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  1. PATCH Don't blame my "barrage of verbiage" for you changing the subject........you do that on cue rather than directly answer a question that does not support your viewpoint. As for me not going to "Go Away"...........all you had to do was ask......I'm gone. My initial reaction to this site was that I had found a venue where I could keep current and up to date on the mens' basketball teams transition to D1 and to a lesser extent Albany athletics in general. It was my hope that this would be a good place to bounce ideas and opinions back and forth with fellow Danes fans. I do not ha
  2. PATCH "SHALLOW"??.......Oh, Patchy, coming from such a deep and insightful person I am truly crushed. Oh, deep thinking one, what makes you think that because you attend more games than I that that makes you a better Danes fan and that those who try to follow the team and get info and insight by going to this site when unable to attend are merely in your words " just someone who reads the message boards on the web"? A tad presumptious on your part for such a deep thinker such as yourself. I thought all were welcome here to ask quest
  3. PATCH I re-read my posts to see what "damn answers" you said I had and all I could find were questions I posed? I find it strange that from such an analytical and stats orientated poster that when the numbers do not suit you that the questions become "stupid". Also you stray from the topic which was Jon and the ROW/ROY and turn it in to next years team and Dyson and Zoellner and Wilson. What has that got to do with this years ROW/ROY? Ones objectivity might be questioned if one fails to look at both sides of an issue. I can not emphasize enough (to some) that Jon Iati is a GREAT g
  4. PATCH You can't cherry pick your stats in order to protect Jon. You decide not to give turnovers because you feel Jon "is constantly hounded by a myriad of defenders whose job it is to wear him down:....?? You decide not to give give total amount of shots because you feel Jon has taken " a ton of shots, many of which he would not normally take except for the circumstances"..........?? You do him no service by ommitting the stats that you feel are not indicative of the player that he is. Jon is a very good player and in my opinion deserves the ROY award. P.S. I knew t
  5. PROF I agree 100% with your post............I am simply curious as to how posters feel about the impact Iati's situation and minutes played relate to the ROW situation..........nothing more. PATCH You are indeed a font of basketball information, I knew this ever since the lecture you gave me on the accepted practice of lettering a jersy which contains seven letters! Thanks for all the stats...............almost.............shots per game were conspicious by their absence............and assists are listed but not turnovers.........
  6. This is not a knock on Iati who is an outstanding player and who is going to be even more effective next year but some thoughts on the ROW/ROY: Is he having an outstanding season (6 ROW'ss)or is the current crop of Rookies not as good as previous years? Does his minutes played and shots attempted ( dictated by the Danes short and limited roster) give him a leg up on his competition? Is his PPG due to the fact that he is playing well or that he is given the green light due to the limited offensive abilities of his teammates? Do all of these factors give him an advantage over the
  7. Knotts' is out of shape and has shown no desire to improve himself. His poor work ethic and lack of drive will insure that he never improves. A lamp post would get 20 against Todd Martin. After the season is over I think they should sit down and seriously evaluate their situation. Good lively crowd at the Growl, it was shame the Danes played with little energy in front of 3750 home town fans. I guess the minutes they have logged was bound to take it's toll. I agree with DanePound that they could scratch the band at the feast and you wouldn't hear me complain and if they happene
  8. "Starting" doesn't concern me as I believe with the make up of the squad next year we are going to see many different starting line-ups. I just hope that he can be the inside physical presence that we so desperately need. All the scouting services say it will be so, his numbers this year hint otherwise, only time will tell.
  9. Congrats to the Danes for their victory on the road. For a change we came out and put some points on the board early. In our past few games we put our selves in a hole and have had to scratch and claw our way back in to contention, which takes a lot of energy, which in turn takes has taken it's toll in the closing minutes of games. Lookin forward to the BPF and BPG! Let's Pack The Racc.
  10. It sort of takes the credibility out of the rating process if who you sign with determines your ranking? If I sign with a mid-major/low major all of a sudden I plummet down in the rankings, and I am "rated" as less of a player than I was? Seems to me something is askew in this process. Is this standard procedure or just Hoops Scoops procedure? Did Dyson fall in all the scouting services?
  11. I am trying to stay pumped up that Dyson is going to be the stud power forward we so desperately need, however slipping by 100 spots by Hoops Scoops which initially gave him his higher ranking, and to see him average under 10pts per game is a little disconcerting you must admit. I realize he is surrounded by poor talent, but I assume Hoops Scoops realizes that too when they reevaluated him. At 6'9 and 250 or there-abouts, I would think with that size and with legitimate D1 caliber skills, one would not be wrong in being suprised that he is not averaging double digits at the high school level.
  12. If this team has proven anything it is that they can "D" teams up. That is what has kept them in most games and something that it appears they have bought in to as a team. They may shoot the ball poorly and are prone to turn the ball over, but night in and night out the one constant has been their defense. I would be suprised to see the coaching staff sacrifice that, which is what they would be doing, by inserting Todd Martin for his offense, which in my humble opinion is no more than adequate.
  13. Turnovers are killing us! We are struggling offensively as it is and to make twenty five trips a game without getting off a shot isn't helping. Plus, we play outstanding halfcourt defense only to come down on offense, turn it over, and have the opposition turn it in to an easy transition basket. Levi is starting to show his frustration by making sloppy turnovers and trying to force the issue on offense. I can certainly understand his frustration, and I love his competitive nature, but he has to let the game come to him, which I realize is easier said than done.
  14. Or Jamal Hughes's being M.I.A. due to personal problems.
  15. Am I correct in assuming that two bodies were added to the roster?
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