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  1. UAlbany Lax has been getting alot of pub lately. Many believe UA will repeat (the incoming class is supposed to be very good). Most think a UMBC win is not out of the realm of possibility. I think many were impressed by our Princeton NCAA game. WMAR in Maryland, is showing the UMBC-UA game live. I wonder if the powers that be would get us on Time Warner. This would be an unbelievable recruiting tool for the local kids who choose between UA and UMBC, UMASS, SBU, Hofstra, etc. http://forums.laxpower.com/read.php?f=1&i=...i=83971&t=83971
  2. Swathmore is terrible. The are academically like Hamilton or Haverford. Preppy liberal arts school. You sure it was Delaware Valley and not Lebanon Valley (a traditionally strong DIII program)?
  3. Seriously Patch...you analysis is really shoddy. I WAS AT THE SACRED HEART GAME! Unless you got that info from Brown or his staff, you are really mistaken. Martin was very active when he was in. He had one airball three pointer (a ill-advised shot). He was very active, however I will grant you that he "looked like a freshman." He played 9 minutes or so because Janus and Courtney were having very big games. All you people need to stop analyzing kids after 6 college games. It is a big step up. Is he a "poor man's walton." Hell no, not yet. Will he be decent. Absolutely. Remember...the guys may read these boards (I think you used to preach it). Your analysis for the last two weeks on him is way off. The kid is guarding much quicker players at the two then he did in high school (where he was primarly a 3/4). That tires a person out. BTW, anyone who thinks that Levine is sitting next season...well it is not happening. I agree with D2k and the Prof. My lineup was potent, and you may see it at times, but Jordan's pure strength and rebounding abilities will allow a three guard lineup (though short) to be successfull. Iati, Jordan, Wilson, Levine, Zoellner will be your first 5. Levine is hands down the most consistant player we have and the more an more I see him, the more I understand how he played so well versus Torin Frances in high school.
  4. D2k and Patch are both correct. It is Dec. 28th or a pct of your teams games...whichever comes first.
  5. You are right...forgot Hillaire...knew i forgot someone. I gave Knotts the nod because I forgot Hillaire. But Patch, Knotts will see time in tight spot in the short run because of game experience. Why would Lillis get time befoe Iati, Wilson or Jordan...aint happening. BTW...i think you see Cheese quit, Johnson stay as a good soldier! Professor....you really see Martin losing out next year??? That would mean he is the 12 guy. I hope to god that the 6 you have ahead of him work out. We still have to wait and see with Hughes, and of course with Hillaire and Wyatt gone that would still only make Martin the 9th (maybe 10th if Hughes shows) best player at best by his Junior year. Are you that down on him?
  6. If anyone had the temperment to lose his starting spot for the good of the team it would be LEVINE. That being said, he will start next year. I still believe having the three headed-monster of Iati, Jordan, and Wilson is not beneficial to the team. I think one of those...my guess, Iati, will be sitting. I really believe Brown will go with Wilson, Jordan, Zoellner, Levine. Iati will only start if Dyson and B. Wilson are raw. I also beleive that if Martin gets it together he has a shot to start. My starting 5 Wilson 6'1 Jordan 6'2 Levine 6'5 Dyson 6'9 Zoellner 7'2 First three off the bench Iati- 5'9 Martin 6'7 Hughes 6'8 (*if he is here). If not...Knotts. Next group: (no particular order) B. Wilson 6'8 Bauman 6'2 Lillis 6'5 Knotts 6'6' Wyatt 6'6 Mark my words. Marvin Cheese will only leave the bench. Johnson...maybe a few minutes. The scholarship kids did not come here to ride the pine...even as freshman.
  7. Granted these kids are puppy dogs...but how do you think B. Wilson, Dyson, Lillis, and Bauman would match up against the current Danes. Throw in Jordan to that mix just for giggles for a solid 5 guys? Any thoughts?
  8. The only team that was not Top 25 caliber was Brown and they still finished off well with a very young team. The contracts were signed last year for Hofstra, Brown, and Fordham. Lehigh was last month. This is a progressive move forward. As for the contracts, Ruler you are way off. Lehigh is a one and done for now. Brown ends this season. Fordham I am not sure of, and Hofstra is for two years. Northeastern returns to the schedule in '05 I think. As for Brown...think again....our best shot is Fordham. Brown will be preseason top 3 in the IVY with Harvard and Penn. Probably tied with Yale.
