for a big man...which we all know we could use. You also indicate that a player who hasn't even suited up for his last year of h.s. (wilson) may not be ready for the big time his first year. ONE WORD---HADDIX. Not comparing the kid to him, just stating we dont know what we have until they get on the court. Worry about 03-04 and not 04-05; that is coach's job. As for your research skills...whoopy di do. If you lived in Albany for the past 10 years you wouldn't have to research St. Rose's success nor would you have to research whether Brown was a part of it. IT IS RATHER OBVIOUS. Your sanctimonious posts on what we do or do not need have gotten to the point of lunacy. I do respect you...as do others on the SIENA board...but your posts border on conclusory and not opinion. I am through talking about this...but what I do know is that all I was trying to say is..."LIGHTEN UP...and LET BROWN BREATHE IN THIS SEASON BEFORE ASKING HIM TO CATCH HIS BREATH FOR NEXT." The guy knows what he is doing. RELAX!
  21. I know he is...he knows his stuff...i was tying to make him get some levity. NO offense patch...but you need a good laugh! We will be just fine....and next year I will host all of you at my favorite Beantown Bar when we celebrate our NCAA bid!!!!
  22. Patch...why do you constantly bold things...I think we get your point. Second, I dont know what you are fretting about...with a year to get his feet wet, Hughes should be fine. Wilson comes from a fine program (H.S. and AAU). Knotts and Wyatt will serve as fine 3rd and 4th power forwards. You sound like a woman who just cant get enough.....take a moment to catch your breath. I am sure Coach is doing a fine job.
  23. I thought you meant the UA unis. Either way...outside the new Nugget UNIS...which are HOT....the CAVS, ROCKETS, PHX and the lovely OREGON DUCK football team unis go down in the annals as some of the worst unis ever.
  24. Ummmm...Patch...I hope you have the flu because you are losing your mind. I SAID I LOVED THE UNIS and WISH ALL UA TEAMS would add BLACK. HELLO.....what is going on w/ you lately.
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