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  1. The friars who ran St. Bonaventure organized Siena as a sister/satellite school in 1937. Maybe this explains the similarity in fan behavior, though "Bonnie" fans have a longer and worse reputation for this sort of trailer park routine.
  2. Bosiydid I have said nothing against Ubiles. I am not rooting against him per se. Nor does it bother me that he is academically suspended. I root against Siena primarily because of the obnoxious fan base that said all their crap about Albany would never be the d1 team Siena was starting at least in 99 when we went d1. As far as 2 strong teams in the capital district, that is not my concern. I would rather have 1 strong team in the Capital district and 9 strong teams in the AE than 2 strong teams in the Capital district and fewer strong teams in the AE. BTW, I don't think I have to te
  3. Nice post. You really have to take many of the Siena posters with a grain of salt. I look forward to a healthy rivalry between the two programs.
  4. Congrats to Coach Brown and the kids for "two in a row". Hope you guys make some noise AGAIN this year!
  5. Congrats to Coach Brown and the kids on a great win over Utah!
  6. It's just amazing that a kid who doesn't want to stay at Siena must be misguided, anything that happens that is Siena related that could be at all considered negative is never their fault. They just can't understand why everyone in the world doesn't want to attend Siena, especially with all Siena's inherent advantages. Some of their fans now say that it's not much of a loss because Kenny H. was/is better anyway and can easily shift to the PG and by doing so even his already solid FG% will probably get better(ie. Siena Tony) I guess it's called addition by subtraction? "As the S
  7. P.S. I heard a crazy thing the other day and maybe someone can clear this up for me. Someone told me that there's a player on Siena (some big guy maybe it's # 11) that was found by their coach when he was on vacation in Costa Rica (or somewhere down south) is there any truth to this? 10611[/snapback] The kid you might be referring to is Joao Braga - a 6'2" freshman point guard from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Braga participated in The NBA's Basketball Without Borders Program - whatever the hell that means. The NBA has some sort of an outreach program for Latin American players. They sp
  8. Vitale tends to drive me nuts with all of his pro-NCAA drivel, but he really does his homework and his comments about UA were quite excellent. The piece on Doc Sauers was really cool too. ESPN highlighted that Sauers was among the most successful collegiate coaches in history.
  9. Vitale said that UA was favored to win the AE and that Jamar was a big reason for that. He also said he loved what Will Brown was doing at UA. Vitale further commented that Billy Donovan said he was very impressed with The Danes.
  10. Nice win against Oakland, guys! Now, go out and give the Gators hell! I think they may be looking past UA. Can anyone post a link to a web radio feed for the game? Best, I91
  11. The Siena/UA rivalry redux is great for the Capital region and I hope both teams keep moving forward. I met Brown after the UMBC game last year and came away with a terrific impression of him as a person and as a basketball professional. It looks like Brown landed a very nice recruit in the 6'11" kid - congrats on that. Lanier did some really good things at Siena, but unfortunately he was in over his head as a coach and manager. Lanier's firing was badly mishandled by the notoriously inept Siena administration, but he used that as an excuse to encourage his recruits and current playe
  12. Hey Guys, I have posted several times over on the Siena board that we (Siena) had better start to respect UA - Patch, Dane96 and soup can vouch for this. When I warned the Siena community last year that UA was going to beat them, I was ridiculed on the board. When people on the Siena board started saying that the UA game is a "should win" this year, I reminded them that UA is a likely 20-win team this year, while Siena is going to be lucky to win six games, given the mess that Lanier left behind. Again, I was ridiculed. I applaud the work that Will Brown has done and hope you g
  13. Hey Guys, I'm a Siena grad that was there during the late 80s/early 90s "glory days" of Brown, Robinson, McCoy and later, Bennerman. Those teams were really great and it was fun to watch them sneak up on the big guys and kick their asses often. Unfortunately, while the program was awesome then, it's in shambles now. Rob Lanier is in way over his head and needs to go after this season. I live in NYC now, but am planning a couple of weekend trips up north to see the Danes and Siena. I love what Will Brown has done with the UA program and was not at all surprised by the ass-kicking
  14. Congrats again to the Danes. I am a Siena alum and fan, however I'm really looking forward to watching UA make some noise this year. Coach Brown has put together a nice team and he's an excellent coach. Hope your squad stays healthy and kicks some ass this year! Best, Indian91
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