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  1. Won't hear an argument from me on that topic. I'm a hockey fan and would love to have another division one program in the area.
  2. Only the first 8 teams are seeded. The rest are geographical. Hi, my name is MOE RON...nice to meet you. Hi MOE RON. Welcome to the board. I know that only the first eight schools are seeded, but Canisius played the number three seed and UMBCDSFGHJJ played the number two seed. Therefore, it was funny as I said in my original post. Slob87, your penis envy for the MAAC is growing tiresome.
  3. Funny thing is, Canisius received a better seed than UMBCDFGHJSKJGH in this year's tournament.
  4. Bob, where in my post did I compare the two leagues? I simply corrected your assertion that the MAAC does not do well in other sports. BTW, I would qualify Siena's wins at Loyola (#17 in the country) and against Harvard as quality ones. So, you are wrong again when you call the lacrosse league a joke.
  5. Well, bob doesn't [ I don't know why anyone would. At least if you follow all sports at all. Maac hockey died a few years ago followed by football. maac lacrosse is the joke league. I think while all the other leagues have at least 1 ncaa tournament win over the last 6 years the maac regular loses their games by score of 20-3. Even the only sport they are somewhat competitve in ( basketball) has seen betters days. Bob, you are such a tool. The Iona men's cross country team earned a second place finish at the 2007 NCAA Cross Country Championship. The St. Peter's men's soc
  6. If it really true that many schools have has success in one sport that makes them "A dime a dozen" and there is no need for excess praise of a certain one here. (the TU or the censured message board more than takes care of that) I am more impressed with schools with NCAA tournament victories in 2 or more sports especially when done in under a decade of D1 athletics. I wouldn't focus on what hasn't been accomplished yet. Bob, just give it a rest.
  7. Envy, jealousy, and anger... I will borrow a phrase from my wife.... I'm 'zero degrees' ... when it comes to $iena. Zero degrees means that I feel absolute indifference. You've attached yourself to one athletic team, with its minimal success and all, and have made it your reason for being. You've been brainwashing yourself for way too long old friend. Your perspective is tainted. The $iena mentality is arrogant and boastful. Unfortunately, this is truth. Again, all for one athletic team with minimal success. Therefore, one would say the $iena mentality is slightly d
  8. I was not being confrontational. I do recognize the quality program that Albany has put together in the last few years and that is why I refernced the Utah win. However, uofalbany has some serious jealousy/anger issues that he needs to work out.
  9. Your post reeks of envy. BTW, you can add an NIT Final Four appearance to the resume, but who's counting?
  10. I am not arguing with you, but you know that is my style. And the nickname certainly fits on many levels since Siena is much closer to a community college level like HVCC than the almost BSC power that the delusional Siena fans think they are. HVCC would probably beat Siena in some sports. All I know, is that Siena has a former pitcher who has been tearing it up with the Washington Nationals the last three starts. Does UAlbany have anyone of significance competing at the major league level?
  11. This recent success in men's basketball is about all that Siena's athletic program has to be excited about. Now please take that last bastion of hope and bring it back to your message boards. UA still has a lacrosse tournament to prepare for... We've been hearing for years how Albany is going to surpass Siena. Let's see it happen. Fact is, Albany hasn't won jack without Jamar Wilson. Let's see Albany win a title without the great player. Has Albany ever beaten a BCS school or even a high level mid-major for that matter (high level Atlantic-10, CAA, etc). Albany has a lot to do to surp
  12. I know. It was my poor attempt at continuing the satire.
  13. How many times in a row have we beaten them? I don't know why we continue to play them. It doesn't help our RPI. Because we beat them almost every year, I think we should never let them host another game. I don't care how close the score margin is. Furthermore, I think that whenever their few fans want to see a game in person, they should pay full entrance price and stand outside the gates to view the game. They should stand and not be allowed any seats. And we get to keep the gate. All of it. Interesting. That's exactly how Siena fans feel about playing UAlbany in basketbal
  14. What's up Kingdane? Are you incapable of having a decent conversation? Maybe you're just jealous that Siena is now even ranked ahead of UAlbany in lacrosse? http://lacrosse.homelinux.net/lacrosse1.cgi
  15. I guess I will finish with this point. If South Alabama can get an at-large bid, then so can a MAAC team. Playing BCS Cnference teams on a neutral floor (Old Spice Classic) puts Siena in prime position for an at-large bid next year. Again, I'm not saying it will happen, but getting a couple of wins in that tournament, beating teams like Cornell at home, winning the bracketbuster at home, and ripping thorugh the MAAC would put them in position.
  16. Unlikely to happen, but a MAAC team could absolutely get an at-large bid. Case in point would be Manhattan in the mid 90's. If Siena does well in the Old Spice Classic and in conference play, they could definitley get one.
  17. Despite being a Siena fan and enjoying the coverage the TU provides, I have have to agree with Ellen on this one. A picture from that game should have been provided if there was one available. There is no reason why the TU can't provide equally great coverage of both programs. Especially during this time of the year.
  18. Guys, Kenny is a good kid and I am sure he respects the Albany program. He also is someone who is very confident and believes that Siena should win every game. BTW, I would love to see the rivalry continue. It's the best sporting event in the Capital Region by far.
  19. Racial insults? BoysIdid, you are a real piece of work.
  20. Please stop making reference to the Stanford game as a benchmark for attendance at Siena home games. There are several factors that played into a poor number for that game. For one, the game was played in the beginning of November which is too early for most fans to get excited about college basketball. Second, Stanford will never garner as much local interest as a school from the northeast like Marist or Syracuse. Finally, the game tipped-off at 1pm which seems to really hurt attendance compared with a 7pm start. Also, I believe the Siena victory over Stanford has sparked alot of stud
  21. Was there a demand for more student tickets? It appears that Siena approached local businesses to purchase more tickets for the demand of it's student body. Could Albany have done the same?
  22. I think it will still be a Siena dominated crowd. To me, 65 to 70% of last nights crowd was routing for Siena. Granted, most of them were sitting on their hands for a majority of the game, but it was still a pro-Siena crowd overall. I was actually surprised that the Albany student section wasn't larger. I will say, however, that the Albany students were very loud and made it appear that there was a 50/50 split.
  23. Nope, just finishing the head-to-head comparison. It's sad to think that with all the great achievements of UAlbany (as listed above), the only thing that really gets talked about in the Capital Region is Siena Basketball.
  24. Now for the only comparison that should be made on a college basketball forum. Number of head-to-head wins between men's basketball programs since 2001. Siena: 5 UAlbany: 1 Good luck tomorrow.
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