  9. That is an absolutely ridiculous schedule...very, very tough. If we can go 9- 4 (losses to Hopkins, 'Cuse, UMBC, UMASS) I would be very happy!
  10. LOL. I am starting to like you more and more D2k! Not that you would care (cause I wouldn't)
  11. I agree about the costs. My sisters last year at UMD college park saw the same problem (1998). They sucked it up and started bldg. highrise pkg garages. UA talked about it for a bit. Bottom line...it will be a reality not just for sports...but for any new projects. It is a must for the campus. As for the shuttles...i meant they shuttled people from the lots....not the kids from the dorms...but that is good too!
  12. I meant CENTER in the second part of the second paragraph (toledo, dukes, etc).
  13. Michael Clarke is a basket case...played in my high school conference. Clarion is a garbage DII hoop program ever since the early 1990's (they had my teammate Joey Brauer who transfered to St. Leo's and Kwame Morten...a very very good player from Lafayette H.S. in Brooklyn). It is in the middle of nowhere (try Turkey Hole, PA as the closest town). As for Haggerty...unbelievable shooter...just wouldnt be able to create off the dribble. He actually was a better shooter than Antoine! Would be a solid bench player in the AE. For those who have not seen Haggerty play, well...he could do some serious damage in the AE. He is as quick as these guards. He wanted to stay home and start from DAY 1. He torched Toledo, Ark-Little Rock (who had a legitimate guard...forgot his name) and Duquense. He has gotten much stronger since he left Albany. The league he plays in in England is not so bad. Terence Durham (a St. Bonnie Stud) played alongside him. One player you are all forgetting....Andre Duncan. First DII player. If the kid wasnt a basket case he would have played NEC/AE level ball. Was an absolute DII terror. Big at 6'6' and 215+ and could shoot the three ball. Was an absolute animal. He was the ANTI-WYATT! He would probably start on this years team and would be a solid stud on next years team. He was supposed to go on and play Pro (i think he may have for a year) but last I heard...the 'tude got the best of him. Great baller though!
  14. For big games (football and hoops) the university closed sections around the gyms and had people park on the curb in the past along University Drive. They have also used the school shuttle in the past to get people from Dutch/Indian.
  15. Trust me...UA can get its ###### together when it wants. They hosted the DIII tourney in 1994. It was amazing...averaging I think a bit over 3500. The Elite 8 final had 4500+. It was loud, wild and we should have won (phantom foul w/ 2.4 left cost us the game by a bucket). It was a tremendous atmosphere....and the place looked absolutely amazing.
  16. D2k has his numbers right on (as for the size of the sides). The sides are 1800 (on the money) each and the backs are 700. Now you guys can debate how many seats were filled based on that...but his numbers are right. There are also 600 chairbacks on each side I beleive.
  17. Nah...not an a-hole...just a pessimist....2512. Lalalala.
  18. We absolutely had a ton of leg injuries. Every single player suffered from some sort of injury from soreness to ACL's. This floor has been miserable since its inception. Play on it for an hour a few times a week for a month. I guarantee your back will start to hurt. People dont realize that most back injuries can be attributed to leg problems. My knees/ankles are shot from plain old p/u games alone on that floor! It is g-d awful! UA could purchase a final four floor...they sell them every year!!!
  19. I am almost postive you can transfer back up...no problems between JC and NCAA I schools. As for Jones, i agree...he will get into a camp and may make it as a practice squader for the first year...but that is a long shot...best bet is Europe....and definatley CFL
  20. If we can add Gribulus and the local kid as a frosh...that would be ideal.
  21. Gary has the speed and size to be a third down back in the NFL...he will get in someones camp that is for sure. Matt Caliandro would have made the Titans but for a back injury. Phillis was looked at, as was Dan Gmelin (caught Ryan leaf's first San Diego TD pass). Scott Turin was in the Browns camp for tryouts. Gary is much better than all the above. My guess...>World League and AFL.
  22. I was under the impression he was back after the Colgate game...but that is all second hand.
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