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  1. Boston Globe Article Very Good article on the state of Small college Scholarship Football. What scares me is the fact is that he is writing out an outline of how to do it and there is a line of Presidents who want to read it.
  2. Finally, about time this happened. Smart move by the NEC going 40 schollies because it makes the conference very attractive to these schools that are full of traditions but logistically isolated. Plus it give the conference instant credibility. I can see it break down like this... North Maine UNH URI Bryant UA CCSU South Duquense RMU St. Francis Wagner SHU Monmouth Possible Championship game, maybe...depends on Scheduling but I think this move could save 1-AA football in New England.
  3. http://www.sportsnetwork.com/merge/tsnform.aspx?c=sportsnetwork&page=mlh/stat/ahl-attendance.htm All of these reports of teams coming to Albany to replace the Rats are all very fishy. Why would a Hartford or Bridgeport move to Albany when they are closer to their affiliates now where they are rather than go further north and Albany has drawn the fourth worst in the league? I think the current brass of the Rats are trying to keep people coming by reassuring them. The only hope for Albany is if Portland, ME moves in because it would be closer to Buffalo and in their TV market. http://www.buffalonews.com/sports/story/955028.html As for Albany basketball moving to the TU to fill the void. I'm sure a 6-21 basketball team will be a huge draw for people to come to downtown Albany.
  4. The RACC is a pretty nice basketball facility for the America East why isnt that been sold out every night? I dont go to Bruins games because I like the TD Garden. I go to see hockey and Bruins. People who like football and like Albany will go regardless of what kind of stadium it is. Just because you build a 10,000 seat stadium doesnt mean 10,000 will show up. 5000 max will be plenty and if by some miracle we start selling out, expansions can always be made.
  5. Sorry Reality Check but Buffalo has no shot at getting into the Big Ten. I will either be Rutgers, ND, WV or Mizzou. Anyway the decision is not coming for 18 months. My point being is that if the structure of FCS football does not change it will not be in the long term benefit of UA to put too much investment in football (i.e. New stadium and increase in scholarships). I do support improvements to University Field as is.
  6. "FCS schools must confront their expenses without the benefit of the lucrative television contracts or the cash-laden bowl payouts that aid Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division 1-A) teams." Me and my dad were discussing this last night. When they first did the split some 1-AA games were on network TV in local markets whether it was BU, BC, Rutgers, UConn or Holy Cross. Since then, Conferences and not the NCAA have negotiated TV contracts and that has steered revenue towards the BCS and FBS schools. This makes FCS football an attendance driven sport. If you can't draw you can't survive. We are kidding ourselves if we think that FCS football as it is now can survive. The dent in budgets in the future will be in travel. Those costs are only gonna continue to rise as we go into the future. If we stay patient I am almost willing to bet that a new Yankee conference emerges with decreased scholarship numbers.
  7. In Regards to URI... http://www.projo.com/sports/mikeszostak/uri_football_sidebar_11-22-09_38GHQV9_v2.2e5fb51.html Apparently they are getting a new weight room in 2011 and that will springboard them to instant success. Rhode Island has been one of the states hit hardest by the Recession so URI will have to make a decision on the program at some point and with the trend I think its the next one to go.
  8. Now just waiting on the announcement for a contract extension for Trina.
  9. If a twin rink is run properly it can make money. I'm not saying it could make huge money but you do have a potential work force (students) who could work on the cheap in Maintenance, concessions, shop, tickets, etc. which is something the others don't have. Since it is a university facility I am sure they are exempt from some state taxes which isnt much but a help. The next key to it is bringing in the business. A new facility is something that could entice a Junior team like the CD selects to base themselves at. Other revenue streams could be high schools and youth programs. I am well aware that many facilites do struggle and I play every week at one. It is starting to come back but slowly. Champions Skating Center in Cromwell, CT where the wolfpack practice has been a relative success and that is mainly because they have the wolfpack, jr. wolfpack and the CT Clippers who at Jr. B.
  10. In regards to attendance I went to the BU/UMass game a few weeks ago and they were turning students away. If hockey was brought on and made D1 I could see it getting something similar to that of basketball if the facility was built on-site. With that said to gain that popularity Albany would have to shoot for at the least the ECAC league in 5 years time. Students would not come out for Atlantic Hockey. If Albany was ECAC they could entice match ups with our America East companions i.e. UNH, Maine, Vermont (I leave BU out of the equation because I never see BU playing again UA at UA unless they some how went Hockey East). Plus being in the ECAC league would give us a natural rival in RPI and Union. With that said as much as I would Love UA to go D1 Hockey I thing there is a laundry list of things that have to be done with other sports to get UA to look more like a D1 College. Permanent Seats at Softball and Baseball fields and an upgrade to University Field. Another Idea in regards to building a new facility is if new Hockey rinks were build somewhere on campus could that be used as another stream of income. A twin rink facility with one rink at capacity say 500 and then one at 2000-3000(similar to Gutterson at UVM) could be used to entice clinics, youth teams, high school teams, adult leagues to buy ice time. A hockey facility can be turned into a source of income unlike the Football Stadium which will go used only in the Fall, Spring and Summer. Twin rinks would be open all year round and most are used almost 24hours a day.
  11. If memory serves UConn's 40,000 stadium cost around $90 Million. So if the new UAlbany field is gonna cost 40-45 we're getting hosed.
