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  1. Was just going to eat the about stony brook. They are clearly smaller than Oregon however, they are playing well…3000 plus miles away,rabid fan base making a loud stadium, against the 4th ranked team in the land.
  2. He can GTFO of here with that $iena. It’s not even good coach speak.
  3. And to be clear, my statement isn’t about this season. In one season we’ve had a good line. I know this group is going. But why weren’t the backups ready.
  4. An offensive touchdown. Look at that, against 3-4th stringers. Syracuse has 9 sacks. I thing we have given up 18 sacks on the year. Any question as to what is our weakest link. I’ve never thought Sweeney was a good position coach. It’s either that or we can’t evaluate talent.
  5. I don’t think he was benched for play. I think he was benched to save him
  6. Gattuso living off his Duquesne days. Days where they were extremely well funded compared to the rest of the league. Then he plays Albany, blames the wind, and Albany and Ford design a game plan to annihilate and expose his plan. He whines about other teams piling it on. we are a league laughingstock, I’m very connected to the Northern teams. this has to end
  7. It’s so exciting watching DIII ALBANY playing Syracuse. Never thought that would happen. That’s what we look like. DIII
  8. By getting our $iena together, I mean Benson terminating Gattuso this year and not waiting. Another year is a disaster. It’s almost a 5 million dollar investment with a trash ROI. I wouldn’t wait. Unless this squad goes 500 or above somehow, the experiment needs to end this year.
  9. And, many of these guys can transfer if we don’t get our $iena together, quickly.
  10. Syracuse is picked dead last in the ACC Atlantic Division. Let that sink in. Syracuse is not a food fbs team. Albany is a worse FCS team. I’d expect this result from an FCS, NEC Albany. Not a CAA ALBANY. Gattuso talking about competing for national titles. He can’t even produce a top tier CAA team in year 8.
  11. Agreed. This starts and ends with Oline. It’s not CAA top caliber. It’s been our Achilles heel for years. We’ve had two good olines in 8 years. The line is somewhat young but again, why so.
  12. Let's talk facts, I love facts. 8 Seasons, and I am not giving a pandemic pass because other CAA teams played with the same issues. Here are your facts: 3 total winning seasons over 8 seasons (including this year) 1 of those season's were with Ford recruited players 1 winning CAA season in 8 seasons 1 .500 CAA season in 8 seasons Total Record over 8 Seasons: 34 wins 40 losses Total CAA Record over 8 Seasons: 19 wins and 35 losses. THIS STAT IS RIDICULOUS AS THE CAA MATTERS THE MOST. We are 16 games under .500. Last Four Season Record (presuming he has built his program): 13 wins and 18 losses, even if you don't count pandemic year you are at 3 games under .500 Last Four Season CAA Record: 8 wins and 14 Losses. Even if you take away the pandemic year, its four games under .500 This is not progress...it's abject vanilla, and basically admitting we are ok with mediocrity. We spend approximately $4.6 million on this nonsense? We destroy fan interest (8,100 tonight). We are picked to finish in the bottom of the league. This is not progress. The facts are facts. We deserve more. I hope and pray Gattuso turns it around. If he doesn't, questions need to be asked of the AD.
  13. And for the record, I called everything that happened on that last series. Ask click. I’m not that good of a football mind to basically predict what’s gonna happen, consistently.
  14. Gattuso and his staff are not getting the job done. He’s a predictable coach. Year 8 and it’s more of the same. “But the game was close…we fought”. Duck that noise. He’s not a good head coach. He’s a position coach. End discussion. Year 8 and more than half of our two deep (maybe a little 3 deep) are underclassmen. We should be loaded in year 8. Excuses stop. It’s a bad football team, and very undisciplined. That’s been that way for his whole tenure. Coach Brown had less resources and did better. He was terminate. Benson has put all his money on football. Remember, Gattuso isn’t his hire. I’m just tired of this and at some point Benson needs to make a decision. This is a multi million dollar failure but for one season with an NFL caliber wideout. Even in that season, we were not remotely ready to play with the big boys we look slow we look weak we look boring offensively yeah, I get this is a young group…but when does that excuse stop this is insane already Definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over, especially when it fails
  15. Positives: passing game, pass protection, Undercuffler, punting game, and a youthful defense did a really good job imho. Negatives: run blocking, sloppy tackling at times, head scratching special team play calling, sloppy penalties and turnovers leading to 14 points. Not upset by this game. Just frustrated. Thought we acquitted ourselves decently, could have been better. Clean up the negatives and I he team could make a run. I think we are one year away. Offensive line needs to get better.
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