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  1. Over the years, it has been talked about but not quite enough. In fact, she played as a Freshman for UAlbany and then transferred to Indiana. She chose Albany over one of the seven sister schools (I can't remember the school, off hand). Her story is quite intriguing...she was supposed to be a lawyer after finishing her hoops playing days.
  2. Name the recruit because if you think Brown brought oppong in as a player comes along with coach thing, you’re sorely mistaken. Earv. was a 5’9 street baller who no one was recruiting other than like four schools . giving oppong a chance was a wonderfully brilliant move by Brown. Turned out well, could have turned out poorly. Credit to both coach and player.
  3. Personally, I think it has less to due with his friendship Champion and more to do with the fact that the Griffin family is familiar with Newman.
  4. Seriously? I question your knowledge of the program if you even think he was relevant. He averaged around 2 points and 1.5 boards in 30 games. Miller.
  5. Ok. Fine. Let’s use your words. Did those guys excite you. I’ll be done with this when I hear that answer. An honest answer.
  6. Really, did fine? Give me a break. Go look at their stats. You’re trashing a new coach just to bash him. And for a guy who says he likes facts, you aren’t presenting them again, I’m a will brown guy but this nonsense is getting ridiculous
  7. Miller- former UMass team manager and averaged around 4 a game for umass hansen- 9 and 5 for an absolutely trash savannah st team Alex Foster- averaged about 1.5 and 1,5 in a bust of a career at Texas tech and Bradley. where was your disgust with these one year grad transfer recruits I’m sure you’ll pull some bull$iena up.
  8. You’re slow. They were all one year grad transfers with meh numbers. Didn’t see you bitch then. agajn, I’m a will brown guy with some insight into the program. However, without knowing the makeup of the roster, I just feel people are trashing Coach killings just to trash him. Let me put it this way: If our frontline ends up being Doles, Taylor, Hutcheson and Newman...I’m good with it as they all compliment each other We are in the AE; who do you expect to come in. like you said, facts.
  9. Rayshawn Miller Alex Foster Romani Hansen I’ll get a scotch and wait for your comments (I’m sure you’ll pull something up). I’m a Will Brown guy...I just feel like people are trashing a new coach before seeing the goods.
  10. So what's your comments= on Jarvis Doles? Where was the disappointment when he was recruited. Truly curious. Basically had the same numbers. I will take Jarvis Doles ALL DAY. Not to say that Newman is going to thrive like Doles did.
  11. Credit to Click for finding. Think some will change their minds...
  12. Yep, exactly. And they will possibly have more if some guys are staying on board.
  13. He played behind Nick Sestina (who transferred to Kentucky) and then he was injured. Last time we got a big with numbers like this, with an injury...it was Doles. I like this signing as a tough, Philly kid who has solid hands. If this means he either backs Doles up or is playing next to Doles...both meaning Doles is staying, I am on board. I think he would be a nice tandem next to Doles.
  14. Cool. Think that is what maybe I saw on Twitter as well. That’s an excellent core. The new signee is a sniper, a good fit to see some minutes and open up the floor.
  15. Plenty of D2 and D3 kids can play at this level (same with JUCO and NAIA) that were overlooked. If I had to guess, this is a Rizzuto type replacement. Same size-ish. He comes from a tough as nails hoop program in the Philly area, Archbishop Wood. Solid D-2 player, averaging 16.5 per game and 4.5 boards. Seems a bit sloppy with the ball (negative A/TO margin) however, we don't know if that was the product of the offense or just poor decision making. I'd say the only real negative is that Lock Haven is not traditionally great at hoops...mid-bottom of the PSAC. However, the competition is pretty solid...the PSAC usually has a couple of teams in the D2 Top 25.
  16. He’s transferring from Lock Haven. D-2. PSAC. Good league
  17. This is not a lie. There are a HUGE amount of starters injured...and backups. I mean massive. We have a ridiculous schedule for the fall...this spring season was a joke and should not have been played, safety wise with the amount of run-up allowed. I'd rather sit it out...and get guys healthy. Zero issues with this.
  18. Agreed. Let's be honest; kid's like Symir and JGIII belong NO lower than the A-Ten level.
  19. I’m so glad that so few words, with so little meaning other than to speak to my annoyance with you, have provided you with information about Coach Griffin. I’ve really surpassed my own expectations.
  20. I thought about responding and then two quick thoughts came to mind: 1- you’re officially the most annoying poster on the board; and 2-I don’t have to give you my reasons.
  21. Generally speaking agree. However, he is a HIGHLY qualified coach...HIGHLY. Perfect fit and a next jump up type of role for him. The hiring...for whatever the reason...is more than ok with me.
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