  12. http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/...keeper-coundoul
  13. Unbelievable, every time I call for her to be fired they win. Fell bad for UMBC that's gonna hurt their RPI.
  14. They are 3-21 and 329 in the RPI (only 12 spots to go!). Talk of a coaching move being premature? I'm sorry you may be willing to see this program go down in flames but I'm not. Obviously Dani is probably years away from being a head coach. However, my whole point is this can't get any worse. We've hit rock bottom here. There are two other assistants that maybe ready to take over as well. We really have nothing to lose. If money is an issue I wonder if there is a buyout clause in the contract or any other performance based clause that could allow the University an out here. If not, go with an interim coach (one of the current assistants) next year and see how things go then go after an experienced coach.
  15. I'm not saying she was Pat Summit before she got here but she did have a winning season so if shows she was capable and did just enough to keep her job here and that's it. If everyone is so worried about cost (only when it comes to women's basketball I guess) why not just promote an assistant. Give Dani a shot. I always thought she would make a good coach. Why not, what do we have to lose and honestly can it get any worse?
  16. Honestly I don't think women's coaches make that much money unless your at a BCS school. She surely cant be getting paid what Will Brown is being paid so im not sure the economy is on the mind of McElroy when he has to do the programs port-mortem. I don't think the program should go with a proven winner as even coach Patterson had a 20 win season to her credit. They should be looking for that eager assistant that is looking for his/her shot at head coaching. Shea Ralph and Jamelle Elliot are names that could fit that role perfectly and might find it intriguing to coach against a former husky. Honestly, if we did fire her and went bargain basement to get a coach could it get any worse? I could coach them and Ill get you three wins.
  17. Honestly I think the recruiting strategy (if you can call it that) is lets find the best AAU player we can find that would be willing to come to Albany. Hey if you like to go to school thousands of miles from your family and have a low basketball I.Q. come to Albany! A free education and all the turnovers you can commit!
  18. I tell ya he would be one hell of a recruiter. "He could see a ketchup Popsicle to a woman is white gloves."
  19. “Defensively, I could not have asked for a better effort,” said head coach Trina Patterson, whose squad held Pilypaitis to single-digit scoring for the first time this season against a conference opponent. “Our offense was just tragic. We could not buy a bucket. However, to hold that team to 48 points when they average 67, and shutting out the player of the year shows that we can stop people.” As a Bruins fan this reminds me of Dave Lewis after a 5-0 loss to Nashville saying "I think we played are best game of the season" 319 Jacksonville St 5-18 0.3786 312 0.4323 320 NJIT 5-16 0.3785 322 0.4253 321 Bryant 6-16 0.3780 332 0.4131 322 Central Arkansas 5-16 0.3778 323 0.4244 323 Albany 3-19 0.3769 256 0.4570 You can blame having a young team and injuries on a poor record but when that brings you down to being worse that schools that have just gone DI and aren't even affiliated with a conference yet. Mari Warner still coaching in the area?
  20. Found the Sports Network article. Feel like an ass. Sorry. I thought they had denied it to them cause I though I remembered laughing at Stony Brook about something. Easy to forget I guess. I still would like to see how things go first rather than diving in as soon as. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Anyone know how our Title IX ratio is. If we have to add more women's sports that could also be another financial stumbling block into some renovations or new constructions on football (and other sports) facilities that we desperately need. Still think we need to view this Big South thing with a little trepidation.
  21. I want UAlbany to be itself. I believe I said we are better than Stony Brook. Just because Bingo does something or Buffalo does something doesn't mean we have to. If we keep in lock step then everyone nationwide will continue to view us a just a SUNY. I was a student during the transition and I don't believe it is a mistake at all. My assertion is that the Student Body won't give a crap about us going Big South and going full scholarship. Football is just not a big sport amongst the student body. I was at every home game from 01 until 04 (and called them on the radio hence the board handle) and during that time they won the Gridiron Classic. Most I ever saw at a game was maybe 3,000. There could have been more since then but I doubt it was more than 4,000. The only way students get excited about the teams is if they see them on ESPN (bball and LAX). Which is a sad but its the truth. If you want them to become excited about football we need some sort of national exposure and the best and most assured way is to at least get in the tournament via the AQ from the NEC where the potential exists for an ESPN game. I must say I'm disappointed with everyone's position on the board that we can't win games in the tournament at the present level. After all we have seen we still have such a lack of faith in the football team. One non-scholarship team has made the championship in the last 10 years and that was COLGATE in 2003 who had a record of 15-1 and beat our beloved BUFFALO. I didn't think Id be mocked for the CCSU and SHU comments. I like going and supporting UAlbany. Sorry. We are dealing in hypotheticals on the schedule but like I said before the Big South isnt all that stronger than the NEC so we would still have to beef up the OOC schedule to make a case for the playoff since there is no AQ out of the Big South. Therefore some of our NEC friend would probably get lost in the shuffle. I would love to see Albany go fully scholarship but I want it done the right way. Let's just take a deep breath and see how this AQ goes. I guess its just frustrating considering back when I was at CDB we we're complaining we didnt get a bid to the tournament and now that we finally have the opportunity we all of a sudden want to move and give that up. If there was to be some sort of coming together of the Big South and NEC with the AQ thrown in then I would be in favor of it but at its present status I wouldn't. You never know what can happen on ANY GIVEN SATURDAY.
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